Gothic Home Décor to Dramatically Chance Your House Appearance

Gothic home décor is all about drama and elegant feeling, which is why a lot of people try to use this style in their house. The interior is very lavish and grand since it is filled with high detailed decoration. Surely this dramatic style is not for everyone but if you want to achieve this style inside your house, then you could actually do it. There are a lot of decorations that you could use to achieve this style. All you need to do is to create elegant appearance of this gothic house inside your own house, and here are some elements that you can use.

Gothic Home Décor for Your Elegant and Dramatic House

1. Colors

When you hear the word gothic you will automatically think of dark and black color. While that might be true, but the dark color should also be used in moderate if you do not want to make your house look like a haunted house. But actually there are several other ‘colors’ that you could use in gothic home décor such as burgundy, emerald green, dark shade ocean blue, and the ruby red. For the earth tone, you can found it on the wood panels, or any stone and brick you use on the house structure. For elegant appearance surely jewel tone would be the best colors to use.

2. Wallpaper

To get the dramatic feeling that you want for your room, first thing that you could do is to use wallpaper in your house. You can use various pattern on each room inside your house and each will still give you the elegant feeling of this gothic home décor. For more traditional pattern, you can use the brocade or damask pattern which will instantly change your room to a dramatic feeling. But if you want to have more modern feeling, then you can use any pattern such as skull or even Maleficient pattern but still in the gothic color scheme we mention above.

3. Tapestries

Tapestries are something that you should have inside your house as one of the best gothic home décor. Of course it might be hard for you to get the authentic gothic tapestries, but you could use any tapestries that you could found in your local antique store. Hung them on your living room wall above the table, or you can even hung it on your hall to decorate it. But if you want modern touch still in tapestries style, then you can try to find pillows or bedding in tapestries style image for your living room and bedroom.

4. Furniture

Gothic style can be easily achieved by using the right furniture. Of course you might not be able to use the real gothic furniture, but you can try to find replica or at least some furniture with the same style. Gothic furniture is large and has a lot of crafting on the side if it is made from wood. But you can also found more modern furniture which inspired by gothic style for example living room set, baby furniture set, and even modern bedroom set with gothic style. You can pair them with the other gothic home décor to achieve your dreamed gothic house.

5. Stone sculpture

Another thing that you could pay attention from gothic architecture is how they use a lot of store sculpture and also boss architecture style. Of course applying the real architecture style on your already build house will be difficult things to do. But you can still use a lot of stone sculpture all around the house. Not only for your interior decoration, but you could also use it for your exterior gothic home décor. Try to use big size sculpture that you like to decorate your garden or pool side area. Inside you can also put small abstract statue on the shelf for decoration. Another idea is to use sculptured candle holder or even stone sculptured wall decoration.

Tips When Using Gothic Style in Your House

Most of the time people will think of using black color when they use gothic style in their house, but actually you should not use too much black color since it will make your house look more like a haunted house than a gothic house. That aside using black color also need to be done but only in main part of your decoration, while for other you can use jewel color to make your house more alive.
Try to achieve elegant feeling as that is the one that you should achieve with this gothic home décor. Combine luxurious fabric such as velvet and silk to create draperies which used a lot of this type of house. Hung big curtains on the windows and even on the doors or as room divider to achieve authentic feeling of gothic style house.