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12 Folding Desk and Space-saving Ideas

While it’s simple, adaptable, space-saving, portable, and customizable to use a floating shelf to hold the bread toaster and coffee maker, there are still some drawbacks. The shelf you choose may also be too tiny, so be wary of this possibility. Care to know more about how to save more space in your cooking room without heavy renovation, then check out the following countdown with detailed FAQs and video.

If you are short on space, you don’t necessarily have to buy an oversized chair or table. The best action would involve getting a folding or floating desk. These space-saving ideas will help you get organized and efficient without taking up too much space.

It’s challenging to find a cheap space-saving desk that folds up. If you find one, it won’t suit heavy use. A factory-made space-saving desk can cost as much as high-quality chairs or tables. For that reason, in the following list (including a video, relevant FAQs, and a resourceful section), you will find some of the finest ideas for space-saving desks (that are both inexpensive and functional).

We recommend the folding desk organization tricks because these ideas are easy to use at home and in the office. The tricks can save a lot of space. You can even use the folding desks for your laptop, garment, and playing games.

We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2022/2023 and beyond to help you make your home and office space more functional. These 12 folding desks and space-saving ideas will get the work done quicker, and without further ado, lets’s start the video first.

12 Folding Desk and Space-saving Ideas Video:

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Relevant FAQs and Answers:

Table of Questions show

However, before that, here are some space-saving desk ideas to turn your living area into a productive workstation.

  • A Folding Office Desk Idea
    A folding office desk will be the best choice if you have limited space. They look classy and sleek and are available in many simple and contemporary designs. You can even get a whiteboard helpful for meetings or just plain doodling! Besides that, they’re easy to set up, so you won’t get bored with the tedious manual labor. They also provide an excellent option for anyone who needs to move their setup.
  • An Extra-Long Floating Desk Idea
    This type of desk is excellent if you have limited space and want to use the area for reasons other than work. It’s a perfect option to save space while still providing you with a workstation. Some are equipped with shelves that can be used as organizers. There are also better options, such as getting a revolving chair, which will increase your comfort once you set it up in your small living area.
  • A Laptop Computer Idea Stand With Shelves
    Look for a laptop stand with shelves if you don’t have much floor space but still want to be organized. They are specifically designed to manage your laptop and other office supplies easily, so you won’t have to scramble for things while working or at your computer.
  • A Computer Desk Idea With a Storage
    When your desktop has limited storage, look for a computer desk with storage. We love this very customized-looking desk with a drawer primarily because of the great storage options. This configuration includes a drawer under the desk, perfect for filing paperwork and storing other items. You can also use the space behind the desk for storage, such as hanging shelves or adding a USB port to charge other devices.

Another great option is to make use of what you have on hand! Make cubbies using boxes, making it easy to see and access everything at once.

  • A Wood Floating Desk Idea
    This type of desk is especially significant if you have limited space and want to simultaneously keep your workspace organized and beautiful. Look for wood desks that allow different shelves, drawers, or open shelves as needed. Paint them in an exciting color combination, such as gray with white or black with gold or copper shelves, for a more distinctive look.
  • A Desk Setting: Lifts & Platforms
    If you don’t have much floor space available but still want the functionality of working at a desk, choose a desk with a lift for easy access to your computer and storage areas. Depending on the size of your desk, you may have no more than a few inches of floor space to work with. For this reason, we recommend choosing a lift or platform so you can still keep all your items at eye level.

How to make a folding desk (the simplest idea)?

The answer is pretty simple. First, you have to decide the table size you want to make. Then, get a floating shelf. When you already have a floating shelf, you just need to drill some holes to mount it on your table so that it can hold the monitor and keyboard. It would be much easier to get a floating shelf with a pre-made hole on the top surface for mounting the keyboard/monitor.

Although using the floating shelf to hold the monitor and keyboard is easy, flexible, space-saving, portable, and adjustable, some disadvantages of this method are that you cannot easily adjust the height of the monitor or keyboard. Another disadvantage is the shelf you buy can be too small, so make sure you choose a sufficiently large shelf.

