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10 Ideas on How to Build Backyard Shades

Don’t let your yard get too hot during the summer. Here’s what you need to know about building a shade structure in your back garden.

Step by step on how to build affordable backyard shades

While the summer is often a time of joy and relaxation, it can also be when people need to protect their property from excessive heat. The sun’s rays can cause damage to both your home and your yard. If you live in a sunny area, you will likely have an easier time keeping things cooler than in shaded or even partly cloudy areas. However, if you don’t want to spend all your money on shade structures, there are still ways to keep your outdoor space cooler.

Here are some tips for building a shade structure in your back garden.

1. Consider the dimensions of your backyard

Before you start planning out your shade structure, you should consider the size of your backyard. This allows you to determine whether you need to use one big structure or multiple smaller ones. It also helps you to decide which parts of your yard will require shade and which parts won’t. For example, if you plan to put up a large tent-like structure in your backyard, but only part of it needs to be covered, it may not make sense to cover the rest of your yard with a shade structure.

2. Decide the material of your shade structure

There are many different materials you can choose from when deciding on a shade structure. You can use wood, metal, plastic, or concrete. Each has its benefits, so you must pick the right one for your situation.

For example, wood is one of the most popular options for building a shade structure because it’s relatively easy to work with and not expensive. Wood can also be used indoors, so it’s great for people who like to entertain outdoors. On the other hand, wooden structures are susceptible to pests and rot, so they must be treated regularly. Also, wood doesn’t provide much shade, so if you need more protection from the sun, you should look into other types of materials.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have concrete and metal. Concrete is durable, long-lasting, and usually requires little maintenance. The downside is that concrete can be very heavy and difficult to move around. Metal is another popular choice for building a shade structure because it provides plenty of shade while lightweight. The downside is that it can easily become damaged over time.

3. Pick your preferred location

Once you have decided on the type of material you would like to use, you should figure out where you would like to place it. There are a few factors to consider here. First, avoid putting your shade structure too close to trees or power lines. Secondly, you want to pick a spot with enough sunlight to keep your shade structure functioning properly. Finally, you want to ensure that your shade structure doesn’t block any natural light from the sky.

4. Determine the height of your shade structure

It’s important to remember that the height of your shade structure depends on several factors. For example, taller structures will provide more shade, but they will also block more sunlight. Another factor determining your shade structure’s height is the amount of sunlight reaching the ground. If you’re trying to create a shady environment in your backyard, then you should aim to create a “shade bowl” effect by creating a low-lying structure.

5. Add a trellis

You can attach a trellis to your shade structure if you want additional support. Trellises come in various shapes and sizes, each with its advantages. One benefit of adding a trellis to your shade structure is that it can help improve the appearance of your yard. A trellis also adds a vertical element that helps improve the shade.

6. Build your shade structure

Now that you have figured out the best way to build your shade structure, you should begin construction. Before you do anything else, you should measure the length and width of your yard. Then, you can lay out the path you want to create for your shade structure. After you’ve done this, you can begin cutting the lumber. You can use the traditional method (cutting the lumber to length) or a circular saw to cut the lumber to the proper shape.

7. Attach your frame

You can now attach your frame to your structure using screws, nails, or glue. Make sure to attach your frame securely so that it doesn’t shift once you fill it with the material.

8. Fill your shade structure with fabric

Now that your frame is attached, you can begin filling it with fabric. Depending on your chosen fabric, you may find it takes longer to fill your shade structure with fabric than you thought. Don’t worry, though; just keep at it!

9. Hang your fabric

After you finish filling your shade structure, you should hang your fabric. This is a simple process, so you shouldn’t have any problems with this step. Make sure you hang your fabric tightly so it doesn’t blow away in the wind.

10. Enjoy your shade structure

Your shade structure is almost complete! Now that you have it built, you can sit back and enjoy the shade it provides. You didn’t have to spend a lot of money to create a wonderful shade structure in your backyard, so why not take advantage of it?

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A backyard is a versatile place in a house where you can do various things. You can invite your friends or neighbors to have a barbeque party. Or, you can simply sit back and relax while enjoying the cool breeze.

However, the glaring sun and nosy neighbors can ruin your relaxing time. For this reason, you should invest in backyard shades that may overcome your problem.
Fortunately, we have gathered 10 ideas on building backyard shades to help you alleviate the glaring sun and block the view so that your nosy neighbors cannot see you clearly.

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10. Retractable Awning for Flexibility

One of the reasons many people like spending their leisure time in the backyard is the spectacular scenery. They want to enjoy the blue sky along with the cool breeze. And when the night comes, they can see the glittering stars.

You will not experience this joy if you install a permanent shade over your patio. Therefore, you should consider having a retractable awning made.

As the name suggests, you can adjust the shade covering the patio to meet your need. You can retract the fabric to see the sky if the weather is nice. When the sun shines too brightly, unfolding the shade would be nice. You can make your retractable shade yourself with PVC pipes and sailcloth. You will also need eye screws, wire cable rope, cable ferrules, and turnbuckles to install the shade. Go find the thorough steps to make it on the cheap. Or you can follow what Youtube already provides.

