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How to Build A Vertical Hanging Garden?

Create new center attentions to your garden and How to add a new minimalist touch to your small garden

How to build your vertical hanging garden?

Get the 40+ DIY Flower Garden, Planter, and Vertical Container Ideas

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  • Step 1: Pay attention to your space, and consider the plants you want to place in your small garden.
  • Step 2: Find a wall or fence that can hold your plants as you hang them. For example, if you need to put them above eye level, hang them closer to the ceiling or another flat surface.
  • Step 3: Gather the plants that will suit your hanging garden. You can select a combination of flowers and herbs to give it a unique look. Herbs like thyme can make an excellent addition as it scents your garden space while also giving you some medicinal properties.
  • Step 4: Choose pots or baskets that match each other and best suit your patio’s design. If the wall you are hanging on has a design, consider checking your pots with it.
  • Step 5: Choose planters that will best complement your hanging garden. You can select filled wicker baskets or storage containers that can hold multiple plants or small potted plants.
  • Step 6: Create a beautiful garden space by selecting the planters with the help of some sturdier material like wood, wood plaques, ceramic tiles, brick, or cement blocks. You can use decorative rails that come in different materials for wall plantings, from metal to stone to bamboo.
  • Step 7: Add plants to your hanging garden by choosing plants that fit your design and complements each other.
    – Create a Tea Garden
    You can even put together a tea garden on your patio. To do so, you need to plant herbs like mint, lavender, sage, thyme, or even rosemary. You can also plant flowers like sunflowers or daisies to complement the color of your flowers.
  • Step 8: Decorate your tea garden with a teakettle or a watering can. Add some of the plants you selected and hang them around the watering can grow at different heights.
    – Create an Outdoor Kitchen
    You can make an outdoor kitchen by combining plants like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers with herbs like parsley or basil. If you want to make this more of a decoration, then consider planting grapevines around it.
  • Step 9: If you are planning to buy new pots for your garden yet still want to create a natural look, consider purchasing containers made from clay or wood. You can even buy pots that are shaped in different ways, like cylinders or circular shapes.
  • Step 10: Add plants to your outdoor kitchen by choosing plants that are native to the area. This way, you will know which plants are effective in fighting the pests in your area.
  • Step 11: Decorate your kitchen by placing pots around it. You can also place other items like tools, cutting boards, or even fruit baskets nearby.
    – Grow an Herb Garden
    If you love cooking or making your favorite spice mixes, then growing herbs for this purpose is a great idea. Herbs can help flavor foods and help you save money on buying them from the store.
  • Step 12: Grow herbs that are native to the region or state where you live.
    In detail, you can grow herbs like basil, parsley, chives, spearmint, and even oregano. To create a food garden, you can also plant other plants that you love to eat, such as peppers and tomatoes.
  • Step 13: Ensure that the fresh herbs you grow are trimmed regularly to produce more flowers. This idea will increase their production.
  • Step 14: Incorporate a planter around your herb garden or herb kitchen to make it look more attractive. You can even decorate it using grasses and other plants native to the area.
    – Build a Herb Tea Garden
    You can even grow herbal teas by planting mint, sage, or thyme in pots or containers with soil under them around your patio or home.

Other ideas to add new center attention to your small garden such as:

  • No 1: Natural Stone Bench

    Placing a few natural stones in the garden will add character to it. If you’re gardening on a budget, you can add these natural stones to your garden for free. When you’ve added the natural rocks to the garden, you can add them to other areas such as patios or walkways.
    The finish of the natural rocks is stained by the soil and weathering, which gives it a unique look that would make anyone who sees it attracted by its Bohemian style.

  • No 2: Wooden Bench Design

    You can also apply wooden bench design ideas to your garden. You can add a bench to your garden to sit and relax. This bench doesn’t disturb the natural look of the garden too much.
    A bench would also allow you to put some plants that will be in use for the rest of the year in your yard.
    Sidewalks seem like a neglected part of any garden, but this way, you can still keep them clean, tidy, and free from dirt when you don’t need them.
    One way is by adding some flower pots on either side of the sidewalk so that you can plant some flowers there too.

  • No 3: A Notebook Wall

    A garden is a place where we can reflect and remember the excellent escape we had in the past. And we might feel like writing down some things that happened or that we thought when we were in our garden. A good idea for this is to use a notebook wall and hang some notebooks on it.
    You can customize it to fit your needs, choosing the ones you like the most, and make it look nice too.

