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🔓How to Unlock is a short URL or link-tracking private service.
If you click this blog post, for example, you will find the “resource section.”
You’ll find a list of resources I use to curate the particular countdown.
With the private short URL program, I count how many people are interested in a particular idea (in the countdown) and how not to make it appears twice so that every blog post published in Simphome is unique and never repeated.


Press the “Click If You’re Human” Button Above To Proceed with Your Redirection

1. After two seconds, PRESS the “CLICK IF YOU’RE HUMAN” Button. Or, if you already see it by now, press it.

2. You’ll see the “PLEASE WAIT” Button, and a few seconds later, you’ll find the “SOURCE LINK” Button. Press it, and you’ll arrive at your destination.

3. One thing we cannot guarantee is the existence or the security of the website you will visit. (Domains ownership changes hands over time, and sadly, some legit sites with good intentions turn to carry viruses once the ownership is transferred to a new domain owner)


1. BOT Filters and Security Concerns.

2. SEO Concern (In case the source link is broken or the domain itself expired, or the web owner is deceased and his/her web project is a secret that he/she never shared with anyone)

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After you click the SOURCE LINK button below, you’ll leave our site. We said last time that we have no control over the content of the website you are about to visit or resources published and don’t make any representations about them. You’re responsible for any use of and decisions you make about that website or resources inside it.

  • We cannot guarantee the existence of the link you will visit
  • We cannot guarantee the security of the link you will visit
  • We cannot guarantee the ownership of the website remains the same as when we found it in the first place

With this, We consider you understand our reason why you see this gated page.