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30+ Smart Ways How to Build Backyard Clubhouse Ideas

Welcome to our brand-new topic of pleasing the lovely children with the most playful zone they could experience!
It is seemingly a basic job to make the children feel happy and create the most unforgettable experience for them once in their life time. Believe it or not, it would stay on their memory for the years to come.

Continue to our topic, next, I am presenting you 10 ways of how to build backyard clubhouse ideas that you could use to entertain your children and to distract them from internet influence for a while.
As always, this list is compiled for you by and without further a do let’s start our countdown.
FYI, this long list comes with 3 different part and the first 10 of it contains a video that you probably love to access more than the long list and list of images.

30 Ways of How to Build Backyard Clubhouse Ideas via
30 Ways of How to Build Backyard Clubhouse Poster

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List Entries:

10. A Farmhouse Style Clubhouse Project Idea

10.Farmhouse Style Clubhouse via
What a cute clubhouse it is! Although it is small, it packs a lot of fun for your children to explore.
It comes with a motion activated A/C and a television that can add enjoyment and comfort for the children. Some furniture, such as the metal chairs and bookshelves create a safe haven for your children to relax while enjoying their favorite books.
Add pillows to provide extra comfort for the kids, and some sconces to illuminate the space when the sun is down. Follow link to get DIY detail of this idea.

9. A Simple Clubhouse Project Idea

9.Simple Clubhouse Project Idea via
If you want just a simple clubhouse for your children, no worry! Craft this one at your backyard to give your children the best homey feels. This simple clubhouse comes with a very simple design, yet it has a very eye-catching clean-lined edges like what you may find in the modern houses.
9.Simple Clubhouse and seating via

Short instruction:

Start building the frame out of 2x4s and nail the tongue-and-groove planks on from the bottom with the tongue facing up. Stack the next board above it to interlock the tongue into the groove. Secure the board to the frame by shooting a few nails at 45 degrees angle into the tongue. Hold the top board in place, mark the line and cut off the excess using a jigsaw.
When the four panels are done, join the four sides to create the house. Furnish it by painting it and adding some details.

8. An Effortless Clubhouse Project Idea

8.Open and Effortless Clubhouse Project via
The next clubhouse idea you can adopt is this effortless clubhouse style. It is pretty easy to create this kind of clubhouse. Just by preparing pallet wood, trellis and tarpaulin, you will be able to create the most comfortable mini house for your kid.
8.Front side Effortless Clubhouse via

True to its design, this effortless clubhouse is constructed from the pallet wood along with the trellis while the tarpaulin roof is added to provide the protection against the glaring sun.
It is a good idea to include some storage like cubbies or bookshelves to host books and knick-knacks. To make the clubhouse look inviting, you can embellish it with some DIY decorative items.

7. Convert a Garden Shed

7.How to Convert a Garden Shed to clubhouse via
Do not let your garden shed in the backyard leave neglected as you can easily transform it into the most inviting clubhouse for your children. Just convert it into a cottage style playhouse by adding a few coats of paint and several new shutters and doors.
7.Convert a Garden Shed into a clubhouse front side via
Add your children favorite items inside to attract them and complete with some small pots of flowers outside that will also add the freshness and greenery of your playhouse.

6. A Wooden Castle Clubhouse Project Idea

6.Castle Clubhouse Project Idea via Landscape
Some kids love to be a prince or a princess. They also dream of being a courageous knight that protects the kingdom from evil witch or dragon. What about creating a castle clubhouse to make their dream come true?
6.Castle Clubhouse Project via
First, you are going to need cement for footing and making the post bases, lumber, stain or sealer and woods. The basic tools that must be ready during the construction process are hammer and nails. For additional decorations, you must purchase the slide, flags and pole brackets. No more toys included in the castle. Keep it bare to provide your children with more spaces for muscle activities or other active activities.
In fact, to make a realistic castle look over the clubhouse, you need exactly crafting studs.
6.Castle Clubhouse Playhouse via with flags

5. It’s an A For A Very Good Reason

5.A Frame Playhouse Project idea via no model
Another idea to provide your children with new clubhouse is by playing with an A design to your clubhouse. This one is unique for many home owners and you could take the idea to improve your backyard appeal at the same time.
5.A Frame Playhouse Project idea via

Short Instruction:

To start the crafting, first, measure out how big the clubhouse you want to construct. Mark the 4 corners on the grass. Dig a hole for the corners. Create 4x4x6 inches posts and place them into the holes. Pouring some concrete all around the base of the posts.
Craft the frame in 2x4x8 inches out of the boards and the grid in 2x4x8 inches inside the frame to support the plywood floor. Take of your 3/4x4x8 inches plywood and lay on the base. Next, take of your 2x4x8 inches boards and cut the bottom ends to create an A frame. Then measure 2x3x8 inches boards to cut into 32 support pieces to design an A roof and 2x3x8 inches to create the door. To frame a porch for flooring, dig some holes in the porch’s corners and set them in concrete. Furnish by painting the clubhouse using natural colors. Use the Cabot clear wood protector to give a waterproof feature.

