25 Ways How To Build Brilliant Garden Containers

There are endless ways when it comes to choosing what to use as a garden container, as long as there is drainage and space for the soil.
Although it may sound easier, buying cute planters from the store can cost you big bucks. Look around the house for things that can be used to hold plants, vegetables and herbs. Think of how you can repurpose old furniture, crockery, shoes and even clothes for your garden. But if you are willing to spend some cash you can explore local stores for more unique items!

In this list, I have compiled more than dozen of ways on how to build brilliant garden containers you can try by, regardless of your gardening skill, budget and space.

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20 Creative Garden Container Poster

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1. Baking Tin Planters

1 Baking2BTin2BPlanters simphome comCut a thick plastic sheet into a semi circle considering the diameter of your round baking tin. Next, apply a small amount of gorilla glue on the edges of baking tin and stick the plastic sheet on it. Make sure they are glued properly and wait for the glue to dry. Put stones at the base for drainage before adding a layer of potting soil and plant your herbs. Source

2. Drawer Planters

Drawer2BPlanters2Bideas2Bfrom2Bsimphome comOne of the easiest ways to build brilliant garden containers is by re-purposing unused drawers or wooden boxes from your storage room. Always clean them from the dusts before turning them into planters. You may ruin the wooden containers if you fill it directly with wet potting mix, that’s why opt for plant-filled pots inside the outer container instead.

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3. Seashell Planters

3 Seashell2BPlanters simphome com
Pick up some large seashells from the local beaches or craft stores. Using a drill, make a small water drainage hole in the base. Fill the shells with a thin layer of pebbles for drainage and top with potting mix. Plant your selection of cactus or succulents.

Remember to keep the seashell planters in a place with enough natural light and water as needed.

Source: 1, 2 and 3, 4

4. Succulents Book Planters

Succulents2BBook2BPlanters simphome comCut at least 5cm deep square-shaped hole to plant your succulents in the book, preferably start right after the title page. You don’t need to make a perfectly cut square because only the top page that will be visible.
Cover the hole with a small plastic bag to prevent the water and put free-draining materials at the bottom. Place the succulent and fill the hole with soil to make the plant stand on its own. Source

5. Milk Carton Planters

Milk2BCarton2BPlanters simphome com

The last ways to build brilliant garden containers is by using milk carton planters. Just collect used milk cartons and rinse them out thoroughly. After the carton is dry, cut out one side that will be the top of the planter.
Tape the edges of the opening with strong duct tapes to maintain the shape.
Poke a few drainage holes at the base. Fill the planter with potting soil and place the plants on the top.

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Keep in mind that the plants will need more water since they are not directly planted on the ground, so always give your potted garden regular watering. If you are following these ways to build brilliant garden containers, you still need to choose food safe planters when you are planting edible plants.

A wonderful garden does not always require big spaces and a lot of money.
Anyone can become a master gardener with some plants, some soil, and of course, the right containers.
It may seem easier to just buy containers (or planters) from the store, but you can always turn unused items in your house into creative garden container ideas that will bring a surprising difference to your outdoor space.
Think of it as a way to de-clutter the mess in your house.

5 Creative Garden Container Ideas:

Although flowers usually play the major role in your garden, you can make the planters themselves as the center of attention with the right shape, display and arrangement. If you are looking for inspiration to elevate your garden style, look no further!
Check out these next 5 unthinkable containers garden ideas that people around the world have used to make a beautiful display for your plants.

I hope you like these amazingly creative garden storage solution ideas as much as I do.
And for more creative gardening storage ideas, check relevant links near the bottom of this post.

6. Chair Planters

1 Chair planter and 20 ideas via simphomeThink twice if you want to throw away the old useless chairs in your house. You can make a beautiful flowerbed or planter on an old chair by simply removing the attached seat to place the pot in the hole. This is the simplest yet creative garden container idea because all you need to do is to choose the correct size of the pot that fits the empty seat frame.

You can also repaint the chair to get a much more spectacular result.

7. Hanging Boot Planters

2 Hanging Boot Planters via simphomeThere will come a time when your feet can no longer fit your favorite pair of boots.
But if you can’t throw them away, why not put them to another use? Add some potting soil and plant your favorite greenery inside your boots to make a creative hanging garden container.

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8. Children’s Toys Planters

3 children toy planter via simphomeToy carts and trucks make a great choice for small gardens. They are practical and can be found anywhere, especially if you have kids at home. Plant away succulents, edible plants, or colorful flowers.

These planters are completely unexpected and fun way to brighten up your house!.
More about ideas how to reuse kid’s toys here.

