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10 Clever Shoe Rack Ideas

It is always great to have a handmade functional and chic shoe rack where you can store your footwear there. However, the construction of the rack usually needs extra effort from your side, especially with all of the woodworks that you have to accomplish. Lucky you, there are some genius shoe rack ideas worth copying in low cost that almost all of the homeowners can construct it by their own. The shoe rack ideas will allow you to have a personalized and functional space to store footwears in a stylish design.

#1. Personalized Shoe Rack
What is more interesting than having a stylish shoe rack placed in your entryway that can reflect your style and personal taste? Yep, rather than leaving your footwears scattered around in the room, applying personalized shoe rack will be a great idea to try. With this kind of rack, it will be possible for you to have not only functional but also high aesthetic space that can be a focal point in the entryway. In the given picture, you will see that this custom shoe rack comes with a display rack placed on top. To have such a wonderful footwear rack of your own by creating some slots with different lengths and shapes to store the shoes. Meanwhile, the display rack on top can be used as a place where you can show off your collections and decorative items to your guests.

#2. DIY Shoe Rack
This is one of the genius shoe rack ideas worth copying that you can construct by yourself. Rather than spending a lot of money to buy the similar rack at the store, creating this item on your own will help you to save money. This is pretty simple to create the item and all you need to do is determining how many shoes you would place on the rack and how you are going to arrange them. To make it looks more attractive, you can manage to color the rack with bold paints. This particularly will be perfect the most if your house is designed with a colorful theme. However, white is the color you will need if you want the rack looks natural and elegant.

#3. Hexagon Shoe Rack
There are different options for shoe rack you can select out there and the one shown in the given example comes with hexagon shape. The unique shape of the rack will make it the center of attention in your entryway. This is such a double benefit in which you can store your footwears safely as well as having unique shoe rack to beautify your mudroom. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully since the unusual shape of the rack is a bit challenging. However, once the construction is finished, the hexagon shoe rack will “wow” all the people come to your house.

#4. Wall Mounted Shoe Racks
Do you have some secondhand or unused crates at home? Rather than leaving them useless, it will be better if you reconstruct them into shoe racks. This is a wonderful solution to repurpose the unused items and make them more functional. Paint the crates with your favorite colors and reconstruct them with whatever patterns you like. Pick up the ones that can blend with your house interior design to create an harmonious look. Install the racks on the wall to give you more space in the entryway. In this way, you will be able to free your floors and put other items on them.

#5. Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer
This wall mounted shoe organizer can be installed horizontally. This type of rack will be ideal the most for you with small numbers of shoes. In addition, this shoe rack will only consume a small part of your entry room so that you will have more spaces for other stuff. The unique and out of the box design of the shoe rack is really catchy and will make your mudroom looks more fabulous. Indeed, it is one of the most stylish and genius shoe rack ideas worth copying to opt.

#6. Ladder Shoe Rack
Who says that on the old ladder should be thrown away since there is nothing you can do about it anymore? Well, just think creative and you will find a way to repurpose the old stuff. By using the old ladder, you can create a more functional and stylish shoe rack. Besides, the shape and the design of the ladder will make it a unique rack that can bring your room to a higher artistic level. Just put some sturdy wooden planks on the ladder to store shoes and then see the amazing transformation you have made!

#7. The Turn-Around Shoe Rack Shelves
There are a lot of reasons to love these genius shoe rack ideas worth copying. First, the genius ideas for shoe rack come with professional turn-around design. This makes it hard for anyone to differentiate this kind of rack with the one found at a store. Meanwhile, the second reason is that the design comes with open shelf style so that you can easily show off your shoe collection. In addition, it will provide you with easy access to the rack. Moreover, the layered shelves design of the rack will make it possible for you to apply various attractive arrangements for storing the shoes.

#8. PVC Pipes Rack
Creating a shoe rack made of PVC pipes? Why not? It is such a great idea to create a shoe rack that is not only functional but also comes in anti-mainstream design. To build this unique rack, all you need to prepare is just some PVC pipes. Measure the pipes with the proper length just as shown in the given picture. After that, you can cut the pipes into several pieces. Arrange the pipes and then attach them to the wall. To get a natural effect of the room, you can leave the pipes just like their original color. But, if you want to make them look more attractive, paint them with bold colors is the best choice you should take.

#9. Hanging Shoe Hanger
Hanging shoe hanger is another genius idea for shoe rack in the list. This will work best especially if you have enough free space on your wall. Despite leaving them empty, you can create a shoe storage there. Just put a wire or solid rope and then combine the material with old cloth hangers to be transformed as shoe hangers. This kind of shoe rack is absolutely unusual and it only consumes little space. Moreover, you can use the rack as a wall decorative item which is not only eye-catching but also affordable in price.

#10. Slanted Magical Shoe Rack
You might notice something unusual about this rack. It comes with relatively slim size but when you look inside, you will find out that it can be used to store a relatively great number of shoes. This makes the rack becomes one of the genius shoe rack ideas worth copying you should try. However, it is quite challenging to construct the shoe rack and you are recommended to ask for professional help if you want to have one in your house.

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