4. The Balinese-Styled Clubhouse Project Idea

4.Balinese Styled Clubhouse via
Loving Balinese style? So, try this idea of Balinese-styled clubhouse to locate in your backyard. It is not as hard as you think to craft this Balinese styled clubhouse. You can just start building the foundation with the 4 holes in the ground filled with the gravel. Next, create the walls and window railings. Assemble the walls to the posts and install the tiled roof. Create the door made of mortise and tenon joinery. To complete the looks of the clubhouse, add the shutters along with the louvers.
4.Balinese Styled Clubhouse different angle via

3. Interior Design of a Clubhouse and Playhouse

3.Interior Design of a Clubhouse Project via
Absolutely, your children will be willing to stay more if you build them this playful and unique clubhouse. Trim and corbels are the custom touches to start the design along with hand-stenciled floors. You can choose the Swiss Coffee paint by Behr for the exterior and interior painting. At Last, add the Chandelier to make the room more inviting to your children.

2. The Clubhouse Project for Everyone

2.A Clubhouse Playhouse Idea via new side
For your active boys, here we have the idea of creating the great and playful clubhouse you can construct by yourself.
2.A Clubhouse Playhouse Project Ideas for Everyone by
This clubhouse design comes with the 5-turbo tube slide, 3 swings, climbing wall and ladder, steering wheel, telescope and lots of spacious areas for your children’s adventures. The idea is followed by complicated detail and if you want to learn more about that, as always, follow link inside description area.

Lastly, Number 1. Hangout at the Café

1.How To scandi makeover of costco playhouse via
The last but not least design to accompany your daughters with the most playful area is by crafting this next realistic café for hang out. First, this clubhouse is designed in a lighter version with pastel hues. Second you can complete it with the stools and play table to let your children play as if they were organizing a café.
1.How To scandi makeover of costco playhouse via Zoom Menu
A menu boards can be display uniquely with a list of menus written on the chalkboard. Spring your children with the idea of erasable menu and allow them to be creative with it on a regular basis. You teach spirit of entrepreneurial with this idea since the early age and have fun building.
1.How To scandi makeover of costco playhouse via With Models
So, this is how you can develop the managerial business skills of your children through the clubhouse. Good luck with your first choice and stay safe.


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Second Part of This List:

You certainly cannot ignore a backyard. It is as essential as other parts inside a house. Stretched out in the back of the main building, you can make the most use of it for chilling and enjoying the morning sunlight or afternoon breeze.
Another way to utilize it well is by having a clubhouse for your kiddos! It cannot be more wonderful than having your kids enjoy their playing time in their own backyard. You can sip your tea while watching them build their creativity as well.
Check the tidbits below on how to build a gorgeous backyard clubhouse! And if you’re pay attention to this post closer, you’ll find images exported from our sister site Tavernierspa.

SIMPHOME.COM 10 How to Makeover Small Backyard Shed Ideas Poster Pinterest Image
2nd 20 Ideas How to Makeover Small Backyard Shed Poster

List Entries:

If you enjoy your time here, later, check relevant and fresh topics previously published in this website too: 

1. A Simple Wooden Clubhouse Project

1.Simple Wooden Clubhouse via SIMPHOME.COM .
If you have a not-so-wide backyard, having a simple clubhouse can be your best option. It will not occupy a lot of your area. With the height of 224 cm, a width of 261 cm, and a depth of 142 cm, your kids will get lost in their playing time.
It is considered a multi-play clubhouse as well. Your 3 years old kids can climb up the ladder and go down using the slide. They can also get themselves dirty by playing the sand. A simple yet fun way to play for kids.
Image Source:

2. A Sandbox Rolling Clubhouse

02.SIMPHOME.COM Sandbox Rolling Clubhouse
You can take your kids to the beach ambiance every day! This simple, packed, yet awesome clubhouse has it all for you. Your kids can relax, play, or read their favorite books here. No need to worry about the bright sunlight as the canopy will protect your kids well.
What is best about this clubhouse is absolutely the rolling sandbox! Simply roll it in when it is not in use. The rain will not be a burden, then. Additionally, you can chill as there is no ladder that might cause your kids to fall.
Image Source: Pinterest