9. Old Suitcase Planters

4 Old Suitcase Planters via simphomeGive a new life to the dusty vintage suitcases sitting unused in your storage room! If you want to use the whole suitcase as a planter, you need to drill holes for drainage before adding soil and plants in it.

As an alternative, you can also put potted cactus or succulents in the case and improve the look with decorative pebbles.

10. Teacup Planters

5 Teacup Planters via simphomeThe last creative garden container ideas can be done by using teacup planters.
These planters are a perfect option if you don’t have enough outdoor space or if you are looking for simple indoor decorations. One of the perks of using small-sized garden containers is that you can theme the planters by picking a certain teacup style and even theme the plants.

You may plant scented plants as aromatherapy for your living room and veggies for the kitchen. Don’t forget to drill holes in the teacups for drainage.

That’s it my list reader. See you again soon by visiting one of titles I already prepared for you below.

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5 Space Saving and Easy DIY Organizer Ideas for Limited Space Garden:

You have knacks for gardening but you have a small backyard and that the area in front of your porch is barely enough to plant big trees to bring greenery to your crib. For this condition, I think, what you need is a careful plan to organize where to put your planters and these next 5 space saving and easy Do it Yourself Organizer ideas for limited space. Pay attention to view links under this post to learn more about other cool gardening ideas for indoor and outdoor area.

11. Vertical Pallet Planter

1 Vertical2BPallet2BPlanterGoing vertical is the easiest and obvious way to make the most of a small space. Use 3 inches scrap wood for back support for your pallet and use two nails on each side. Double the landscaping fabric and staple it along the back, bottom and sides of the pallet.
Lay it down on the ground and pour potting soil through the slats but leave some room for planting.

Note that soil has to be firmly packed in each layer when you begin planting from the bottom. Leave the pallet in a horizontal position for 2 weeks then move it upright after. Don’t forget to water it daily! Crank out a beautiful planter with this easy DIY organizer ideas for limited space garden. Source

12. Mason Jars for Your Herbs

2.Mason Jars for Your HerbsEvery home owner has several mason jars in their houses. These little containers here can be a space-saving alternative to plant your herbs. Instead of going horizontal, make a vertical planter by attaching the jars to a wooden board and display it on a wall.

Secure pipe clamps to the board with nails through the small pipe holes. Secure ring hangers with nails on the back of the board and tie on a hanging wire. Plant your herbs in the jars. Put the jars into the clamps and fasten them with a screwdriver. Anchor a picture hanger on the wall and hang your board! Source

13. Shoe Organizer is Your New Planter

3.Shoe Organizer is Your New PlanterHang your shoe organizer to shed or wall by using a pole. Hang the rod at appropriate height because you are going to use the surplus water from the top pockets when you plant from below. Attach the shoe rack with hooks or wire. Make sure the hooks or wire are strong enough to hold water, compost and plants. Create a few holes drain the water in each pocket then fill them with compost. Finally, plant away your herbs and vegetables! Source

14. Tiered Flower Planter

4 Tiered Flower Planter by anna white via simphomeA tiered planters allow you to plant a lot of flowers and herbs without taking so much space so this method is definitely highly recommended. Start by making 3 boxes by attaching wood boards together using nails. Use spacers to keep the boxes evenly spaced and secure them with a staple gun. Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage and voila! You can start fill each box with your favorite flowers. Source or Here

15.Tiered Floating Pots

5 Tiered2BFloating2BPotsIf you already have quite many pots and they are all large then they will surely crowd your small garden if placed horizontally. Create squares from scraps of wooden planks then drill a circular hole the size of your pot lip.

Make as many as you want depending on how many pots you want to hang. Make four little holes on each corner of every wood so the rope can go through. Paint your squares and hang them on the wall near the porch. Source

5 Cute Planter Ideas for Your Small Garden:

There should be no restriction on choosing the vessels for your planters. You can use almost anything available in your house such as old shoes, furniture, unused wooden boxes and even food packaging. With fruits, veggies and colorful flowers, you are sure to transform your limited space into a large garden area with this collection!

