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10 Half Partition Wall Bedroom Ideas Or Dividers

Bedroom organizations come in various shapes and sizes. One of the most common is the partition wall that divides your bedroom, as it does not take up any floor or ceiling space. The walls divide a room into separate spaces for sleeping, relaxation, or other activities. There are many ways to construct a partition wall to make it match your style, including half-walls

Key points:

  • Building a new bedroom partition does not have to be a pain. In fact, it can be a fun and easy project to complete and only requires a few tools and skills.
  • You can use a half wall to divide rooms practically any way you want. Half walls are built from the floor up, ceiling down, or the first floor up.
  • The two most popular materials to build partitions are brick and wood. Brick is a durable, fire-resistant material and does not need much maintenance other than a regular hose down for cleaning purposes.
  • An ideal material to build a new half wall bedroom divider is brick, which is usually easy to work with and is a good investment for your home.
  • A brick partition wall can be painted or stained to change its color or design. If desired, you can also add decorative designs, such as columns and raised panels.
  • A half-wall divides a room into separate spaces for sleeping and enjoyment. You can build a half-wall from the floor up or the ceiling down. It lets you divide the room into different spaces while keeping it open and less cluttered.
  • Make sure to prepare the room before building a half wall bedroom divider by cleaning it thoroughly and removing all unnecessary furniture to give yourself space to build it comfortably.

The bedroom is supposed to be a private place for you.
Unfortunately, the limited space does not allow you to have a decent room to sleep comfortably. If that is your problem, consider investing in a partition.

These 10 half partition or divider wall bedroom ideas will define your sleeping space without making it feel boxed-in. If you love open space but still want a little privacy, the following ideas will be ideal choices you can select or at least consider. As always, Simphome presents you with the following list:

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List Entries:

10. Use Bookcase as Partition

A bookcase with the right height can make an excellent half-wall partition. It clearly can’t cover the whole room, but this is just what everybody wants.

Basically, other people can still see almost the whole bedroom. However, it will help you obscure your messy bed nicely without compromising the open space.
You can still add something on top of the bookcase as it has a wide counter if you want to cover more. But be careful not to bump it as it may fall.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: First, you need to find the right height of the bookcase. Measure the length of your mattress and make sure you place it on top of the bookshelf. There should be at least three inches in between.
  • Step 2: You need to buy plywood to build a base for the bookcase. Put it on top of a baseboard and secure it with screws into the wood pod.
  • Step 3: For this project, you will need some 3/4 inch plywood squares and two by 4s, smaller than 2 inches in length but larger than 1-inch measurement.
  • Step 4: Fix the smaller two by 4s onto the plywood squares with 14 gauge finish nails. Make sure none protrude out of the wood squares, and make it neat with a belt sander.
  • Step 5: Lay these plywood squares on top of one another and center them on the baseboard. Put some finishing nails or screws to attach them and make sure they are not too tight so that they can still move.
  • Step 6: You will need to put in some more finishing nails or screws to attach the smaller two by 4s on top of these plywood bottoms to edge it off your bedroom floor.
  • Step 7: Once it is all ready, you need to add some finishing or varnish.
  • Step 8: Now, you can hang the curtains in your room or just leave the bookcase in front of the window to make this look more minimalist.

9. Build a Partition Next to the Bed

The previous partition covers the back of the bed, making it a lovely headboard. However, this half partition takes place on the right side of the bed, which conceals the bed nicely.
The length of the partition is just as long as the bed, and your feet might be visible from the next room when you’re sleeping.

You can start by screwing or nailing two pieces of wood to the floor and wall. That’s where the panel gets held on. Assemble the leg and the top part. Apply wooden sheets on the two sides and paint them.
If you would like to put some small pots on top of it, it would require a wider part or shelf on it.

8. Nothing to Hide

A half partition idea indicates that you don’t need to hide something from other family members, as you’re not going to do any suspicious thing on the bed. It would be hard to hide something while others or your spouse can watch what you’re up to.

