10+ Ways on How to Improve Your Backyard Privacy

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Whether you are an avid gardener or a huge fan of the serene curb appeal, spending some time in the backyard with your family is a real retreat. However, some inquisitive neighbors will ruin this idea and even make you feel uncomfortable. And thus, you deserve some privacy.
Next, I’ve summed up 10 ways on how to improve your backyard privacy without compromising the striking backyard landscape that you adore and admire.
So, let’s check them out!
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10. Grow Tall Trees

10. Grow Tall Trees via SIMPHOME.COMIncorporating trees for your backyard privacy offers you double duty. Not only will they prevent you from the wrong kind of neighborhood watch, but also improve your backyard landscaping. Trees are also an affordable option for those who want to create a safe haven in the backyard on a budget.
There are various kinds of trees that you can choose from to help you with the privacy issue.
But if you are such a busy person who doesn’t have much time to take good care of your trees, you can opt for no-fuss trees that handle drought very well like Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, or Eastern Redcedar.
For those needing professional help in the Tampa Bay area, you can check out this Tree Service Tampa to grow tall trees

9. Go With The Ubiquitous Style

9.Go with the Ubiquitous Style via SIMPHOME.COM .Wooden fencing is one of the most ubiquitous ways to maintain backyard privacy. Although it has been widely-used by many homeowners, this backyard privacy idea still gives you fruitful solutions.
Wood has always been everyone’s go-to fences for many reasons. One of which is its versatility. You can arrange and cut the wooden planks as you like to meet your style well. You can also apply any finish that can jazz your backyard up. More importantly, wooden fencing provides durability without robbing your bank account (Forward to point number 5 to learn more about backyard fencing ideas).
This backyard, for example, adopts the Japanese style with bamboo fountain and wood lattice panel.
This backyard is surrounded with wooden fencing that is painted the same color as the lattice and deck to match the décor.

8. Grow Bamboos for More Tropical Retreat

8. Grow Bamboos for More Tropical Retreat via SIMPHOME.COMIt is always great to have a private hideaway where you can enjoy your downtime while indulging your sight with the mind-blowing landscaping. And to perfect this idea as well as giving you the ultimate privacy that you have been longing for, you can try growing some bamboos around your backyard or pergola.
As the plants that are quite essential for any tropical space, bamboos can give your backyard an exotic of tropical retreat, which is good for a temporary escape.
You still need to be very careful in picking up the right bamboos for privacy, though. Some bamboos are invasive, making them hard to maintain, while some others are non-invasive.
If you want to improve your backyard landscaping and privacy without doing the time-consuming regular maintenance, try growing Seabreeze bamboo, Blue Chungii, Gracillis Graceful Bamboo, or Oldhamii.
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7. Try Outdoor Curtains

7. Try Outdoor Curtains via SIMPHOME.COMJust like the curtains in your bedroom that conceal what is inside, outdoor curtains will also work like a charm in your backyard. Besides, it is an inexpensive choice for backyard privacy especially if you are short on cash.
A few opaque panel curtains will help you block your neighbors’ view as well as supplementing the exterior design. Simply install some rods along the sides of a pergola or porch, and hang the curtains there. Should you need extra supports, you can always use wooden posts that are driven into the ground.

6. Grow Tall Hedge

6. Tall Hedge via SIMPHOME.COM

Just like trees, hedge has always used as living fences for so long. While trees usually create a sense of a traditional look to your exterior, hedge is often synonymous with modern flair.
This is a great option if you don’t want to be bothered to take care of different kinds of tall trees. One large, tall hedge will give you the best privacy from peeping Tom without taking up your valuable time. All you need to do is just growing the hedge around your backyard, and trim it regularly to maintain its top-notch shape.

5. The Multipurpose Fencing Project Idea

5. Multipurpose Fence via SIMPHOME.COMWho says that a small backyard doesn’t need any privacy? Any backyard deserves its ultimate privacy despite the size, and so does this compact backyard.
Choosing the best fence for a compact backyard is a bit tricky as tall trees and hedge won’t fit snugly to the limited space. Therefore, either trellis or wooden fences can be your best bet. Besides, they also offer ample storage space for more planters.
This small deck, for example, look cozy in spite of its petite size. The wooden fence provides a perfect block for the nosey eyes. It also features a few small gaps that allow you to hang more planters to make the deck look pleasing.

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4. Spruce up your Pergola

4. Spruce up the Pergola via SIMPHOME.COMA plain pergola as a patio cover can be somewhat mundane. The beams are not a great help for maintaining privacy, either. Actually, you can cover the beams of your pergola with curtains or polycarbonate. But let’s try a more dramatic option, shall we?
Instead of installing polycarbonate that can be a little bit pricey, you can try growing some vines like grapes or ivy around your pergola. Let the vine climb up the posts of the pergola until the beams are completely covered. It may take time, but it’s worth the wait as it incorporates a more dramatic view to your patio, not to mention the romantic ambiance.
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3. The Stone Wall and Fence project idea

3. Stone Wall and Fence via SIMPHOME.COMCombining two different materials to create backyard fencing is not a new thing. And the most common combination is stone wall and wooden fencing. The stone wall adds textural element to the backyard while the white fencing lessens the boxed-in feeling, which eliminates the claustrophobic feeling.

2. The DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen Idea

2. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen via SIMPHOME.COMApparently, creating backyard privacy doesn’t have to be arduous and costly. You can even make your own screen from the existing materials around your house like PVC pipes and bed sheets.
First, cut the PVC pipes to size, then wipe the cuttings and fittings to remove any debris. Spray paint the pipes and fittings, set aside. While waiting for the paint to dry, you can begin to make the fabric panels. Assemble the pipes and fabric panels, install hinges, and you’re good to go.
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10+ Ways on How to Improve Your Backyard Privacy

1. The Trellis with Vine project idea

1. Trellis with Vine via SIMPHOME.COMThis idea is similar to growing climbing plants on your pergola. Installing a trellis right behind the seating area will not do much help. But letting vines grow on the trellis will make a great impact to your backyard privacy, not to mention the dramatic effect created by the vein.
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So, creating privacy in your backyard is not that hard, is it? I hope one of These 10 ways on how to improve backyard privacy will help you drive the inquisitive eyes away and until we meet again in the near future, next continue with the reference section or browse around next product feed first, if necessary, for different kind of backyard privacy solutions that Amazon has to offer.
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