After determining the size of the table and shelf, you need to figure out how much space you need for your keyboard and monitor. Then, measure the width of your table and its height. You can cut a thin board to the lower edge of your table by making a circle with a tape measurer or another tool. It will be easier if you have a big circle with a mark on it; then, it would be easier to measure each corner.

What material should be used for making a folding desk?

The material you must be prepared to make a new folding desk yourself are :

  • 1-2×4 wood, which is 15ft long.
  • 3x Long wood screw, size 1 1/4 inch long.
  • Glue (for plywood, use “contact cement”)
  • Clamps (to hold the wood while gluing dry)
  • Drill and drill bits (to generate a hole)
  • Wood saw, or hand saw (for cutting wood accurately. If you use a hand saw, ensure you have a straight edge guide to keep your cut accurate).
  • Basic skill in woodworking or screw driving.

Detail instructions :

1-2×4 wood, which is 15ft long; they are used for creating the legs and supports of the folding desk.
3x Long wood screw, size 1 1/4 inch. Screws are used to connect the 2×4 pieces. You will need to buy enough screws and a supply of different-length screws because you will need to screw each leg into both sides of a 2×4 at different lengths, depending on how narrow your legs will be on the finished product.

What is the other alternative to a folding desk?

For the alternative [of a folding desk], you can select a folding table (also called a portable folding table or camping table). A folding table is a strong board with legs that have hinges on them. You fold up the table and store it until you need it again when you are done with it. Foldable tables are suitable for fast cleanup and storing away when not used.

What is the step-by-step to produce a new proper folding desk from start to finish?

To create the Folding Desk, you will need to build the four legs that support the tabletop and hold up the desk independently. Your legs can be any length you want them to be, from a few inches off the ground up to your knees.

The legs must attach to both sides of a board at some point, so to figure out what length they need to be, plug in your measurements into an equation like this: (Length of 2×4) x (Inches off the ground) = Length for Legs.

When you are done with it, let it stand for 24 hours, then unclamp each piece and clean up any excess glue or extra pieces of wood with a hammer and nail. Then you can build the tabletop last.

What are the alternative ways of building a desk, and what are the pros and cons of each?

The Folding Desk has no noticeable cons; it is easy to set up and fold. You may be more likely to develop a workplace with certain desk styles, but those should not be considered cons. If you like the idea of a different style, here are some alternatives:

What kind of desk surface is recommended?

A steel surface works best, but an MDF board can also be used if it is sealed with any finish or varnish. Next, a water-based finish is used to seal the MDF. The board is then treated with a glossy varnish.

Tell me about a folding desk project that is cheap but looks pretty.

For a folding desk project that is cheap but looks beautiful, you could use a drying rack. You can find these at any hardware store, often used to dry clothes. They are usually made of metal and have adjustable heights depending on how many dishes you want to hang from them. This particular project is so attractive because it can stack dishes on top of each other in a pleasing pattern like plates, bowls with lids, covered platters, etc.

Tell me other space-saving ideas to optimize every inch of my house.

Space-saving Ideas For A Living Room:

What are your thoughts regarding having electrical outlets on the floor?

We think it would be much more convenient to have electrical outlets on the floor. If your outlet is on the ground, you don’t have to worry about wires getting caught in the cord and breaking. Plus, it would require less energy to plug something in because you could just bend over rather than walk over to an outlet.

Does it make sense to purchase a living room carpet that is larger than the size of your furniture?

We don’t think purchasing a living room carpet larger than your furniture’s size makes sense. If you have a lot of furniture, it’s kind of pointless because then there will be no places for the tables and chairs to go.

Plus, if you have children in the home, we think having an extra-large area rug could do more harm than good. Children sometimes like to act out what they see on TV by running around and being loud (although common sense can also prevent this from happening). A child’s head might hit one of your lamps or end up at risk for injury by falling off the edge.

How do you maximize seats in a small living room?

