Simphome Home Design Furniture Idea to Match Interior Style

Every house surely needs to use furniture, but you should use only furniture that could match the style of your interior decoration. There is a lot of interior decoration with specific home design furniture that should be used. But for now we will discuss only the most popular one that follows the current interior design style. Of course you might also want to know about unique furniture design that you will be interested in, so we make sure to put several unique styles for you as well. Now let us check out our popular furniture list that still used even today.

Home design furniture style to match interior theme

1. Victorian

This first home design furniture style is known for its glamorous appearance since there are a lot of detail applied to the furniture ornament which makes it different from other style even though it is heavily influenced by gothic style. Using this style of furniture, your room will appear more luxurious since they are very big. When you first see this style, you will feel the dramatic feeling of Victorian design since it is what the maker intended. At the old time, it is only used by rich people since it is quite expensive, but now you can find some affordable Victorian furniture in the market. (via drova and hometipsor)



2. Art deco

If you want more unique home design furniture, then art deco style is the one that you should use. The furniture uses a lot of angular and geometric shapes which become their characteristic. It has unique pattern that will give your room a hint of funky feeling. They are made using unique details such as glass, chrome, and even mirror material. If you want to use this furniture inside your room, then you should not use too much of it since this type of furniture only work best as accent furniture that will give your room small hints of colors and unique feeling. (via yousense and foter)

art deco

art deco

3. Rustic

For those who want to have comfortable home design furniture ideas, then this style will be the one for you. Not only comfortable to use but rustic furniture will give your room more warm feeling. They usually made using natural material such as wood, hide, timber, cotton and linen. Seeing from the material you can see why they are so comfortable to use. However there are some who does not like the distressed finish that used in this style, since it make the furniture looked old and unfinished. But you can still try using several pieces of furniture with rustic style as accent. (via gammoe and uxuelaguardia)



4. Asian

This style is more specific home design furniture since the Asian uses specific style for their furniture. There is a lot of Asian style furniture but the most popular one would be Chinese furniture and Japanese furniture. The Asian mostly use natural material such as woods for their furniture. And they still maintain natural wooden look which make the furniture appear luxurious. Some even have beautiful craft detail that becomes the signature of Asian furniture. For your convenient there are Asian furniture which made to be more modern so it can still be used with your modern house. (via mmsf and retur)



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5. Contemporary

If you like to follow the current trend in the market, then this contemporary home design furniture is the one that you should use. Contemporary furniture always follows the latest trend in the market thus you would not become old fashioned when using this style. However you might need to change your furniture after several time had passed since you want to keep up with the trend and do not left behind. Of course it is not mandatory, but it is suggested if you want to keep your interior design as trendy as possible. This style of furniture is suitable to be use to fully furnish your whole house, since it is easy to mix and match. (via skinnychef and amadoukienou)



Tips in choosing suitable furniture for your interior design

Every interior design usually have their specific style, this is why you must follow the style used in your interior when choosing the furniture. Of course you can try to mix and match several furniture from other style, but that could only be done to one or two pieces of furniture which work as accent and not to fully furnish your room with furniture from entirely different style than your interior style.

Do not forget to choose the right material and color that suitable for your interior style since they will highly affect the style as well. Choose durable home design furniture material that could last for years and only require low maintenance especially when you have limited budget. Inspect the furniture quality carefully since you need to have high quality furniture so you would not regret your purchase. High quality furniture is made by good carpenter using high quality material so you should really pay attention to the detail of the furniture.

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