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15 High-End Living Room Transformations without the Steep Cost

Adding height and depth is the best way to make a small space feel more spacious. But if you’re unsure where to start or even how much you have to spend, there are plenty of ways to add height and depth to a space without needing to hire expensive contractors.

If you want to save money, we’ve found that some of the easiest DIY home improvement tips involve changing the size of the furniture in your home. It might surprise you that you can get dramatic results in just a few easy steps.

Let us help you visualize what this all looks like with our top 5 living room transformations below!

1. The Minimalist Living room transformation with high return

This minimalist living room redesign was inspired by architect Michael Graves’ iconic “House on the Hill” project from 1965.

When the couple moved into their new house, they were immediately disappointed at the lack of space, especially since they had purchased a larger home than they needed. When they finally sat down and figured out how to use the space they did, they realized it wasn’t enough. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

They began by removing everything from their living room except a sofa, coffee table, bedside tables, and lamps, leaving them with absolutely nothing but the floor space. They then got to work designing with a limited amount of space. They added a built-in sofa taller than the bed, allowing them to use the wall behind it.

The result was a large open space that felt surprisingly cozy. And it didn’t require any additional furniture besides those items mentioned above. In addition, they made use of the wall between the kitchen and living room by putting in a small built-in bar area that could be used as a dining table when guests came over.

2. A Sprawling House in an Urban Setting

Some people don’t believe you can fit a sprawling house into an urban setting. However, one couple proved otherwise through the clever use of their space, including creative storage solutions that made their home feel larger than it was.

First, they replaced their old front door with a double-door entryway that led straight into their home office. This idea gave them access to the entire first floor while providing ample storage space for all their things.

Next, they divided their home office into two distinct spaces. One side was dedicated entirely to storage, while they used the other half primarily for family meals and entertaining. By placing the seating near the back door and the kitchen, they produced a cozy atmosphere for gatherings. And because the entire living room was a single-floor unit, everyone could quickly move around the space comfortably.

And once the kids grew older, they moved the playroom upstairs so the master suite would have more privacy. To make this work, they created a custom staircase instead of a traditional spiral one. Doing this gives our couple extra space upstairs without sacrificing any square footage.

3. How Much Can You Do With Just $1000 to transform a living room?

If you have less than $1000 to invest in your home, you may be surprised by how quickly you can achieve dramatic changes. Even something as simple as replacing a window shade can yield impressive results.

For example, one homeowner was able to replace his outdated, dark curtains with a beautiful patterned fabric that brought light into the space. He achieved the same effect by painting the window frame white and using it as a backdrop for the fabric.

Not only did he gain tons of light in the room, but he also gained a sense of modernity that was missing from the space. And after spending such a small sum of money, he was left with a new look that would last for years.

4. What are other recommended budget-friendly living room renovation projects that can potentially increase the appraisal of a house?

There are many ways to add depth and height to a space without going overboard. For instance, you can remove all the wallpaper in your living room, paint the walls, and install wooden molding along the ceiling. Then, you’ll be able to see the room’s full potential.

Or, you can install a floor-to-ceiling bookcase next to the fireplace. This trick gives the illusion of a second story, making the room feel bigger and loftier. A similar trick involves installing crown molding along the ceiling.

You can also try hanging heavy objects from the ceiling and/or walls. This object will give the impression that the room is wider than it is.

Lastly, you can create a focal point in the middle of the living room using a chandelier. This item will give your living room a sense of grandeur almost instantly.

Other alternative ideas you can use to max out your $1000 budget:

1. Install new lights.
You might not think that lighting is something you can easily improve upon, but there are countless ways to enhance it. From changing bulbs to installing recessed lighting, you can get new light fixtures for cheap online. And while you’re at it, why not try dimmer switches too? You can buy them online for around $10 each.

2. Get a new couch and coffee table.
Your furniture can serve as a major focal point of your living room. If you’re tired of having mismatched pieces lying around, then why not go for a complete overhaul? For about $500, you can replace your old couch with a brand new one.

Or, maybe you’d rather upgrade your coffee table. Either way, you can find both items online for cheap.

While at it, you can also consider,

3. Change your wall color.
For as little as $100, you can completely upgrade your walls by painting them a different color. Not only will this change their look, but it will also help brighten up the whole room.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with your own color palettes and see if you can find something that suits your taste. There are plenty of great options available online.

4. Add wallpaper.
Wallpaper adds character to your living room. You can choose between traditional patterns or modern ones depending on your preferences. Some people love the idea of using wallpaper to cover up ugly cracks in the paintwork, while others prefer to leave bare walls. No matter your preference, you can always find wallpaper online for cheap or in a dollar store.