We think you should have a lot of seating in your living room. If you don’t have enough seating, people will end up sitting on the floor or in their chairs. It also makes it difficult to get around because there are no places for guests and other visitors to sit. Plus, people might not want to come into your home if they can’t find seating because they will be uncomfortable sitting on the ground, even though it is a small space.

What should every living room have?

Couches and other easy-to-get chairs, an area rug, a TV set, and a coffee table.

How do you fill or arrange the furniture inside a weird living room or a living area with an awkward space?

Thinking about where the furniture will go before you start filling a living room with furniture is essential. You should have your couches and easy chairs on one side of the room with a coffee table for drinks. You can then have an area rug that matches your color scheme in front of the seating area and keep your TV set on the other side of the room.

How do you fill a living room with furniture with an odd shape?

Don’t be afraid to buy furniture that is strange-shaped or weird looking because once it’s in your home and you use it, you’ll be glad that you purchased it. You should also ensure not to fill your living room with too much furniture because there will be no place for guests and visitors to sit. If everyone sits on the ground, you might end up conversing with yourself (which would get annoying eventually).

How do you layout a living room?

We think it’s essential to look at the furniture you buy first because it’s what you will be living with for a long time. It would be easier to set the design if you tried to remember some basic furniture shapes.

Also, be sure to look at your room and figure out what makes it look the way it does, and then you can make your living room accommodate all of these things. When designing a living room, you must remember that there are always people in the room. There might be more than two or three. That’s why it’s important not to fill up the entire space with furniture because there will be no space for guests or visitors to sit down and visit with you.

One thing,
A great design tip when setting up a home theater is to use pillows from various outfitters or colored rugs on the floor of the theater area.

How do you arrange furniture in a walk-through living room?

It would be best if you spent a lot of time looking at your space before filling it with furniture. If you can’t think of an idea after a while, just move furniture around and look at your space. It would help if you also thought about what furniture will go well in your room. For example, if you are going for more farmhouse décor, maybe consider buying some large bright colors to liven up the space.

How do you decorate a triangular living room?

We think incorporating many neutral colors in your living room would be a good idea. If you have more than one large piece of furniture, try and use complementary colors rather than having them all in the same color scheme. For example, if you are going for a warm décor, use light blues, greens, or yellows to liven up space instead of matching your furniture with space.

If you like dark themes, it would be appropriate to have dark-colored pieces such as taupes and deep burgundy accents throughout your living room. You could also consider incorporating patterns into your space, such as patterns made from faux fur.

Space-saving Ideas For A Kitchen:

What are some Space saving ideas for a regular and a small kitchen?

  • Install cabinets that extend to the ceiling in the kitchen. This idea will provide plenty of storage space while eliminating the floor’s clutter.
  • Install appliances on countertops rather than on cabinet shelves. You can stack appliances in compact spaces on top of one another, which saves valuable cabinet space for food storage.
  • Use more efficient appliances to save money on your electricity bill while maximizing your limited kitchen space. For example: use an electric kettle instead of boiling water over the stove; switch to a stand mixer instead of a handheld mixer for baking; use cooking sheets or steamers, so you don’t have to use multiple.

How can I save space in a small kitchen?

One way to save space in a small kitchen is to put the refrigerator outside the kitchen and keep it closed. This idea will make a spare room for everything else while freeing up space in the kitchen. You may also use your house’s outdoor area to store things like lawn supplies, garden tools, and other seasonal items you don’t need access to year-round.

Next, you can install a double sink and dual faucets in the kitchen. You may also want to consider removing extra cabinets, drawers, and shelves from your kitchen and keeping those items outside.

If you have an open floor plan in your home, you can use a small table or folding table to help save space in your large open kitchen. Once again, this will give you more room for cooking tools, appliances, storage areas, etc. Generally speaking, most efficient kitchens with a small amount of wasted space have one open wall. This trick allows for maximum use of floor space without sacrificing the privacy of the other rooms in the home.

Also, if you have a small kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of available floor space, you can use small tables to supplement the size of your kitchen. These tables can be used as additional counter space or for storage.