  • No 4: A Peasant Meal Table

    Placing an old table in the middle of the garden, covered with a few pretty cloths, makes it possible to have some simple meals in nature. A peasant meal table is perfect for this kind of thing.

  • No 5: A Hammock

    The great thing about placing a hammock in your garden is that you can enjoy an afternoon nap or just relax and read a book while enjoying the silence and beauty around you. The hammock can also be used just like any other piece of furniture and will create a mystic and calming atmosphere surrounding it.

  • No 6: A Picnic Table

    A great way to make our small garden more luxurious is by adding a picnic table. With the right decor, it will make it an organic extension of your tiny house. There are many options that you can choose from when you want to build one.
    A patio is perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying views of your garden with friends and family. You can use a patio for more than just having dinner; it can be used as an outdoor meeting place or even as a small table where you eat breakfast or lunch with your family.

  • No 7: A Tiny Garden Conservatory

    This idea will be perfect for those with lots of plants but not enough space to do anything with them all. So why not place a tiny garden conservatory in your garden? With a conservatory, you can have plants and plants all around. It will give you a chance to see what it looks like from different angles.

  • No 8: Beige Paver Patios

    If you go for the minimalist look, beige paver patios will be perfect for your garden. They can help with the décor and give you an extra edge as far as the style of your garden is concerned. You can also use them for commercial purposes or even inside your own home.

  • No 9: A Water Fountain

    Water fountains add an intimate touch to your garden. You can place one in the middle of the garden and add little decorations like water lilies and other kinds of flowers around it. This way, you can add some greenery and color to it while ensuring that you don’t cut down your greens by doing this.

  • No 10: Various Kind of Garden Containers

    Containers are another great way to make the garden more beautiful and fun. It is also a good idea because you can keep many plants in them, allowing you to grow flowers. The containers are great for small spaces, so there is little room for error when choosing them.

To add a minimalist touch to your small garden, you could also take the following suggestions:

  • No 1. Use stone to build a mini garden

    To make a stunning garden, you can use different kinds of stones. Stones are very durable material, and they will last long. So make sure that you will fix it to the surface well before adding any natural stones or artificial ones.

  • No 2. Put a bench at the corner of your garden

    If you have a small space for your garden, it is a good idea to put a bench there. It will look great if the bench is placed in the middle of the garden. But this depends on what you want from your garden.

  • No 3. Build a wooden deck

    As wood is very durable and can be used outside, building a deck will be perfect for your small garden. It is also cheap to make.

  • No 4. Utilize the floor area

    If you have a small yard, then don’t waste the space on the ground. Use it as an extension of your garden by placing some containers or anything else that will give it more form and style without taking up too much space.

  • No 5. Make a simple garden with lots of green

    This idea is one of the easiest ways to make a minimalist garden. For this, you can create some decorations out of rocks or use some lava rocks that are very rough to touch. You can also use flower pots for this purpose. This way, you can easily create an organic landscape in your small garden with just a few things.

  • No 6. Create a herb garden

    Herbs are great for adding flavor to your dishes, and so they are great for making your food more delicious. So if you have a small space, then it would be perfect to have an herb garden in it so that you do not have to go far when you need one of them.

  • No 7. Create a garden with plants that will grow and flower all season long

    If you want your small garden to look great all year round, then you need to choose plants that will flower in the whole year and also in different seasons so that your flowers will always be in bloom at the same time. For this purpose, many herbs are suitable for the job as they grow very well everywhere, even if it is cold or hot—those flowers, such as rosemary, lavender, thyme, etc. Next, you can place the plants close together so that they can spread their leaves.

  • No 8. Plant quacking plants

    Quacking plants are pretty interesting to look at. They are low-maintenance, and they provide lots of greenery in your small garden. You can also use any other plants that grow fast; just make sure that they grow quickly. Some of the most excellent kinds of plants for this purpose are blueberry bush, gopher bush, and pokeweed plant.

  • No 9. Plant plants that grow well in containers

    You can plant many plants in containers, not only for the flowers but also for more leaves on the plants. This idea will be great for your garden because you will not have to water them constantly, and you can quickly move them around when it gets dark or when you want to clean your garden.

  • No 10. Create a vegetable garden

    Vegetable gardens are quite famous these days because they are easy to maintain, do not require much space, and are very affordable. For this purpose, the best choices are tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, etc. You can also make many different kinds of salads if you have good tomatoes in your garden.

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