10+ Ways How to Makeover A Room’s Furniture


In this post you are going to learn some of the cleverest furniture makeover ideas you can use for your own benefit. This post is constantly updated for at least a month since this post publish. Bookmark this post if you want to catch new update I planned and thanks for reading this post.
Table of content:

4. How to build a Convertible Shelf to Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a luxury most on a budget cannot afford, but a long bookshelf with no backing is begging for a transformation to be placed where you cook.
Using simple color schemes like all black or white, screw in leg mounting plates on the bottom, and twist in wooden supports to rest on the floor.

Then paint a piece of wood to match the tone of the shelf and drill it onto the surface.
Coating it with sealant will give the shine of traditional kitchen islands.
With no backing on either side of the shelf, the island itself can now be used to place pots and pans for storage.