Lastly, you can turn your trash bin from a typical round trash bin into a small trash can with a lid opening up. This decision will save space in your kitchen because it takes up much less room than a large trash can.

How can I make a small kitchen more efficient?

  • Install a double sink and dual faucets in the kitchen. This option will save space in the kitchen and give you an extra countertop.
  • Use more efficient appliances to save on your electricity bill and maximize your limited kitchen space.
  • You can also open up the sink or window to create more space for cooking and storage and instead use table tops for dishes, utensils, etc.
  • Lastly, if there is not much space in the kitchen, but you still need some room to work in it (or want some privacy), you can install a folding table near the sink/window where you don’t have to sit at your desk. This will allow someone who does not have much workspace while also saving on floor space.

What are other space-saving ideas for a small kitchen space?

  1. Use off-the-shelf dishware and food containers to save space
  2. Purchase a microwave oven that goes on the countertop
  3. Install a cabinet under the sink to use for storage.
  4. Use a small desk or table next to the stove.
  5. Organize your cabinets and refrigerators in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  6. Use a small desk to keep letters/mail and books near the kitchen island.
  7. Organize plates by color and type them into small baskets on the countertop behind the sink.
  8. Organize small appliances by size, such as coffee makers, juicers, mixers, and blenders in an attractive fashion.
  9. Use drawers rather than cupboards to store utensils, cooking pots, bowls, and bakeware.
  10. Store pantry items in high cabinets and low cabinets for easier access.
  11. Use a small desk or table next to the stove.
  12. Make the countertop the kitchen’s main display space by setting a small desk or table next to the stove.
  13. Use a decorative towel under the stove to keep it clean.
  14. Buy a small microwave oven that goes on the countertop for easier access.
  15. Use decorative knobs and pulls on cabinets and appliances to give your kitchen a more finished look.
  16. Look into granite countertops for their warm tones and ease of cleaning.

What are other things to consider when designing a kitchen?

Say you just bought an apartment. But the kitchen is tiny, and you want to create more space. Or maybe there is only one little bathroom, and you want to make it look bigger.

Sure, you can design a well-planned space through innovative ideas or furniture arrangements or repaint the walls in a bright color to open the space up…
You can just do whatever you like to feel good and satisfied with your little place.

If we talk about small apartments, there are so many ideas that might help us put as much furniture as possible into such small rooms

Space-saving Ideas For A Bathroom:

What are some Space saving ideas for a bathroom?

One of the best ways to save space in a bathroom is by putting most of your grooming items in drawers. This simple trick will help clean up the area around your sink and keep space between you and the shower or tub, making you more comfortable when getting ready in the morning. You can also use a towel rack placed on top of your door as additional storage for towels.

Another great way to save space in your bathroom is to place a small trash can where you get ready for the day or have it by other areas of congestion inside the bathroom. In case multiple people are in there getting prepared at the same time.

If your bathroom is very small, you can get it more organized by using shelving units with baskets to put your cosmetics and hair products on. This organization will eliminate the clutter you usually see on your countertop and help organize everything.

Space-saving Ideas For A Bedroom:

Next, what are some Space saving ideas for a bedroom?

This area is one of the most challenging rooms to organize in almost every home. However, you can use the same tricks in a bathroom organization section and save yourself some extra steps.
For example, consider putting your toothbrush and toothpaste in a travel case. This simple move will allow you to put the whole thing right by the sink, and it will usually fit quite nicely on top of it. Also, consider placing your curling iron on your dresser instead of occupying closet space. Leaving it lying on the floor when you are not using it is another trick you can experiment with.

Besides the steps above, you can use shelves and baskets to display your previously spread-out items all over the place. You can also place books on floor-to-ceiling shelves for easy access when you want to read or chill out in bed.

You can consider getting one of those rolling storage boxes to complete the bedroom organization job more quickly. These are easier to use and usually have more space to store items than you may think. You can also place them right on the floor for easy access.