3. A Playground Clubhouse Project

03.SIMPHOME.COM Playground Clubhouse
Having a widely stretched backyard, you might want to invest in a huge clubhouse. It is very suitable for kids ranging from 3 to 11 years old. With multiple playing spots, it is a guarantee that your no gadget-day can successfully be accomplished.
This kind of clubhouse will occupy around 130 feet square of your backyard. Slides, ladders, swing set, rock wall, ship ladder, bucket, pole attachment, and pulley post are all in. Its elevated design makes the clubhouse has many rooms for the kids to play and explore. How can’t your kids in love with this?
Image Source:

4. A Slide and Pool Clubhouse Project Idea

4.SIMPHOME.COM .Slide and Pool Clubhouse
This can be another great idea to apply, dearest mom and dad. You can simply build a 2-floor wooden-based clubhouse and set a slide on it. No need a roof as your kids can stand tall up there. A ladder for a climb up can train your kids’ motoric activities as well.
The magnet is down there: a pool! Who can resist sliding while a pool is waiting down below? It is time to splash, kids!
Credit: Virily

5. A Wood Pallet Clubhouse Idea

5.SIMPHOME.COM Wood Pallet Clubhouse
Do not rush making your wood pallet collection for something else. It can be a great, exotic clubhouse. A DIY playing area certainly carves more memory to your kids than an assembled one, right?
You can make a minimalist clubhouse with 2 floors with it. It is a piece of cake for a hard worker daddy. Build the base floor to begin and follow by the upper floor. Set a ladder and a slide as well. Your wood pallet has turned into a clubhouse with a natural atmosphere!
Image Source:

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6. A Modern, Luxurious Clubhouse Project Idea

6.SIMPHOME.COM Modern Luxurious Clubhouse
Having abundant budget and backyard? Try investing them on this very modern building. Anybody crossing your backyard will turn their head into it.
Its glass windows and a 2-floor building define the luxury well, not to mention the escaping slide. You can put some interesting games on the upper floor and some sandy nuance on the down floor. It is up to you to create the design.
Image Source: Nuvolositavariabile

7. A Pop Up Color Clubhouse Idea

7.SIMPHOME.COM Pop Up Color Clubhouse
If you are not into a wooden material, this clubhouse can be your preference. It does not always need multiple floors clubhouse to bring happiness to your kids. Simple fencing the area and voila!
You can just put and arrange the ready-to-go kids’ buildings: the assembled-house, tent, and mini slide with pool. It does not take up too much time. Colorful decorations will bring up the bright atmosphere as well. You can also roll out a synthetic grass floor for the area.
Image Source: Okoyogurt

8. Build a Treehouse in your Backyard

8.SIMPHOME.COM treehouse CLubhouseWhat playing area that has never been outdated? A treehouse! If you have a shady, tall treehouse in your backyard, keep them grow. It can be the most favorite spot not only for your kids but also for the whole family.
Calling a dad with a hammer on his hand! Do the measurements and work the work. Do not forget to set a ladder on it. You can customize the width and height of the area as you wish.
Image Source: Pinterest
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9. A Minimalist Balcony Project

9.SIMPHOME.COM Minimalist Balcony
Setting a playground to the clubhouse is not a must. If you want to create a nice, sweet place for your kids to be creative with their Play-Doh, puzzle, or books, you can stick to this idea. A clean edge with white color can brighten up the day of the whole family.
Create a little elevation on the building. Then, have a ladder for the access.
Decorate with a theme of your preference. You have a minimalist balcony for your kids now.
Image Source:

10. The Triangle Clubhouse Project Idea

10.SIMPHOME.COM Triangle ClubhouseCreating an anti-mainstream clubhouse for your kids is a great idea. Not only to show off your creativity but it also makes your kids have a unique spot to escape in the backyard. Wooden materials will do this type very well.
You can create multiple entrances with this building. it can be a lift-up door. You can also set a common door on the front side. Or else, you can have both of them to open up more access. A transparent plastic-made roof will let your kids get the sun rays as well as the starlight.
Image Source: Elektromain

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Having a clubhouse in your backyard cannot be executed without considering the two things: the area and the age of your kids. You surely do not want the clubhouse you build makes your backyard a no longer comfortable area for the rest of the family. Do the scaling to get an ideal space to live in. You can also consult your architecture or designer.

The next thing you have to consider is your kids’ age. It deals with safety. You surely do not want to have a 2-floor clubhouse for your 2 years old kid.
You do not want to have merely a sandbox for your 7 years old boy.
A little research for the appropriate games is a wise step to do.

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