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A 6-Item Home Cleaning And Maintenance Checklist For Busy Homeowners

Many people are very busy with their full schedules, and sometimes it causes them to neglect household chores such as cleaning and maintenance. Some homes feel crowded with many things, and a lot of rooms need cleaning, so these busy homeowners may feel overwhelmed when trying to add it to their daily tasks.

However, there are a few quick and easy ways to incorporate the cleaning and maintenance of a home. Having a list of things that need attention would help to organize it in an actionable way:

1. Floors

Some rooms will have carpeting and other hardwood, but owners need to check the floors regularly to keep them spotlessly clean and in good working order, no matter which floors the home has. The methods to use would differ depending on the type of floor, and some helpful tips are always welcome for busy homeowners:

  • Vacuum floors at least once a week.
  • Mop hardwood and other smooth surfaces once a week.
  • Inspect for cracks, ruffles, buckling, or further damage and repair it as soon as possible.

2. Appliances

The electrical things in the kitchen, bedrooms, or elsewhere around the home need cleaning and maintenance checks to give homeowners peace of mind that everything is safe to use for everyone in the house:

  • Dust all appliances once a week.
  • Immediately wipe down the dirty items.
  • Check electrical cords for wear and tear before using the thing.
  • Dispose of broken appliances responsibly and replace them with high-quality items if needed.

3. Cupboards

Storage space like cupboards is all over the home, like kitchens, bathrooms, linen closets, and bedrooms. Areas like the kitchen can become dirty faster than a clothing or linen closet because many people use the space. There is also a risk of unwanted visitors like bugs that homeowners should take care of:

  • Wipe up spills immediately as they happen, so it doesn’t cause the wood to stain or perish.
  • Thoroughly clean the doors and shelves at least once a month.
  • Add pest repellents to closets where they are needed to stop insects and rodents from nesting in the first place.

4. Windows And Doors

Windows and doors could be some of the most overlooked areas of the home to clean, especially the front door. Sometimes, just dusting or wiping it down doesn’t cut it, and a deeper clean is needed:

  • Make a mixture containing water, vinegar, and some soap to clean windows and doors once a month.
  • Dust window sills and door frames once a week to maintain the trimmings and hinges.
  • Sweep away dirt from the entrances and outside window sills.

5. Bathroom

Homeowners should use the bathroom to clean themselves, and it shouldn’t be a dirty mess of clutter and filth. Doing these things every day should keep it in top shape:

  • Immediately remove hair from drains in the shower and the sink to prevent blockages that require maintenance.
  • Keep a cloth in the bathroom to wipe shower glass, countertops, and sinks, and inspect the surfaces for damage while cleaning them.
  • Wash away soap suds and toothpaste drippings right after showering or brushing to keep stains at bay.

6. Exterior And Garden

Between rushing off to work in the morning and coming home late in the afternoon, there isn’t much room for lengthy repairs and cleansing rituals outside the house or the garden. Most people would do some gardening and maintenance work on their days off, but it doesn’t need to take hours:

  • When leaving and arriving back at the house, give it a quick look over before going inside. Take note of all areas outside the house that need work and prioritize these on days off from work.
  • Keep plants and trees trimmed, cut the grass, and clean leaves from gutters and around the crawlspace once a month to ensure that they don’t cause other problems like damage, leaking, or stagnant water spots around the house.
  • Schedule repairs to any areas of the home before they become a bigger problem, or fix more minor issues over the weekend.

Getting It All Together

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Home is where the homeowner’s heart should be, but no one wants to spend time there when it is filthy and falling apart. Homeowners can avoid significant issues with just a few minutes of regular cleaning and maintenance.

Make it a daily habit to check everything around the house and clean or fix it as you go about your regular daily tasks. Being aware of these would already place more attention on them and make them harder to forget when on a busy schedule.

Add more items to the checklist above and create the perfect one for your home. Help yourself get it all together and have a happy, clean, well-maintained home.

Written by Simpson

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