But this notion makes everything feel spacious and airy. Although It does not provide additional storage, this half-wall partition will jazz up your room in no time with its sleek design that denotes the modern style.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: To make the half partition, you need to cut the wood into a size that perfectly fits the end of your bed.
  • Step 2: The half partition should be placed right over your bed.
  • Step 3: Add molding to add some texture and fill in gaps on both sides of the half partition.
  • Step 4: Add a floating shelf directly over your bed. Add anything to it, such as a bucket and trash bin.
    To avoid scattering things all over, you can use a hanging or sliding door track to organize things.
  • Step 5: Add a window curtain to increase ventilation.

7. Make Use of Closet

How about a closet as a half partition? It sounds good, doesn’t it? You have storage for your clothes and a wall to give you some privacy, which is a clever way to save money.

This closet separates the bedroom from the bathroom, making these rooms more accessible.
More importantly, it will not make you feel boxed in when you take a bath or do your stuff. Besides, you can still get plenty of natural light from a skylight above the bathroom.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Measure the distance between the closet and the wall by measuring from door to floor.
  • Step 2: Cut two wood boards and fasten them on both sides of the closet.
  • Step 3: Insert a supporting board to tie the panels together.
  • Step 4: Attach the top board on both sides of the closet. The gap between the panels will be your half partition.
  • Step 5: Add a doorknob to your door to open and close it quickly.

6. Hide Your Closet behind the partition

This partition may be a little higher than standard half-wall dividers, but it still works well for the idea. In fact, you have an excellent chance to put some accessories on it or a clock. The wall is nicely attached to the levitating wooden bed that looks stunning.

There is an open closet with enough space to move in between. The wall also provides additional support for the bed, making the partition and bed look united.

The half-wall offers a screen that conceals the walk-in closet and provides a built-in shelf to store your favorite books. Besides, it can help you hold your sconces.

Basic instructions:

  1. Measure the length of the wall and add 1.5 inches to the total measurement.
  2. Cut the wood boards to size and screw them together with 2-inch screws at 3-inch intervals
  3. Attach one of the sides to the wall with screws and nails; set it about 4 inches from the floor
  4. Attach another side piece to the wall, between two boards, so that one inch remains from each board on either side
  5. Nail a top piece in place, set it a bit higher than your other pieces so that you can install a molding later
  6. On the side piece, fasten two brackets and attach them to the top board with one-inch screws
  7. Attach the last piece between the two boards, and nail it in place
  8. To finish off the inside of your closet, you can add a 1-inch shelf on each side and a top anchor on each end to hold it aloft
  9. Add a clock to your closet, or hang up some of your clothes on hooks attached to the top board.
  10. Install a curtain rod above your closet so that you can still pull down the shade when you need privacy

5. Minimalist Look with Half Divider

When the bed is low or lies on the floor with no legs, the partition doesn’t have to be tall enough. But it should at least cover the width of the bed if the space allows. Having a half wall makes the bedroom appear minimalist and straightforward.

This platform bed features a sleek headboard that acts as a perfect partition that separates the bed from the adjacent room. Its extended sideboard offers more space to set down a table lamp and other things.

The divider has the same tone as the surroundings as well.
If you want to make it stand out, you can change it with a wooden panel on its natural tone or deep color to create a contrast in the room.

4. A Wooden Divider Idea that You Can See Through

A bathtub next to the bedroom could be a problem if no wall separates them. The reason is quite simple, and you know what it is. Yes! It’s the water that splashes.

This wooden divider provides a nice screen to blur the bathtub without covering it altogether. The good thing about it is that you can make it yourself with simple tools.

