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Learn How to Use Fetco Home Décor Items Collection

Fetco Home Décor is a known brand in the home decoration industry especially if you are a professional designer than you must know this name beforehand. But for you who is not a professional designer, then let us tell you that this brand has a number of decoration items which is very beautiful and has high quality as well. moreover their distribution is done in wholesale which makes the items really affordable so you can purchase it without worry. For you who do not know what you can do with their items, here are some suggestions of items which you can purchase on their decoration collection.

Best Items You Should Have From Fetco Home Décor

1. Photo album

simphome fetco photo album

The basic thing from this brand that you should have is photo album since they have a lot of album style that might fits your preference. The albums cover also had variety of neutral color to choose from, black, tan, white, brown, beige, etc. That is why it will fits well with your room color theme when you want to put the album as decoration in certain room. Moreover some photo album also comes with special theme which you can match with the photo you want to put inside the Fetco Home Décor photo album such as family album, wedding album, baby album, etc. (via bonanza)

2. Picture frame

simphome fetco photo frame

Another thing that you can use to store your picture and act as decoration item at the same time is the picture frame. Moreover picture frame is one of the most popular items from Fetco brand. They have a lot frame style which can fit to any room time that you have inside your home. The frame itself is made from many kinds of material, from wood to metal which can suits your room theme, of course the color also varied so it is even more easier for you to choose the Fetco Home Décor picture frame you want. (via etsy)

3. Wall knobs

simphome fetco wall knob

To complete your picture frame you can try to hang it on your wall by using this wall knob which is made using renewable wood material that is also eco friendly so it is safe to use. It will make your picture frame looked more fancy compared when you only nail it to the wall. (via bhg)

4. Wall art

simphome fetco wall art

Another nice addition which you can hang on your wall is the Fetco Home Décor wall art. They have a large collection of wall art with many kind of shape such as floral wall art, monogram wall art, and many others. Moreover they also have special themed wall which can suits your room theme. The wall arts are made from various materials such as woods and metals. (via jeffsbakery)

5. Table top easel

simphome fetco table top easel

Another piece of decoration which you must have is this mini easel that you can easily put on top of your table or rack. Use this item with the other decoration piece to showcase them as part of your home decoration. (via kohls)

Conclusion on Using Fetco Items to Decorate Your Home.

Fetco literally has hundreds of home décor items that you can use to decorate your home. But of course first you much choose a theme that you want to apply on each room. That way it would be easier for you to choose from those hundreds of items collection that will match with your room theme. Choose several colors which will represent the theme then you can choose which items that have one of those colors for your room since each Fetco Home Décor items will have several colors.

Some of you might feel some doubt in using picture frame as parts of your room decoration. However this item is one of the Fetco Home Décor items that you must use whenever you decorate your room. The reason is because picture will add more of personal touch inside your room and your room will feel more human when there are several pictures inside. You can choose to use the photo album which you can put on one of your cabinet rack or you can also use several picture frames and hung them in your wall using the wall knobs or put them on top of your coffee table using the table top easel.

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Best Fetco Home Décor collection is their wall arts since they have huge collection to select. Of course you need to choose several items which suitable with the theme you decide before. Use floral wall arts for natural theme, anchor for beach theme, and many others. The easiest wall items to use is the monogram which you can put on one of you wall with other decoration items as the accent point of them. even though Fetco has tons of collection which may suit your room theme but try to limit the number of item that you use so your room will not appear too clutter.

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