10 Ideas on How to Deal with a Small Room with Two Beds

A shared kid’s room may be necessary for expanding families. There are many reasons to choose a shared kids’ bedroom, whether you are expecting a new baby, wish to foster your children’s friendship and sharing, or simply need extra space in your home. 

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you may need to reduce the number of pieces of furniture to make more room for walking around. Your children, on the other hand, are compelled to share a bedroom. Thus, your best bet is to find a way to fit two beds into your cramped bedroom.

If you need to fit two beds into a cramped bedroom, you’ll need to figure out a way to make each one feel like a little oasis. If you find this trouble familiar but feel clueless, we have compiled the following ten tips for making the most out of a tight space when accommodating two beds for you. As always, Simphoe curates you with the list.

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10. A Small Bedroom with Divider Idea

Having two beds in a small room reduces each child’s personal space; therefore, it’s important to consider giving each child some special treatment to make up for it. Putting up a divider is a sensible solution to the problem of the kids needing some personal space.

To save you both room and money, you can use a bookcase as a divider instead of a decorative one. Simply find or adjust ideal positions, and you’ll eventually get the job done as everyone expected.

You can do this by putting the divider between the two beds to give blind spots for the children to be comfortable staying in the small room.

9. A Foot-to-Foot Two Beds Layout idea

If your room is long and narrow, you can put two beds against one wall, either side by side or head to head. If there is enough room in the room, you can place a dresser or a partition in the middle of the two beds. If you want seclusion but don’t have room for a separate bedroom, a pair of canopy beds will do the trick.

Use any combination of regular, bunk, loft, day, and even sofa beds to maximize the sleeping areas in this design. A bed with built-in drawers or a chest of drawers is an excellent solution for those who lack sufficient closet space.

8. A Fun Elevation with Step-up Beds

For those who share a bedroom without a problem of personal space, staircase platform twin beds are a top-notch solution to save more space. Instead of having two beds in different spots, this idea is perfect for strengthening siblings’ bonds or twins’ intimacy.

This stairwell landing proves that you can create a bedroom for two, even in the most inconvenient settings. This choice is a great option for really close siblings because it’s similar to a trundle bed, in which one person sleeps slightly above the other. Close quarters? Yes. What could be chicer than a shared bedroom?

7. The Floating Beds For Two

For those who find traditional bunk beds dated, the modern alternative of floating beds may be just the thing. It is possible to fit an adult into a relatively compact space. The sleek wall-mounted bunk beds give the impression of weightlessness, making the otherwise cramped quarters feel airy and generous. Ladder rungs are built into the bookcase to efficiently use vertical space. Steps leading up to the lofted bed are practical and enjoyable. They can double as a place to store your book collection, a closet light fixture, a strip light, or a fun mini neon light.

6. Going Practical with an L-Shape

L-shaped bed configurations make the most efficient use of the room’s central area. If you have two young children sharing a bedroom, this is a fantastic arrangement because they can use the extra space for play. It is also possible to store one bed tucked slightly under the other, as in this image. Kids can have a great time chatting with their friends before bedtime thanks to this arrangement, as they can easily create eye contact without being physically close.

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With that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. Two beds with a shared headboard

It’s unlikely that you’ve ever seen two beds in a single room with a shared headboard before, but it’s a practical solution to the problem of a lack of space. Surprisingly, not only does it help you save room, but it also helps you save money. If you want to make a cozy resting environment within a little space, one option is to provide a velvet headboard large enough to fit two beds and pair those beds with linen bedding sets.

While the pale blue velvet headboard and linens in this twin bedroom from Christina Kim Interior Design provide a united effect, the separate artwork above the beds ensures that the space doesn’t feel too identical.

4. A Bunk Bed idea with maximal storage

You don’t want to add stress when trying to fit two beds into a small room. Assuming the bedroom furniture has been selected, the next step is to figure out where to put everything. Why not combine the two features to save time and money if this is the case?

Take your space measurement, find your design, and begin your construction plan. Transforming a regular bed into a new bunk will be tedious. For that concern, you can consider recycling wooden crates, brackets, and nails.

3. How to fit Twin Beds in the Attic

Eave rooms or a converted loft in a rural property could be ideal for bunk beds. There is a lot of promise in attic rooms, whether for adults who want to enjoy the feeling of being tucked beneath the roof or for children who like the space’s adventurous atmosphere.

Make the beds the focal focus of your room’s decor. Then paint the floor, walls, and ceiling with darker charcoal. To contrast, paint the ceiling a light greige. In addition to setting the mood, the space will feel more open and spacious.

Optional, Having a throw and a rug the same color is a simple way to give a pop of personality and continuity to your space.

2 A Stackable bed idea

You can use a stacking bed instead of a bunk bed if you cannot select the latter one. Saving floor space is a plus, and you’ll have more money left over after eliminating the need to buy or construct a separate bunk bed frame. Unlike a trundle bed, which is substantially lower to the ground than its partner when you put up both, you can stack these beds on top of one another without compromising comfort. These bunk beds are perfect for kids with limited space who frequently have sleepovers.

Find relevant inspiration from Morelikehome.
The system comes from two easy-to-build bed frames. To conserve room, stack two bed frames with mattresses to make a twin bed! It’s perfect for a tiny guest room, guest room/office, playroom/office, kids’ overnight room, or air BnB with a flexible sleeping area. When visitors arrive, the beds unpack and form a king-size bed! Home Depot should have all the lumber you need to build the two-bed frames. It will cost you under $100 or even under $80 if you use 1x6s instead of 1x8s for the sides!
Inspiration from Morelikehome

1. An Intimate Twin Beds Coordination

Even though there is only limited space in the bedroom, the coordination of the twin beds needs to be changed regularly to refresh a comfortable atmosphere. If you do not have any issues with being intimate with one another, the coordination of this bed can be ideal for you.

You can set aside a specific area to construct a “nest” out of metal, wooden boards, or anything else the builder has in mind. Remember to provide enough breathing room in between each item. If you construct the bed frame so that it can accommodate the storage feature, you can even save more room than that.



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