Life hack has made our lives easier in several ways, but many different things may also be hack into and make life much simpler, reduce waste and make life more enjoyable. Listed below are 30+ simple DIY furniture hacks which will cause you to need to hit the thrift shop! You won’t ever look at a classic piece of furniture exactly the same. These are so unique and smart.

The list is split to 3 sections and you’ll find 1 videos related to this list (Number 29), and if you have a destiny to see point 30th, you’ll find another list related to this topic. Hope you’ll like it and find it useful.

2. Part 2

11. Using Stick Flooring And Peel For Faux Multi-Drawer Cabinet
Easy DIY Faux Multi Drawer Cabinet Hack 11 Simphome com pDetermine the number of drawers and measure the sizes, be sure to leave about 2 mm gap between the drawers. Cut down planks as needed (be sure to use a type of guide), remove the doors and lay them flat as you cut the faux drawer.

Apply base and feet using plank of pine, cut two smaller pieces and from the pine plank and attach to each base. Cut out 1 square pine for the feet and screw to the base.

Other Point of view: Measure, trim and attach faux drawer fronts. Decide the number and sizes of drawers beforehand.

Don’t forget to take into account the width of your peel and stick planks. Obviously, you want as little wastage as possible and can save yourself some trimming. While finishing, cut down a square length of pine to create four simple little feet and screwed them to the new base. Paint the furniture, attach hardware, and fill label holders

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12. Making a Bed Frame From Box Spring
How to Make a Bed Frame From Box Spring 12 Simphome com pMeasure fabric to ensure it is the same size as box spring, cut fabric into two and be sure it covers the box spring. Sow the two fabrics together and fit over box spring. Flip the box spring on its side and staple fabric down. Screw brackets and attach bed legs to it, then trim excess fabric on the box spring.


Cut the yards of fabric into two pieces so that it would cover the box spring and sew the pieces together. After fitting the piece of fabric over the box spring, flip it on its side and start stapling the fabric down.

Screw the brackets down first, and then fix the legs on to them. Once the legs are attached, trim any excess fabric on the bottom of the box spring. For a finishing touch, add an adhesive felt pads to the bottom of the legs.

13. Antique Piano Stool
Charming Antique Piano Stool Haul 13 Simphome com pPaint stool with rich brown color, wipe on the stool with rag to apply stain be sure to give bread board the same color and finish off with linseed oil. Add few bods of clear silicon to the board of the stool to hold firmly.

in other words: Stain a stool with rich brown color. It should be consistent to stain the bread board with the same color and finish with linseed oil for some shine. To attach the board to the stool, use a few drops of clear silicone. This holds it firmly in place while allowing for easy removal

14. Cage Light Sconces
DIY Cage Light Sconces 14 Simphome com pDrill a third holes in your bracket along with the two pre-drilled holes. Cut off the off switch or plug end of the pendant light. Insert the cord through the bracket from the outermost hole to the bottom.

Allow an electrician install a new plug right at the end of the light then plug and enjoy after wiring.

Let me using other words:

First, Drill three holes in your bracket. There are two pre-drilled holes at the top of the bracket so just widen them.

Cut off the plug end and the switch portion of the pendant light with wire snips so that you can thread the cord through the bracket starting at the outermost hole and going up over the top of the bracket and down through the bottom hole.

Get a professional to install a new plug at the end of your light fixture. After wiring, simply plug in, and enjoy the difference your new sconce makes to its surroundings.

15. Floating Sideboard
DIY Floating Sideboard 15 Simphome com pMount 3 36″ by 24″ cabinets with kitchen mounting rails. Level the rail to ensure cupboard levels too, then attach cupboard to each other from inside.

Or, Use IKEA kitchen mounting rails for mounting 36″ x 24″ IKEA cabinets. Level the rail and the cupboards automatically become level. Fix cupboards to each other from the inside and you are done!

16. Honeycomb Armoire
Beautiful DIY Honeycomb Armoire 16 Simphome com p
Take off the doors of your melamine wardrobe pull off drawers and be sure to remove every hardware. Create new top and base by cutting two identical panel form ply sheet. Sand and spray black, sunk visible screws and fill holes of the wardrobe sides.

Sand and ensure the color paintings match. Attach new top by clamping smoothened panel in place, screw down before attaching base of wardrobe. Drill pilot hole, then screw base from inside the wardrobe.

Let me rewrite that short instruction again: You need a simple melamine wardrobe and ensure it is clean, taken off doors, with drawers pulled out, and any other hardware removed. To give the hexagons a nice frame of sorts, add a new over-hanging top and base.

Look online for wide raw ply hexagons to get the pattern right. Hand-stain them, dip your brush from color to color and coating each shape to achieve random tones. Finish by installing handles.

17. Folding Chair Makeover
Folding Chair Makeover 17 Simphome com pTurn the underside of the seat of a vintage wooden folding chair into a chalkboard, then mix chalkboard paint with black paint and un-sanded grout. Tape edges around underside of the seat using painter’s tape, then apply your chalkboard paint.

Add organizers to the chair’s bottom with hooks and tray.

18. Vintage Door Reincarnated as a Rustic Desk
Manoteca Reincarnates a Vintage Door as a Rustic Desk 18 Simphome com pThis piece of furniture measures 78” long, 31” high and 40” deep. Created by Manoteca, the furniture is perfect for multi-functional manners of works as a table or desk table. It can be filled when opened and it is designed to keep everyday materials at hand.

19. Danish Chair Redux
DANISH CHAIR REDUX 19 Simphome com pRemove each seam of you cushion covers to access the pattern piece needed. Trace pattern form the old fabric to the new, be sure to have requires pieces laid out. Pin fabrics down to piercing cushion together, pin side pieces and bottom together to get a square shape ensuring your seem only goes around the corner.

Repeat the same process for the last square you have left, sew cushion 1/3 of the way up and ensure it fits your cushion into opening. Fold bottom and top pieces together and sow lops around them.

Or let’s put it this way: Carefully take apart the original cushion covers, which means removing each seam until you have all of the pattern pieces. Once you take all of the seams out, you should have all of the pattern pieces you need.

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Trace the pattern from the old fabric onto the new fabric. Pin your bottom and side pieces all together until you have a square. Your corners need to be completely unfolded, so the seam goes around the corner, not over the top of it. Sew and once you are done, repeat the same process with the last big square you have left

20. Spice Saving Laundry Organizer
DIY LAUNDRY ORGANIZATION BAGS 20 Simphome com pDownload this design into your computer and upload to circuit design space. Choose simple image while uploading, cut only and then choose to insert. Be sure to size to fit your desired laundry bag, install wall hooks and have them hanged. Source of this idea.

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