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How To Elevate Your Home Renovation Project

A well-decorated home is what inspires and fills every person with vital energy. At the same time, it enables one’s own expression, which makes the space really personal. However, the road from a dilapidated apartment to the perfectly arranged home you want and dream of can be thorny. Therefore, we made sure to display a few useful tips to enhance your next home renovation.

A home renovation using painting and plastering

By changing the color of large surfaces, we get the first visible change. It can be refreshing the floor or wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, painting the kitchen fronts or bathroom elements in a light color, or for the more daring – some accent, such as emerald green or royal blue.

What can also be effective is the restoration of old chests of drawers, whereby we change their color and add new handles; and at the very end – painting the walls in simple white tones or one wall in a dominant color that will emphasize the space.

These are just some of the ideas that you can do yourself. All you need to paint wall/floor tiles is quality washable paint that won’t be damaged when you use and clean them in the future. As for the furniture, in addition to quality paint, you will also need special brushes so that the stain is beautiful when it dries. You can find quality handles in all the better-equipped stores selling furniture equipment, and they are certain details with which you can significantly emphasize certain pieces of furniture.

Getting an interior designer

A professional with years of expertise can help you bring your idea from pen to paper. Sometimes, although we have a vision in our heads, there are missing parts and fragments, and all we need is someone with the right knowledge to put them all together into a coherent picture.

Thankfully, there is software for interior designers, enabling them to create true wonders with what little they have at their disposal. With the right instructions and a bit of creativity, the final product can be something truly outstanding, and it can suit all your needs. Believe us, these programs get your ideas and thoughts “just right,” and the result is exactly what you wanted and sometimes even better than you could ever imagine.

New lighting

By replacing the light with a new one, we get a unique dimension to the space. If you use chandeliers in the living room, try ceiling lights that have a built-in switch to adjust the brightness. Also, change the bulbs and try LED bulbs. In the dining room, we recommend direct lighting, which will follow the line of the dining table.

If your table is round in shape, let the chandelier also be circular in shape with more light bulbs that will give a stamp to that space. The same advice applies to rectangular or square tables. Follow the line of the table. This space should be decorated with pendants, not ceiling lights, because by choosing this type of lamp, the space is unified, and an intimate and relaxed atmosphere is created during the meal. If you have the floor or wall lamps, you can change the lampshades and replace one style with another without changing the entire structure of the lamp.

Refreshing the home with new fabrics

Changing the curtains, new covers for decorative pillows, a new bed cover, or a new track for the bathroom or kitchen are the smallest investments that can refresh the space.

By changing the color of the fabric for the curtains, we achieve harmony and balance in the space – if we choose monochromatic fabrics. If we still decide on a design, we give shape to the space and introduce colors that are later repeated in the rest of the space through details.

Decorative cushions, bedspreads, and paths are among the details that enhance the space, so the color of the fabric is chosen at the end when we already have a finished image of the space. If you have chosen large pieces of furniture in simple monochrome fabric patterns, you can change the colors of the details at least once a year.

If you’ve decided to stretch your budget to buy a new sofa or new chairs, you can consider reupholstering the furniture. This move gives you space to choose a new, higher-quality material that will give your furniture a completely different look and refresh the entire space.

By following these tips, your next home renovation will differ drastically from any before, as you’ll handle the issue at hand with more knowledge and experience.

Written by Simpson

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