Suppose you have a bed that sits right by your television. In that case, you can consider getting some simple furniture that will allow you to remain organized without taking over your television area. Also, get a new Murphy or Hackable Bed, if necessary, or even just flip and hide your bed when watching TV. This way, you can save a lot of room for other things.

Regarding cleaning, several tools help keep things sleek and tidier while keeping your rooms organized. Once again, you can take ideas you have been using and use them for your bedroom. You can place items in baskets or spray them with a cleaner that will allow the dirt to flow through without much effort.

Lastly, if there is much clutter in your room, you can consider getting some of those storage boxes to help keep things organized. Utilizing some of these tips, you should clean up your bedroom in no time.

Space-saving Ideas For A Laundry Room:

What are some Space saving ideas for a laundry room?

One way to save space in a laundry room is to rotate dryers such that they are against the wall. Another idea is to have your washing machines on one side of the room and put the dryers on another side. This idea may require some remodeling if you want a closed-in look. Still, it will cut down on wasted space and make it easier for people at the washers not to get hit by hangers as they come around from the dryers.

Other than that, if you have hangers for your clothes, but one more on the floor underneath. Clothes that hang will not get wrinkled or messed up as they are folded by themselves. Then put a couple of laundry baskets under each hanger for your dirty laundry. This way, you can eliminate going back and forth to get to the washer and dryer as you clean up after each load of laundry.

You also can make use of every inch you have in the room. Put containers in strategic areas around the room, like on top of your cabinets, or stand-up racks to hold your more oversized items like towels. You can also purchase shelves placed in different places as necessary.

Another idea for saving space is to have the washer and dryer mounted instead of flush against a wall. Suppose you mount it into a cabinet with cabinet doors. In that case, you can open the doors without opening all the cabinets, which can take up the same amount of space as opening all the cabinets.

What are some Space saving ideas for small apartments?

This is a complex question. However, you can immediately get solutions to it by the following advice. Spoiler alert, You have to use your imagination and creativity to do it too.

If you want to reduce your living space, you can use many ideas, such as a folding desk. You can experiment with this efficient idea in your small apartment with limited space. Using this desk, you will utilize more space for other rooms in the apartment.

There are different types of folding desks available that you can consider, including wall-mounted and portable ones. If you have limited working space, then it is best to use the portable folding desk. This kind of desk is easy to move and can be used in any part of the room. You can bring this type of desk when you work outside your home.

Moreover, you can consider using a table with an open top shelf for more space-saving ideas. Suppose you have limited space in your apartment. You can place it above a console table or sideboard with an open bottom shelf. The idea behind this design is that the shelves will hold heavier items such as books to not fall off easily, like on a table with drawers.
Finally, all of your options return to your space and budget.

Space-saving Ideas For A Small Apartment:

Are there any Space-saving Ideas for Small Apartments? List some!

Many space-saving ideas can help you save space and turn your room looking good at the same time. For example, They are as follows:
1. Plywood cabinets with a glass door will save space and look good on your wall if you hang it on a wall opposite your window view or entrance door.

2. Instead of using a regular table, place a sofa or dining table with extensions on the side of your living room. You can also use serving carts as coffee tables when guests are over.

3. Another idea is to use a large mirror for your wall as the only decoration. It will look like you have more stuff on your walls than you do and save you from using many picture frames on the wall. A big mirror is also much cheaper than any other decoration. You can also use this single item to decorate many rooms in your house.

4. The next one is to hang your shelves higher than usual. When you do so, you will gain more space underneath those shelves, and you can decorate it or hide your junk away from sight.

5. If you live in a high-rise apartment, consider putting a white film on all of your windows to give the illusion that the apartment is more extensive than it is. When done right, the idea will make it seems like there are no neighbors right next to you in the same building or floor.

6. You can use large mirrors to reflect additional light into your living room. The effect will make the room feel lighter and bigger when installed on your wall in the corner of your room.

7. If you want to save some space in a small apartment, consider hanging a large piece of artwork, like a painting or print, on the wall that will not take up too much space, even if it is hung at eye level.

8. If you live near the beach or in a coastal city, consider balancing your bookshelf with a mirror on top to reflect more light into your room. Simply have it installed in front of your bookshelf.