9. Feel the Tropical Vibes with a Tiki Roof

Bring tropical vibes to your backyard by installing a Tiki roof to cover your patio.
Thatch is the material used to create a Tiki roof. The natural look can create vacation vibes right in your backyard in no time. Besides, it will block the sunlight and rain perfectly so that you can hang out on the patio whenever you want.

However, natural thatch may require some maintenance, which may not be a good option if you barely have time. Thus, using artificial thatch would be your safe bet.
Artificial thatch will give you the same look as the natural one. Since it is an artificial material, you do not need to worry about maintenance. Furthermore, it is more long-lasting and durable than its natural counterpart.

8. A DIY Canopy on a Budget Idea

You do not need to splurge out on a fancy patio shade if you can make it yourself. Besides, you can easily find the materials and tools required for this project.

  • First, you need to get four terracotta pots. Since you will use them as the base that anchors the four pipes, you have to make them heavier. Thus, you will need quick concrete mortar to do this. However, make sure you tape the hole of each pot.
  • After that, place the square pieces of pipe in the center of the flowerpots.
  • Then, fill them with a concrete mixture. If you plan to grow plants in terracotta pots, you should fill them halfway.
  • Next, cut the bamboo sticks to size for the poles.
  • Then, assemble them in the terracotta pots and tie the fabric to them using wooden rings and cable ties.

7. Consider building your own Pergola

If you are looking for a timeless charm for your backyard, installing the pergola as the patio cover will be your greatest bet.
Today’s pergola comes in a wide array of materials to suit the exterior of your house. However, a wooden pergola will be the best choice if you love a traditional look.
This patio, for example, features a wooden pergola that offers shade for the seating area. It also complements the woven furniture immensely.
Unfortunately, many pergolas cannot offer the best protection from the sun and rain because of the huge space between each rafter. The top-notch way to solve this problem is to install a polycarbonate, plexiglass, or acrylic roof over the rafters.

6. Buy Sail Shades

Shade sails are an excellent option for those looking for better protection against weather without spending much time. It is also a perfect choice if you are not into woodworking.

The good thing about a shade sail is you can attach it to any existing structure in your house, such as a tree, fence, cinder block or brick wall, and concrete wall.

However, you cannot attach it to a gutter because it will pull the gutter down or – even worse – damage your house. When installing the shade sail, you need to mount the hardware 2-inch or 3-inch lower than the other mounting spot. This way, the rain can run off in a specific direction.

To get more direction on how to shade your exterior; however, you can read our featured article titled '10 Awning ideas and Shades.'
If you’re lucky, your new shades will attract more prospects or at least new respect from your neighbors. Most of the ideas won’t cost you a significant investment or loan. See you there, and without further ado, let’s continue our discussion with

5. An Effortless and Affordable Patio Shade

If you seek a more affordable option, you can choose any fabric you want.
This backyard, for example, features a colorful seating area with a vibrant shade. You can adapt this idea by spreading a patterned fabric of your choice and stringing it to the wall, fence, or tree. You can also make four posts to hold it.

This way, the glaring sun will not bother you anymore. Moreover, it is a convenient way to add pops of colors to your backyard.

4. Grow a Vertical Garden

People with green thumbs will love this idea. Instead of blocking the view with a picket fence or gabion, you can grow a vertical garden.

You can grow a vertical garden in several ways. You can use a trellis to train your plants to climb and create a dense fence. Another way to make this idea tangible is by installing some wooden planks to hold flowerpots or any other container you use to grow the plants.

3. The Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella Idea

Enjoy your hangout time with friends without worrying about the glaring sun by investing in an offset cantilever patio umbrella. It can rotate 360 degrees. Thus, you can adjust it easily to block the sun.
This umbrella features an offset style that allows more space for seating and cooling off. However, it will not be as affordable as the DIY options because it will cost you approximately $150.

2. A Build a Canopy of Vines for a Mesmerizing Look

This one is another way to grow plants without taking up more space. In fact, it is a top-notch choice for an avid gardener who does not have a spacious backyard.

You only need to install a pergola or trellis over your patio. Then, train your favorite vine to wrap around the rafters. This way, you will get better protection against the sun and a mesmerizing look.
For a fruitful shade, you can try growing grapes.

Lastly, Number 1. Hang Curtains

Creating a backyard shade can be as simple as hanging curtains.
Just like the curtains you use indoors, they can do the same thing outdoors. If you already have a gazebo or pergola, you can string up the curtains to the existing posts.

If you do not have any pergola or gazebo, you can create copper pipes and fittings to create the frame. You can also thread the curtain rings to the horizontal pipes acting as the rods before assembling them into the frame. Or install an outdoor blind

Relaxing in the backyard is not a pie in the sky anymore. With these 10 ideas on how to build backyard shades, you can linger in this hangout space anytime you want without worrying about the glaring sun.



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