5 Cute Home Decorating Ideas Taken from Recycled Materials

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28 desert online 881x882

You’ll know how to turn Bookshelf to Storage Bench without burning too much money. More on that later.

1. Terrarium Tank

Do you have an old fish tank? Well, terrarium is a thing now. What you need to do is grab your old fish tank and put sand, dirt, rocks, stones, plants, and moss into it. To make a great terrarium, you might need to use some of your creativity. Source

2. Ladder Towel Hanger

If you have an old ladder you can turn it into a towel hanger. You might need to clean it first because you are going to put it in the bathroom to hang your towels. Make sure there is no repainting needed because its original color must have rustic accent that can enhance the atmosphere in your bathroom. Source

3. Bookshelf to Storage Bench

Do you have too many shelves? Then you can reduce one without throwing it away. You can turn it into a bench with storage. What you need to do is just put it horizontally then attach a bench seat with the same length on it. That’s it. Easy, right? The shelves can be used to store your shoes or bags. Source

4. Plastic Pot

Plastic bottle is a trash once the drink inside runs out, but in this case the plastic bottle can be useful. By turning it into a pot, the plastic bottle will have a use once more. Simply cut the bottom part and turn it upside down. Then, make holes on both edge of the bottle to insert a thread there so it can be hanged. Finally, put the soil and the plant seed into the plastic pot then hang it. Source

5. Coffee Mug Rack

What’s better than a cup of coffee in the morning? To make your coffee time easier, you can use pallet wood as a base to make the coffee mug rack. You need a pallet with 4 panels. On the top panel, write “COFFEE” there to make it a great decoration. As for the rests, install small hangers tightly there. Source