9. You can use small mirrors to add another touch of elegance to a basement by using them as a view into the living room and having your television set up on one side of the mirror facing the wall.

This advice is just an idea, eventually, so you should try this out and change how much furniture is in your basement to optimize its usage.

10. Consider setting it up as a home gym if you have a small basement. It’s a great space-saver, and with all the functionality of an indoor gym, you’ll be getting in your workout in no time.

What are some Space saving ideas for an office?

An easy way to save space in an office is not to use filing cabinets and instead organize everything by hanging file folders from the wall. A simple filing system will help keep your work area clean and uncluttered.

Another way to save space in your office is to install a file cabinet under a countertop. Having a file cabinet on the ground level can make getting work done much easier by giving you more desk space.

You can also have it on wheels if you need to move it throughout the day, which will take up less room than a stationary file cabinet would. Also another great way to save space in an office is by placing an overhead projector on the floor where no one needs to sit at their desk. This idea will help with overall décor and make your office more comfortable, especially for long hours at work.

12. The DIY Wall Folding Desk

This floating and folding desk is the ultimate space-saving solution! This tiny installation doesn’t take up any floor space and is also easy to organize and tidy up. This minimalist desk won’t intrude in your personal space while offering enough workspace for your laptop, reminders, documents, and coffee mug. With this desk’s subtle design, you won’t have the problem of tucking away your stressful work thoughts during the weekend.

We recommend finding the right dimensions for a DIY folding and floating desk that would give you ample space to work efficiently without disrupting your home. This beautiful folding desk has five pieces of plywood and two shelf boards.

11. The DIY Murphy Desk Idea

With this DIY Murphy desk, maximize your space in a tiny room. This DIY project ensures that your desk folds completely flat into the wall, saving you a ton of workspace. This project is also great for beginner DIYers on a budget!

  • To get started, measure how high you want your desk and workbench to be. This project measured the desk at 30-inches and the workbench at 34 to 38-inches above the floor. The desk is estimated to measure about 31-inches long.
  • Remember to use a level to balance each piece when drilling onto the wall! Another important reminder is to pre-drill the holes along your wooden plank to provide accurate measurements.

We love how this talented DIY enthusiast added a wooden latch to open and close the desk as needed. We’re also fans of the pencil holders drilled into the latch!

10. The DIY Foldable Craft Table Idea

We love this functional and expandable table that will work great for hardcore DIYers and arts & crafts enthusiasts!

Easily declutter your home and workspace with this incredibly useful craft table.
The DIY craft table features two foldable sections with a fixed center. Underneath the fixed center are convenient storage spaces for easy access to your equipment.

Each foldable section is 26.5 inches long, achieving a total surface area of 66-inches when both sides are open. The storage space has a height of 30-inches, a length of 32-inches, and a width of about 15-inches. This space is generous enough to store all your heavy-duty equipment, like a sewing machine or toolbox.

Need a corner table? Simply prop the table against the wall, and open only one side. The possibilities are endless with this versatile DIY Foldable table.

9. The Foldable Desk Inspiration from Plugvan

This is the dream of every digital nomad! The Plugvan mobile camper module is the perfect solution to staying connected on the open road.

Each Plugvan module is guaranteed to be fully functional in less than five minutes. Whether you’re out for a short trip or a long adventure, the Plugvan offers versatile solutions for modern-day nomads.

Watch how this beautiful mobile home from the Plugvan camper uses a folding stowaway table to transform the kitchen into a home office! Each PlugVan camper module is height-adjustable and compatible with every panel van, so you won’t have to worry about switching vehicles.

The multifunctional table is extendable; beneath it, you’ll find a great storage box for all your essentials. You can install more folding tables for a larger workspace if necessary.

8. The DIY Extendable Table Idea

This extendable table looks like magic – the Goliath table allows homeowners to dream big even in a tiny space. If you’re on a budget, building an extendable table from scratch is possible!

