5 Home decorating ideas from Dollar Store

Plastic Elephant Book Ends 8
Plastic Elephant Book Ends 8

Your living room can have a new mirror boxes that doubles as a new storage solution. More on that later.

1. Rope basket

Rope Basket is actually a decorative bucket made of some cotton ropes and a basket. If you have a basket that you usually use for stuff or you don’t really use, you can actually make this project. However, if you don’t have any basket available and ropes, you can head to the dollar store and purchase them. To make the colorful ropes, you have to color them by yourself using paint. Don’t forget to dry them before attaching them to the basket. There you go! You will now have an attractive and anti-boring-looking rope basket that can be used as storage or decoration. Source

2. Plastic Elephant Bookends

Do you have a lot of books in your study or work room? If yes, there is an interesting decoration you can do to enhance the atmosphere of your room with plastic elephant bookends. These bookends are not just ordinary bookends because they have elephants on them too! What you need to do is grabbing a couple of elephant toys and two couple of 1×4 inches woods. Spray the elephants and the woods with your favorite color, then glue them together and that’s that. You now have pretty and decorative elephant bookends for your books. Source

3. Candle Lampshade

Do you want your special occasion, such as having a candlelight dinner with your beloved one, becomes more interesting? Yes, you can. Candle lampshade offers elegance touch to your dining table, and you can even use this as decoration instead of using it for special occasion purposes only. You can head to the dollar store to purchase the requirements for cheap prices, including scrapbook paper, double-sided tape, and LED tea lights. Make the template, then tape to secure it. Pop the LED tea lights into each glass and assemble them. Source

4. Mirror Boxes

Your living room can have some decoration using these mirror boxes. What is it? Mirror boxes are multi-functional tools, which mean you can use them as jewelry holders, vases, or even small bathroom organizers. Sounds cool, right? Now, what you need to do is picking up some mirror squares from the dollar stores, and the next step is to glue them together. There you go! Mirror Boxes for your home decoration solution. Source

5. Decorative Serving Tray

There is a creative way to replace your ordinary serving tray for your coffee table which is using this decorative serving tray. If you cannot purchase one in the store because the price is too high, then you need a solution. The solution is to go to the dollar store and to make your own decorative serving tray. What you need to grab from the dollar store is a placemat and a mirror or a frame. Simply glue the placemat on the mirror or the frame and that’s it, you now have your own decorative serving tray. Source