5. Go green and install solar panels.
Installing solar panels is one way to reduce your energy bills. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn’t require any maintenance. Installing them yourself shouldn’t cost you too much either.
Your cheap option, guide, and other important details are here.

6. Create a cozy reading corner.
If you’re someone who loves to read, you probably spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen. Why not treat yourself to a comfortable spot somewhere else in the house? You can turn your spare room into a cozy reading nook and put a couple of chairs inside it. Then you can sit back and relax for hours on end.

7. Add a home theater kit.
Are you planning to watch movies in your living room? A home theater kit can help you do exactly that. The kit usually consists of surround sound speakers and a projector.

8. Decorate your bathroom before the living room.
Don’t let the lack of space stop you from decorating your bathrooms. You can still give it a facelift with affordable upgrades. You can install a sink faucet, a toilet seat, and a showerhead, to name a few things.

9. Build a media center.
If your living room isn’t big enough to host your TV set, you might want to build one instead. To start, you can opt for a mini PC. These units aren’t too pricey, and they feature HDMI ports. You have to connect your display to the unit, and you’re good to go.

10. Organize everything using a bookshelf.
Bookshelves and bookcases are excellent storage solutions. You can store just about anything in them. Whether you want to hold DVDs or CDs, or if you wish to keep all your papers neatly organized, you can fit it all inside.

11. Update your curtains ($100<).
It’s easy to overlook your curtains because they rarely get seen. However, they play an essential role in defining the ambiance of your living room. To refresh yours, you can change the fabric or the color. You can also add ruffles to them.

12. Add a fireplace.
Fireplaces are beautiful additions to your living spaces. You can use them to heat your living room during winter or to give you a sense of coziness during summer. A fireplace is a way to go if you want to add a real touch of class to your abode.

13. Paint the ceiling.
Paint the ceiling of your living room a different color than the rest of the walls. You can do this for a fraction of the price of replacing the entire ceiling. You can also add a mural to the ceiling. The latter option is perfect if you’re trying to achieve the impression of a cave-like space.

14. Clean up ($0).
Nothing beats fresh air and a clean environment. Make sure that your living room looks inviting and clutter-free. After all, you wouldn’t want anyone to stay for long in a place with piles of dirty clothes strewn everywhere. Make cleaning your living room a priority.

15. Don’t forget the floor ($0).
Make sure that your floor is well maintained. Vacuum regularly to remove dust particles that may cause allergic reactions. Also, sweep the floor once in a while to keep it tidy.

16. Add some plants (>$100).
Plants are an excellent way of giving your living room a natural vibe. You can choose from various foliage types, including cacti, ferns, succulents, and more. The beauty of them is that they don’t need a lot of care. Just water them occasionally, and they’ll thrive.

17. Add some artwork.
Artwork adds aesthetic appeal to your living room. However, you can’t expect to find one for sale at a reasonable price. Instead, it would be best if you considered buying art online. There are loads of websites that offer inexpensive paintings, sketches, and more. One of them is Redbubble. You can browse here to get cheap but customizable art for your wall.

5. How many rooms does one need to renovate before it’s worth hiring professionals?

It’s essential to remember that every home is different, and thus, every home requires a unique approach. But generally speaking, you should consider hiring a professional for three types of projects:

  • Remodeling a bathroom
  • Renovating the kitchen (unless you’re lucky enough to already have a great chef who can cook up delicious meals)
  • Replacing windows and doors
    With these basic guidelines on your hand, you shouldn’t have any trouble deciding whether or not to go it alone. If you’re ready to tackle a project yourself, however, here are a few helpful hints:
  • Don’t underestimate the power of paint. Painting your home’s exterior or interior can create instant curb appeal. Not only will it improve the overall appearance of your home, but it will also make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there.
  • Hiring a contractor is often cheaper than hiring an interior designer. However, you will still pay significantly more than you would if you tried tackling the project yourself.
  • Look for deals online. Many companies offer free quotes, but you’ll usually have to pay for shipping if you want your materials delivered.
  • Remember that no matter how cheap your materials are, you’ll still need to hire someone to install them.

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10 High-End Living Room Transformations Poster

Living in a comfortable and luxurious house is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, not all people can afford one due to the steep cost. As a result, they have to put up with the tedious look all the time. A chic living room does not always require pricey furniture and décor.

Check out these 10 high-end living room transformations without the steep cost video for your inspiration.


10. Play with Colors and Textures

The best way to carve out a high-end living room is by investing in luxurious furniture. However, it could cost you an arm and a leg. If you are on a budget, you can try to be creative with colors and textures.

When designing a living room, you may be confused about the materials you will use. You can mix them up if you do not make up your mind yet. Incorporating various materials, such as wood, metals, glass, and woven fabric into the living room can enrich the look in a jiffy.

