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10 Garden in Front of The House Ideas

A garden in front of a house gives colors and relaxing feeling to a house as well as to its owner. It makes the house feel cooler with greenery, and beautiful with flower that can give different ambiance, depending on your choice.
Therefore, many people try to get a garden in the front yard of his house even with a limited land. However, with the right arrangement and design, no matter how large or narrow the land is, you can still build a beautiful garden in the yard.
Are you looking for an idea to freshen up your front garden? Or you just want to start a new front house garden? No matter what you are looking for, I hope you’ll find the inspiration from next 10 Gardens in front of the house ideas. So, keep on reading to find the design that suit your need and enjoy

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10. A Shabby-Chic Wheelbarrow Planter | Homebnc | Madaboutberries Shabby Chic Wheelbarrow PlanterWhen it comes to creating a jaw-dropping garden, these overflowing flowers from wheelbarrow planter may do the job. Moreover, the ancient wooden wheelbarrow like this will add shabby chic touch to the garden.
Wheelbarrow offers quite large space for plants, so you can grow several kinds of flowers at once and it will look amazing. You can opt for berries and different flowers such as petunias, fuschias, and tagetes.
However, to add dramatic overflowing view, plant trailing type plants near the edges. After planting the flowers, you need to water them quite a lot and keep the wheelbarrow under the shade for few days. Just few things, Be sure water them regularly during summer and add fertilizer if the plants don’t grow as expected. Happy planting!

9. Grow Ornamental Herbs | BHG | Installitdirect Grow Ornamental Herbs 2Instead of maintaining lawn, it is better to consider planting ornamental herbs as they can create beautiful front yard landscape with less maintenance, as well as giving benefits. Almost any herbs can be grown in the front yard. Nevertheless, you can focus on the ones that you will need. Grow Ornamental Herbs 1Some ornamental herbs you can try to grow are:


With white, daisy-like flowers, this herb is good for ornamental purpose. It is known best to treat headache, fever, and migraine.


This herb is famous for its relaxing fragrance and beautiful flower. Although it is most often used for ornamental purpose, the flower can be dried for tea and coking purpose.


This is the kind of culinary herb that you can use to add more flavor to meat, bread and vegetable. However its blue blooms will offer beautiful view if planted in your garden.

8. Cottage Garden Style Project idea | BHG | BHG Cottage Garden StyleIf you would love to be welcomed by flower garden when opening the fence, you should consider having a cottage garden. It deals with most of house styles.
With the cottage garden, you can blend textures, colors, and forms without worrying about size, height or being immaculate. It is such a great idea for an inexperienced gardener. However, cottage garden style mainly shows the romantic ambiance. Thus, flowers like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are preferred in this style. Besides those, some flowers you might want to have for the cottage yard are iris, columbine, bellflower, daisy that can grow up to 3ft. For higher flowers you can opt for peony, foxglove, hollyhock, and delphinium that can grow 4 to 8ft.
Combine with simple white painted fences for the best look.

7. Define it Wisely | BHG Define Wisely

Keep the lawn separated from the garden by creating a border. A simple river rocks edging is enough to edge them both, making both lawn and garden look great together. With various warm colors, the garden bed provides autumn vibrant that enlivens the landscape.

6. Spruce Up the Walkway | BHG | Veranda Spruce Up the Walkway 2Whether leading from garden to the front door or vice versa, the front path provides a walkway to encourage the guests using the pathway instead of walking on the grass. Edging path way may be an optional for some people, but that simple addition will gives a lot of appeal.
In this picture, variegated hosta is paired with boxwood edge along the walkway that gives soft, gentle look. If you are more into flowers for edging, you may go for alyssum. It grows up to 12 inches height and is a good groundcover when planted in groups. There are several kinds of them with different colors. Another option you can try is moss phlox. It has beautiful blooms, low maintenance, and is suitable for rocky or sandy soil. moss phlox phlox subulata
Moss Phlox alyssum

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5. Be Creative with Trees and Shrubs | BHG Be Creative with Trees and ShrubsThe trees and shrubs do not always need to be separated. Instead try to be creative by surrounding the tree with shrubs as displayed in this picture. It looks as if the tree grew from the shrubs that make it unique.
Although the garden contains several different colors, everything are planted and cut symmetrically that makes the garden looks neat and balance. This is such a perfect garden for a perfectionist.

4. Monochrome Garden Project idea | Homebnc | Gardeningknowhow Monochrome GardenThe rule ‘monochromatic colors will make space appear larger’ works not only for house interior but also the exterior, even the garden. The cool colors like white, violet, and blue have a calming and serene effect. Moreover, planted at the space with partial shade like this will make the garden more open.
In this garden, hostas and hydrangeas are combined to create pleasing spring and summer options. Although it sounds boring to some people, monochromatic garden still pleasant to look at.

3. Display Your Petunias | Homebnc | Gardeningknowhow Display Your PetuniasDue to its tiny size, petunias are often overlooked and covered by the other taller plants around it. Thus, petunias do not always have to be planted on the ground. they don’t mind dry soil, so it is perfect for a hanging basket.
Nevertheless, it is important to water them regularly when the top couple of inches of soils feel dry to touch. Be sure the basket used has drainage hole in order the soil not to be continually wet. If the flower looks wilted, cut it to prevent the whole plant stop blooming.
In this garden, various petunias are placed in hanging baskets based on the colors, creating a stunning look to the garden and the house.

2. Tap into the Entrance | BHG | Balconygardenweb Tap into the Entrance 2Besides the garden, the entrance also plays an important role in making front yard inviting, so consider adding some climbing plants on the split-rail fence. Tap into the Entrance 1There are many kinds of climbing plants you can choose, from ornamental plants such as bignonia, rose, and jasmine to edible plants like grapes.

Lastly number 1. Plant and Repeat | BHG Plant and Repeat 2Planting too many varieties of flowers and other plants has the tendency of making the front garden look busy and too much. The opposites, repeating pockets of colors will make the garden appear prettier and well-ordered.
Here, the repetition tricks are done to the beautiful blue and a riot of other early-blooming plants. Tap into the Entrance 1

So, those are 10 Gardens in front of the House Ideas that might inspire you. Have you decided which idea you are going to execute?

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