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How To Elevate The Elegant Feel Of Your Living Room

Classic interior with luxurious touch via Simphome
Luxury classic interior of living room and dining room with white furniture and metal chandeliers. 3d illustration

Your living room is a place where you can fully relax after a tiring day. As you try to make yourself comfortable, it would help bring you to a better mood if your living room looks elegant, fancy, and sophisticated. It’ll allow you to see your hard work finally paying off.

As you design your living room, bringing an elegant touch would surely help to improve your space’s appearance. With that, below are the ways on how you could elevate the elegant feel of your living room:

Interior of modern living room

Use Designer Sofas

The sofa is one of the most important things you would see in your living room. Apart from providing comfort, a good quality sofa can help improve the room’s overall look by making it look more elegant. That said, using designer sofas is generally a safe option.

When choosing a sofa design, make sure that it matches the overall theme of your home. Go with colors such as cream, emerald, navy, ruby, and gray. You could also use leather or velvet as your top fabric choices to make your living room look even more luxurious.

Modernize The Fireplace

Your fireplace is usually the centerpiece of your living room. A great-looking fireplace will add a lot of class to your living room while also making it look more comfortable. While a traditional brick fireplace will work just fine, updating its appearance can further improve the look of your room.

When updating your fireplace’s appearance, see if you can for a sleek, contemporary design. You could also go for a minimalist design with a plain black frame or cover with heat-resistant glass. The main reason you may want to go for this look is to get that seamless look if you want to place the fireplace flush against your wall.

Update Your Furniture

If your living room still uses outdated furniture, now would be the perfect time to give it a fresh update. Going for a stylish TV stand and a coffee table would certainly be worth a shot. Ideally, those two pieces of furniture go well together, creating a more unified look for this part of the home.

You can begin looking for tv units and entertainment consoles to match your walls and wall decors. Afterward, you can start searching for a coffee table to complement your sofa. However, when going for a minimalist theme, make sure you avoid using too much plain design, as it’ will make your living room look cheap instead of clean and elegant. Use simple, yet artistic shapes and colors.

Don’t Skip Adding Decorations

Some people tend to skip adding decorations inside their living room as it’ll only take up usable space. However, to create an elegant living room, adding classy and sophisticated ornaments is a good idea.

When adding decorations to your living room, you need to ensure that their visual theme and color match the entire space. No matter how cute a pink vase of daisies is, you might have some problems trying to make it fit in an industrial design that favors more muted visual features.

Where should you put these decorations? Experts say good places include empty walls, shelves, and the coffee table. You should also consider the size of your decorations. Oversized decorations might attract too much attention away from the rest of the room, while tiny decorations might not create enough of an impact to matter. For a unique touch, you can make your own decorations and give the room a personal touch.

Place A Carpet

Unless your home already has a carpeted floor, using a carpet as a part of your centerpiece would help to make your room elegant instantly. Apart from the elegance, a rug can help to make your living room cozy and comfortable, making it a great place to stay as you relax for the day.

There are various carpet sizes and shapes that you could go for. You can either choose a wide carpet covering the entire living area or a slightly larger one that just goes a little beyond the coffee table. Moreover, your carpet color shouldn’t match the exact shade of your floor; the contrast will give the carpet (and the rest of the floor) a more defined look.

Improve Lighting Fixture

Your choice for your living room’s lighting fixture will help to define the look you’re going for. Even if they serve the same purpose, adding a bit of visual drama would help to give your room an elegant look.

You can try going for metallic designs or pick a nature-inspired look for your lighting fixtures. You should be careful to avoid oversaturating your living room with too much lighting. A few smartly-placed lights giving off a warm light should add a touch of class to your living room.


It’ll be a treat to go home and see your hard work finally paying off as you take in the sight of having a beautiful living room. As long as you practice a balance between decorating and decluttering, having an elegant living room is well within your reach.

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