This living room, for example, comprises leather chairs and a navy-blue cotton velvet couch that infuse luxury into the space. It also features mint wall paneling that enhances the high-end look. Besides, the subdued color makes a perfect base for the vivid couch and chairs.

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9. Install Layered Lighting

Besides introducing various textures, layering lighting also plays an essential role in creating a high-end look.

Many people think installing one or two lights on the ceiling is enough. They believe those lamps can do various tasks at once. If you are one of them, you have barked up the wrong tree.
You can find some types of lights that meet a particular need. Therefore, layering light is essential.

In a room where people gather and relax for an extended period of time, installing lamps that bounce off the ceiling and create an ambient illumination is your safe bet. This option is much better than recessed downlights that tend to create shadows and downward direction.

Then, you can purchase task lighting, like table lamps, and place them near a reading chair or game table to help you see things better. If you have an accent wall or artwork that you want to brag about, installing accent lighting should be on your list. This type of lighting focuses on architectural elements and highlights them well. Source Image

8. Let the Curtains Hit the Floor

Although blinds and shutters can make an excellent window treatment, nothing can beat the luxury of curtains. Curtains come in various designs, and you can find them easily in stores. You can make the curtain yourself to earn elegance on the cheap.

Before making or purchasing curtains, measure the dimensions of your windows. Even if your windows do not expand from the floor up to the ceiling, hanging long curtains is always a good idea.
A short curtain looks cheap, while the ceiling-to-floor counterpart may lend a luxurious look. Besides, this extensive curtain can help you trick the eyes and make a small living room appear more spacious.

7. Embrace Luxury with Faux Marble Accent Wall

Marble and granite can create an upscale look in no time, hence the exorbitant price. If you want to have a high-end living room, take marble walls or floor into consideration. You might think you cannot afford it, which is not entirely true.

You are not buying the real marble, though. You will invest in marble wallpaper, which is more affordable and easy to install, yet has a splendid look.

6. Add Wall Trim in Simple Steps

When you look at your bland wall, you notice something missing. You may want to create an accent wall to jazz up your living room, which is perfectly fine. But make sure it is not tacky whatsoever.
Have you ever considered adding trim to your wall to carve out elegance? If you are unsure about it, try this DIY wall trim.

First, install the baseboards. Next, set the anchor point using ½” x ¾” pine. You will use it like a chair rail separating the wall’s top and bottom areas. Make sure it is higher than your furniture to be visible.

Once you have divided the top and bottom, you can begin to apply the design you want, like these three rectangles. When the design is ready, you can paint and caulk the trim. Make sure you use the same hue as the wall to create a subtle look.

5. Lay an Area Rug

Do you ever realize that the area rug has saved your day countless times? It conceals the sin that you cannot remove from the floor. It also comforts your bare feet when relaxing with your family in the living room.

If you implement an open floor plan, an area rug can also help you define the living room, although you do not have any room divider. Furthermore, a large rug can make the space look luxurious.
So, why should you forgo an oversized rug?

4. Try Monochromatic Living Room

A high-end look is not always about tossing various colors to infuse good vibes. Did you know that you can even find luxury in simplicity?
This living room, for example, is not spacious. However, it shows off its high-end look using a monochromatic theme.

To avoid the dullness of black and white, you can play with textiles and textures. Add more interest to the plain wall with trim painted the same color as the wall. Laying a faux-fur rug can also enhance elegance. Then, finish it off with monochromatic artwork and a leather cushion.

3. Create a Mirror Wall

Incorporating mirrors into your living room is an instant way to create a high-end look. A mirror can help you reflect the light, making any small space seem larger. When a tiny room appears more spacious, you can earn luxurious vibes easily.
You can create a mirror wall to expand your living room visually. However, hanging a decorative mirror will do in a pinch if it is too arduous.

2. Reface the Existing Furniture

You do not need to buy new furniture to make your living room look lavish. You can use the existing armchair or couch and tweak it by reupholstering it.
Reupholstering furniture gives you a chance to get a brand new look without costing you a fortune. Consider using velvet fabric when reupholstering your couch to instantly carve out an upscale look.

Lastly, Number 1. Declutter Your Living Room

You might be surprised when you know that you can earn the high-end look for free. Yes! You only need to declutter your living room.
What is the point of having a new couch, beautiful curtains, and comfortable area rug if clutter has taken over the living room?

That is why you need to spare time to check every storage and corner in your living room and return the items that do not belong there to their original place. Then, toss anything that you no longer use. Finally, clean the entire living room thoroughly. You need not break your bank to acquire a luxurious, relaxing space. These 10 high-end living room transformations without the steep cost will help you with it. Now, you can impress any visitor and brag about your living room on Instagram.



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