10 House Exterior Update Ideas

An exterior update can add curb appeal and give a new look to your home. Fresh paint, hardware addition, or architectural makeover can give extraordinary changes. However, the house exterior needs to complement its style and visually good for onlookers without compromising sustainability and durability. These 10 house exterior update ideas will help you make the most of your building. To add more confidence to the list, check out the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Repaint the Exterior

10. Repaint the Exterior by simphome.comRepainting is a good move to update the house exterior. You can paint it yourself or get help from professionals. It is essential to select the right primer if you decide to do it on your own because it determines the paint color’s durability. The best primer can prevent the paint from cracking, peeling, or fading.
There are many kinds of primers, but people mostly use latex or oil-based. Latex is preferable to oil-based paints for clapboard, aluminum, and vinyl. Spending more on high-quality primer is better than having the paint cracking or peeling later. When it comes to painting the wall, do it in different shades of color or gloss to add interest.
This picture uses white for the wall and khaki for shutters and the trim and bold color for the door. But you must be aware that a darker tone of paint is likely to fade faster.

9. Pave the Way

9. Pave the Way by simphome.comA charming walkway is a sophisticated update for the house exterior. Usually, people use concrete to build a walkway for practicality. But it tends to crack and can be an eyesore. Therefore, pavers are the next choice for building a walkway. It is available in various models to integrate with the house landscape. Moreover, it is easy to replace broken pavers.
Walkway design should be consistent with house type. Symmetric lines are great for traditional houses, whereas using large flagstone might be best for country homes. However, before constructing your walkway, you need to consider these things. You need to count how much money you will spend on it, know what your home style is, and the trees in your garden which determine the types of pavers you will need – considering mildews and moss.

8. Install Front Door Lighting

8. Install Front Door Lighting by simphome.comFront door lighting is not likely to go unnoticed. Having suitable lamps is not only about how to add beauty to your home, but also its safety. When you upgrade it, you have to think about style, size, and positioning. For tall doors, hanging lights, such as pendants or lanterns, are the best choices. It prevents the space from looking too blah. To find the right size for the lamps, you should measure the height of the door. Generally, the fixture should be ¼ or 1/3 of the door height. You should put the lighting at about 5 to 6 feet from the ground to get the most impact.

7. Landscape the Garden

7. Landscape the Garden by simphome.comSince the front garden is the first sight of a house, landscaping it is a big update. Not only does it make your home exterior look more fantastic, but it also refreshes the mind of the beholder. You don’t have to splurge on expensive things to makeover your front yard. Here are quick tips on how to make the most of what you have.
First, choose perennial flowers such as daisy, lavender, or catmint because they last longer and easy to plant. So you don’t have to replace the flowers every year. Second, build pathways around the flower beds. Last, you can grow a tree for a focal point in your yard.

6. Add and Decorative Porch

6. Add and Decorate Porch by

Don’t have a front porch? Now it is time to add one if you are going to change your house exterior. A simple porch can do the magic by softening the house appearance and give dimension to the place.
6. Add and Decorate Porch by ..
After you have built the porch, you can decorate it to add more value. Hanging pots of plants give color and freshness. Adding a swing can allow you to enjoy the garden view or favorite book or chat with your family. You can even add a bench to sit on when you take off your boots.

5. Integrate Greenery

5. Integrate Greenery by simphome.comIntegrating greenery can give a fresh look to your house. So, what kind of plants can provide the best view? If you fancy various shades of green, you should try to plant a hosta. It grows fast, and you can easily replant it in another place. Hanging fern is also an excellent option to make your house feel homier. You might like to let them creeping down from the roof. If you don’t hesitate to spend more money, you can build boxes by the window and fill them with flowers. Another way is planting perennials in box containers and place them by the door.

4. Reroof

4. Reroof by ...If your roof is in disrepair, you need to plan to reroof. Usually, people remove old shingles before laying new ones. However, installing new shingles over the old layers can help you to save time and cost. Existing shingles can be your guide for laying new layers. Just make sure you lay them correctly and flat against the old layers.
The first step is removing caps and any obstruction. After that, install flashing for extra protection. The next step is installing the shingles. Be careful around the vents and chimneys if there is any. The last step is installing ridge caps on top. Then your reroof job is done.

3. Metal and Rustic House Number

3. Metal and Rustic House Number by simphome.comWith a few supplies, you can update your house exterior by changing the house numbers. There are many DIY ideas pinned on many webs that might best and suitable for your house design. You can craft it from a metal or wood pallet, which is more DIY friendly and cheaper. All you need are big house numbers, plywood or wood pallets, and tools to assemble them. After they are ready, arrange the numbers vertically to measure how long you have to cut the wood base. After cutting the woods, sand them to remove any smudges. Then, assemble the woods and give some coating for durability. You can let the natural color be the focus or paint it to match your house. Then, attach the numbers on the board. Now, you can hang it by your door.

2. Upgrade Your Garage Door

2. Upgrade Your Garage Door by simphome.comA garage door can improve curb appeal to your house when adequately upgraded. You can simply repaint the door to complement your house paint. Don’t forget to trim the edge of the door or windows. Another way to give new color to the door is by applying a faux wood finish, which will make it look like solid wood. You can also add some hardware to make it more interesting, such as straps on each side of the door or a handle in the center.

Lastly, Number 1. DIY Wooden Mailbox

1. DIY Wooden Mailbox by simphome.comA mailbox is a part of curb appeal since it is the first thing people see from the street. So, updating it will add charm to your home. Here are how to DIY a wooden mailbox that will give your home extra value. Measure the dimensions of a mailbox that fit your existing base. Cut the wood for each section of the box – sides, bottom, door, and roof. After that, assemble each part. Attach the sides – right, left, and back – to the bottom. Then use a hinge to build the door. You can use a magnet or slot to keep the door closed. Then, attach the roof on top. The last step is painting and decorating it.


Updating the house exterior is an excellent project to do, and it could be fun too. This list might help you to change the look of your house. A little change can make a significant impact on the house’s curb appeal. I hope there is something in this list of 10 house exterior updates that you can apply to your home.



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