Anyway, before you see first idea in this last list group, I am telling you that you are allowed to visit any links available in relevant ideas. They comes with relevant images and links that will lead you to original author of the ideas. Thank you in advance for every single second you invest in this blog and let’s continue our last countdown

16. Hanging Vertical Garden

1 2BHanging2BVertical2BGarden via2Bsimphome comA shoe organizer makes a great vertical garden. It is perfect for saving space and also keeps your plants from enemies on the ground such as kids and dogs. You just need to plant away your favorite greenery in the shoe spaces filled with potting soil or compost. Remember to hang the planter in a place with enough sunlight and water the plants regularly. To add the beauty to your vertical garden, you can paint the wall with colorful paints or cover the wall with bamboo or wooden things to improve the visual aesthetic. Source

17. Garden On-The-Go

2 2BGarden2BOn The Go via2Bsimphome comGet casters from your local hardware stores and add them to the bottom of your favorite planters. You can easily move these rolling planters for redecorating or when it is raining outside. This idea is super convenient and practical especially if you frequently move house. Source

18. Tree Stump Planters

3 2BTree2BStump2BPlanters via2Bsimphome comMany people think of tree stumps as a big hindrance when it comes to decorating their gardens. Uprooting them is quite challenging and costs some money. But you can solve this problem on your own by turning them into a uniquely natural planter. You only need to make a hole inside the stump big enough to place any kind of flowers or herbs you want. And there is another cute planter ideas for your small garden if you want to cut the hassle of hollowing out the stump. Simply put potted plants on top of your stump and now it becomes a natural planter stand! Source

19. Empty Packaging Containers

4 2BEmpty2BPackaging2BContainers via2Bsimphome comInstead of tossing out those empty cans and bottles, fill them with a potted plant or succulents. Brighten up your small garden by using a variety of colors, shapes and patterns. If you want to up your creativity level, you can choose to create your own planters with beautiful designs on them.
Paint anything you like or glue some colorful fabrics to make a unique planter.

Make sure to drill some drainage holes to prevent rusting the planters. Source

20. Herb Garden in Eggshell Planters

5 2BHerb2BGarden2Bin2BEggshell2BPlanters via2Bsimphome comThis eco-friendly eggshell planter may be the simplest cute planter idea for your small garden. All you need to prepare are eggshells, egg cartons, potting soil, and seeds. Cut off the cap of the egg cartoon with scissors and place an eggshell in each space. Fill the shells with soil and make a small hole to plant the seeds. Water them and keep the planter in a sunny place. So from many cute planter ideas for your small garden above, which one you would implement first? Source

5 Unique DIY Plant Hangers Projects Worth Trying:

So you want to grow plants but you don’t have a garden? Why don’t you hang the plants? These 5 ideas for starters could be something that led you and your garden to a new discovery later. God will, who knows. Take one or some of the following ideas and share your story with us later if you could

21. Used jeans plant hanger

simphome jeans plant hanger

Jeans pants are always wearable even if they show much wear and tear; however, if you think that your jeans clothing has become too ugly to wear or to donate, don’t throw it away. Jeans is a highly durable material that you can transform into anything. Reuse the material as a plant hanger to create a rustic and cowboyish atmosphere at your home. Use a clay pot or a used can to contain your plant and hang the plant using the jeans. (via alaskaurbanhippie)

22. Coat hanger for hanging plant

simphome coat hanger planter

If you have some unused wire coat hangers, you can transform them into plant hangers and make your home greener with them. Simply twist and shape the lower part of the hanger into a circular shape where you can put your pot in it. Because the hanger is made from iron, it will appear sturdier and more durable. You may want to repaint the hangers before using them to conceal any rusts and signs of wear and tear and to make them look more colorful. (via littlepieceofme)

23. Unused drinking bottle

simphome bottle planter

Unused plastic drinking bottles are plain garbage that you want to throw away immediately after use. But wait, before you throw them away and pollute the earth with those hard-decaying rubbishes, you may want to reuse them to create eco-friendly plant hangers. Cut them in half, fill the upper part with soil or any other types of growing medium, and you can hang the bottle upside down to grow your favorite plants. You can then save the earth and beautify your home at the same time. (via desperategardener)

24. Handmade macramé hanger

simphome macrame planter

Macramé is fancy ropework involving complex decorative knots that you can learn to make. You can practice making macramé using any ropy materials you have. You can even use salvaged items like unused shoelaces and cloth shreds. You may want to start by working on square knots similar to the nylon-mesh net in the basketball game. The more you practice macramé, the fancier the ropework you can create. You can then combine your macramé with any containers for your plants. (via smittenbyaknot)

25. Metal barrel strap

simphome metal planter

The metal straps of a wooden barrel can be reused for hanging plants. The straps are already circular, so you only need to make a cage-like structure with a pair of metal straps and fasten the two ends of the straps that form a cross-shaped intersection with screws and bolts. You can use one end of the cage for hanging and the other end for putting the plants. Any plant containers, including used cans or fancy pots, can be used. (via pinosy)

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