Home Decor Fabrics Usage Tips and Information

Using fabrics in your home décor is a must since by adding them your design will be complete. However you need to consider a lot of things before putting any home decor fabrics in your design to make sure they will add beauty to your decoration. Especially since fabric has a lot of look so they will be able to suit any kinds of theme. It is actually quite easy to find perfect fabric for your design as long as you know what to look for. For you who want to learn more about fabric for your home decoration, here is some useful information.

Home decor fabrics consideration before usage

1. Material type

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing home decor fabrics is the material type you want to use. Basically there is only two type of material to choose which are natural type and synthetic type. However even natural type has a lot of variation such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. On the other hand the synthetic type has even more variation such as rayon, acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, and acetate. Each of those variations has different characteristic that will give your design advantage. Thus you need to find suitable material to use for each decoration item. (via local-info)


2. Pattern

The second thing to think about is the pattern to have in your home decor fabrics brand. There are a lot of pattern that you can use such as chintz, damask, cretonne, grosgrain, moiré, gingham, herringbone, satin, mohair, ticking, tapestry, velvet, ultrasuede, and toile de jouy. Those pattern are suitable for specific theme, thus you might want to choose home decor fabrics pattern that suitable for your theme. Furthermore the pattern often used for certain decoration items, so you might want to consider the usage as well when using which pattern to use. (via twitterbabybeddingand pandorasupholstery)


3. Color

After you decide those two things, now let us move to the home decor fabrics color. As you know, you can use any kinds of color that you want for the fabric. However you also need to think about which color that would suit your design. To do that, you can see on the color scheme that you use in your room. If you use specific theme in the room, then usually they already have specific color scheme that you can follow. This will make it easier for you to choose which color to use and where to use them. (via fabricwholesaledirect)


4. Texture

As you know different fabric will have different home decor fabrics texture. This is also important thing to consider when designing your home theme. Giving a nice texture to your decoration will make them appear more luxurious. That will happen if you use the right texture in the right place. You can also try to mix and match the texture to add more layers to your design. This method will make the room design become deeper and show how good your design is. Learn which fabric is suitable to be mix with which fabric. (via greenhousefabrics)


5. Usage

When it comes to usage, actually in decorating you can use home decor fabrics for almost anything. Especially for item that often uses fabric as the material such as windows treatment, upholstery, throw blanket, carpet, and many others. Remember that each of those usages needs to have special fabric characteristic. So you need to choose which fabric that suitable for the characteristic that you looking for. This is why choosing fabric to use in your home decoration need to be done carefully. (via archi-living)decor

Tips in using fabric for home decoration

Although you can do whatever you want with the fabric in your decoration but you need to remember that the fabric will affect the mood of the design. You can see this by switching the fabric you plan to use in your decoration, and then you will notice how the mood will also change. This is why when you want to create certain mood in the room; you need to make sure that the fabric used in your design will support that mood. The biggest thing from a fabric that will greatly affect the mood is the color and pattern, thus those two things need to be carefully consider.

When using home decor fabrics item in your design, it is important to be very careful. You do not want the fabric filled the entire surface of the room; this is why you need to keep them moderate. Use them for things that truly need fabric, but still mix them with other material is advised. For the pattern, make sure that you do not overuse them since it will make the room feel crowded. You can try to create a focal point in the room using the pattern but make sure that it still moderate. By considering all of that carefully you will be able to complete your design perfectly.

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