We love the idea of an extendable table based on drawer slides! The idea is simple, but the product’s ingenuity shines through because of its effortless applications. This DIY extendable table uses telescoping drawer slides. An average extension slide can reach a length of up to 60-inches. That’s definitely ample space for a workspace or a small dining table.

Custom extendable tables will also need detachable table legs for additional support. Choose anything from clamp-style legs to telescoping legs – all will work well to support your tabletop. If you want to go the extra mile, add table leaf extensions for additional stability.

7. The Portable Office Cubicle Idea

This portable office gives a whole new meaning to an office cubicle. At just 0.2 cubic meters, it’s now possible to stow away your entire office on the shelf!

The 0,2 (cubic meters) comes complete with a table, chair, and a safe, all in one tiny package! Simply take your office from the shelf, place it on the floor, and set up your table. Later, you’ll never have to worry about losing your valuables or important documents with the built-in safe.

This is the perfect solution if you live in a tiny apartment or a shared space. Offices incorporating the 0,2 cubic meters take up little space – imagine how many mini offices a co-working center can hold with this ingenious innovation!

6. The Cardboard Standing Desk Idea

This compact and portable cardboard standing desk is more than just about saving space. According to the founders of Refold, this unique production is meant to encourage innovation and environmental awareness. This 100% recyclable standing desk is about creating positive lifestyle changes. The founders of Refold believe that standing desks encourage productivity and sociability in the workplace.

We also loved seeing that the folding desk is lightweight and compact, allowing users to work anywhere they want. Don’t want to be confined to your tiny home office? This innovation is meant to spark a change in your lifestyle.

Refold is all about helping professionals break away from the stereotypical 9 to 5 job within the confines of an office, allowing freedom in productivity and creativity.

5. The DIY Pegboard Foldable Desk

Here’s another idea for your floating foldable desk. Incorporate additional storage space for your office supplies and reminders by installing shelves and a space for your calendars and notes.

We love how this DIY floating desk incorporated a framed pegboard to post daily reminders easily or more. Simply create a frame that is big enough to attach the pegboard. This DIY project also made it a point to include functional open shelves and dividers. Quickly achieve this look in your home office using pocket holes, nails, or wood glue for easy attachment.

4. The Cube Stools

This innovative seating from Cubista is the perfect solution for a tiny coworking space. We love to see how this small cube can provide up to five stools!

The best thing about the Cubista is that the storage solution has a compact size and built-in wheels. We all know how important that is for a small space!

3. The Seamless Foldable Desk idea

Have we convinced you to go DIY with floating furniture ideas or floating desks? Here’s another design inspiration for your home office! We love how this DIY enthusiast built open shelving on the rectangular desk. It adds a personal touch to the whole space while creating a seamless transition with the walnut wood elements.

Need a quick solution for organizing your supplies and notes? We love that this DIY enthusiast attached a corkboard to the wall of the foldable desk!

2. The Quirky & functional statement furniture pieces

A tiny living space doesn’t mean you can’t afford to add a few statement pieces to your home! The key is to look for furniture that is both functional and unforgettable.

These nostalgic mixtape coffee tables are crafted from hardwood and sealed with epoxy. The durable and fun tables come with LED lights with convenient cup holders! We’re also big fans of the clever storage space initiative– simply drop down the bars to reveal ample slots for your remote control, phone, and books.

Lastly, No. 1 Tuck-Away Your Workspace

Has your bedroom been your home office for the past few months? We can tell you that productivity doesn’t necessarily have to take a dip when your home office and bedroom share the same space.

Take inspiration from this Murphy bed that transforms into a home office! Since you can easily tuck away your bulky bed, you now have ample room for day-to-day activities and your workload.

Out of sight and out of mind – not to mention you won’t be tempted to take long naps during your workday!


Finding ways to be productive at home can be challenging, especially if you’re working in a small space. Try these space-saving strategies to adopt the WFH lifestyle gracefully.

Thanks to these helpful design and storage ideas from the Simphome, DIYers can create a space that maximizes the space without compromising style and sophistication.



Written by Simpson

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