5 Unique Home Decor Suggestions from IKEA


To redesign a new living room, you can choose fabric sofas, leather fabric sofas, or sleeper sofas from IKEA. More about that later.

1. A Space-Saving Dining Table idea

If there is only small space for the dining table, you can put NORBERG wall-mounted drop-leaf tables from IKEA. The price is $39.00. To complete your brand new space-saving dining table, you can add IKEA Terje Folding Chair that is priced $19.99.. Source

2. Outdoor Living Room

You can use more space for the outdoor living room. Outdoor living room is a good choice if you want to spend more of your time with your family. It will be a complete set with the addition of armchair. You can buy IKEA Mastholmen armchair by spending $100.00 or IKEA Kungsholmen which is cheaper than Mastholmen, IKEA Kungsholmen costs $74.00. Complete your outdoor living room with IKEA Hindo cabinet that is priced $69.00. Source

3. Living room and Bedroom Combination

You may use one room for both living room and bed room. Choose a sofa that can be changed into a bed. That kind of sofa is available in IKEA but you have to spend around $360.00 to get the IKEA Vallentuna Sleeper Seat Section. There is a cheaper version named Vallentuna Storage Seat Section that costs $157.25. Then you can decorate your room with shelf. You can choose IKEA Besta Shelf that costs $150.00 or $63.00. If you want to keep small stuffs you can choose IKEA Knallbagae Hanging Organizer rather than shelf because the price is $5.99 or cheaper than Besta Shelf. Source

4. Living Room

To redesign the living room, you can put new things in the living room. First, you can choose fabric sofas, leather fabric sofas, or sleeper sofas. The cheapest fabric sofa is IKEA Ektrop Sofa which is priced $322.15. The simplest leather fabric sofa is IKEA Skogaby Loveseat but it costs $577.15. The costs of those two sofas are quite high. Then, the sleeper sofas from IKEA are priced more than $500.00. Source

5. IKEA’s Teenage Bedroom idea

You can start the makeover by preparing smart stationery storage. IKEA Lack Wall Shelf is one of smart stationery storage that you can buy. The price is also affordable, only around $14.99. It becomes one with the wall. If you want to have a shelf that does not stick with the wall, you can choose IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit by spending $109.00. Complete your makeover with IKEA Gregor Swivel Chair which costs $99.00. Source


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