If you think threading metal pipes through each board is complicated, you can opt for wooden pallets. They may look a bit different. However, they have the same function and improve the rustic style of your bathroom.
You can also use this partition to hang your towel and other stuff you need in the bathtub.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Make room’s measurement and then cut the wood wall.
  • Step 2: Cut the pallet wood into a size that fits your partition.
  • Step 3: After that, drill the board for your frame.
  • Step 4: Drill holes through each board and the floor. Attach it by putting a bolt through each hole on both sides.
  • Step 5: Attach the frame to one side of the bed. It has to give you enough space for circulation.
  • Step 6: Attach the frame to the other side of the bed. It has to be about 4 inches from the wall.
  • Step 7: Add a partition screen, and you are done!
  • Step 8: You should attach an eye hook at one end of your partition and hang towels on it or anything else you need in the bathtub

Here is a tip: you can use a bunch of wooden pallets to create this wall instead of making them from scratch if you have no time and money to have them built by professional carpenters.

3. A half room Divider Idea with Storage

This cubby provides ample storage to store your stuff or display your knick-knacks. Although it does not cover your bed completely, it can
still make an excellent room divider.
If you want to get more privacy, you can invest in some wicker baskets or any container you love and put them on the shelves. They will help you hide your bed better and decorate the space nicely.

Step by step instructions:

  • Step 1: Get some measurements and draw your rectangle to match the room height.
  • Step 2: Slide the back of the headboard slot and place it at the center of one of the long sides.
  • Step 3: Frame with some 2″x3″ or 1″x2″ framing lumber or use some leftover studs from your previous projects.
  • Step 4: Paint or stain to finish it up. You can also add some plinth blocks on both sides of each half, as this would help give more stability to the structure. If you doubt how to build this, you can now visit my post on building a cubby under the window seat. It might help save much of your precious time and energy.

2. A Fancy Wall Divider

Matching one thing to another is a way to decorate a bedroom so that it can go along with the theme or style you’re trying to achieve. The bathroom and the bedroom have already portrayed a classy design with their furniture and equipment presented here.

This room divider, which acts as a headboard, features an elegant design with leather upholstery.
The glass in the middle is a clever design that allows you to check whether someone is using the adjacent room. Moreover, it makes the partition look pretty as well.

Lastly, number 1. Add Small-potted Plants

A living room and a bedroom can coexist, and this half wall helps create a clear line between them. It also provides small storage, making it more than just a divider.
Putting potted plants is a brilliant idea. Just be sure they won’t fall right on your face when lying in bed.

To replicate the project, you need to gather some wooden planks and a hammer drill.

  • Step 1: Lay the planks parallel to each other. Then measure and mark over the planks with a pencil where you will make the holes for your screws.
  • Step 2: Now drill holes to make sure your screws fit through and into the wood.
  • Step 3: If you are using a drill guide, place it over one of the planks and insert your screw in that hole. The guide should hold it in place while you drill into the second plank with your screwdriver.
  • Step 4: Continue doing this until you have four panels. You can have a gap between each plank to make it look more decorative.
  • Step 5: Sand the wood down and paint the panels.

And for the small plants themselves, you can consider using pothos or money plants since they’re quite easy to grow and are very hard to kill.

Other small plants you can also consider, such as lavender, columbine, and mint, especially if you plan on using the Living room or bedroom to make a spa-like effect. It is also possible to place a few small potted plants at eye level like in this picture.

Although this project cost more than just painting the walls, it has made a big impact on my room, one of my favorite retreats in our home. If you do not like this idea, you can always go for another one of those above. Remember that it is your space, so do what you feel comfortable with and what makes your room look inviting and cozy.


A half wall is a handy DIY project to create privacy in your home, not just in bedrooms. They are great for dividing an open-plan living area or putting between two rooms with different functions (consider adding a door somewhere to turn a dining room/family room into a split-level lounge/dining room). They’re also great for creating more space if you’ve got limited floor space – just remove one of the panels and slide it against a wall.

So, in the end, we hope these 10 bedroom partition ideas half walls are worth trying, and you won’t regret it as it is an excellent way to define your sleeping space while embellishing your room.


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