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7 Hottest Flooring Trends And Ideas For Your Home

New trends arising from the changing needs of the market drive the evolution of flooring. Sustainable, rustic, and natural materials, as well as new technologies, are paving the way for a bright future in the flooring industry.

So, if you’re planning to do home improvements such as concrete staining and others, you may be interested in knowing these seven hottest flooring trends and ideas for your home:

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1. Concrete

If you love color and flair, you may feel that concrete flooring is a bit simple for your taste because they don’t give beautiful grain like wood does or elaborate patterns as with hand-laid tiles. But there are now a lot of options to ramp up a dull concrete floor such as:

  • Concrete staining is a good option if you want to add sophistication and a bit of color to your concrete floor without breaking the bank.
  • Polished concrete is ideal for people who want to maintain the simple concrete color but want a mirror-like finish.
  • Epoxy flooring is also for those who want flair, color, and sophistication as this application offer finishes such as chip flake and quartz aggregate, among other designs.

2. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors have been a favorite among homeowners since they became available in the market because they’re versatile and elegant. They come in shapes, sizes, and colors that allow you to create the perfect look for your home.

With this trend in flooring, people use more natural materials such as bamboo and cork. It’s an excellent option for those who crave to add warmth and character to their homes. Although engineered wood is sturdy, you may need a guide to keeping your floor clean if you want to maintain its beauty for years to come.

3. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are becoming popular among homeowners and commercial property managers because of their elegant appearance and feel. Their natural finish makes them attractive to homeowners who want rustic designs. This flooring material is perfect for indoor spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and entryways. Meanwhile, outdoor terracotta tiles are perfect for patios, decks, porches, and fireplaces.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl is a soft, durable, and beautiful flooring option. It can come in a variety of gloss levels from which you can choose. This flooring material can withstand water and doesn’t easily dent, stain, or fade. It also lasts for years and can be installed over most other flooring materials.

The best thing about the many types of vinyl flooring materials is their versatility. Vinyl flooring can come in different styles such as composite tiles, planks, sheets, and luxury vinyl flooring (LVF).
Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. You can apply a coat of stain-resistant sealer to protect the vinyl and keep it looking new for years. You can even install vinyl over wood or concrete. The main drawback to vinyl is its relatively high cost.

5. Wood Patterns

Many people still prefer using hardwood for their flooring because of its durability and timeless elegance. The most preferred are teak, cedar, and mahogany due to their magnificent color and wood stains. For a more updated look and to elevate the beauty of wood to another level, many designers lay out wood planks to form exciting patterns such as mosaic, Herringbone or Chevron, or other geometric patterns.

6. Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles quickly became the new flooring trend for individuals with a quirky and eclectic approach to interior design. These tiles come in various formats. You can get tiles with whimsical designs, repeating patterns, and even pieces that you can arrange like a jigsaw puzzle. Although many prefer monochromatic colored graphic tiles, you can still find some in different bold or multicolor looks to match your home’s aesthetics and your personal preferences.

7. Colored Wood

Aside from wood laid out in unique patterns, another emerging flooring trend is colored wood. Many homeowners prefer the best of traditional hardwood yet want to elevate their aesthetic to match the mood, color, and vibe of their rooms or that of the entire home.

Here are some of the things you should know about colored wood:

  • Blonde or bleached wood attracts people who want to have natural, light, and bright floors. Wood undergoes blanching to achieve lighter or ashy-white tones.
  • Painted wood is ideal for home renovation of old homes with beautiful wood flooring. The painting will help make an old wooden floor look fresh and new, plus it can also hide imperfections.
  • Distressed wood is perfect for people who want to achieve a rustic and antique look without spending a fortune on old wood planks. You can achieve this appearance by treating the wood with wire brushing, aging, or hand scraping. Then, you can apply different stains and finishes to enhance its appearance.

The Bottom Line

The current trend in flooring shows that homeowners still want traditional floorings like concrete, tiles, and hardwood but with a more updated look. So, many people are open to flooring materials with special treatment to give their homes unique and interesting textures and designs.

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