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10 Exterior Styling ideas

We all know that curb appeal can make or break a house. Therefore it is imperative to upgrade the appearance of your home’s facade. For those lost in their quest to improve your front yard, here are 10 exterior styling ideas that will surely help improve the curb appeal without spending too much time and effort on one project.

The exterior is the first thing that impresses any people, including your neighbors and passersby. Nevertheless, people often neglect the external renderings and put too much work into designing the interior.
You might already have the idea of overhauling your front yard to improve the curb appeal. However, you have not made up your mind about what to do first.

If you are lost in your quest to improve the curb appeal, take a look at these 10 exterior styling ideas. Have a try and believe that it will upgrade your home outlook to an upper level. For more amazing details, follow Simphome’s link provided for you inside the description/reference area.

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10. Pay Attention to The Front Door

The door could be a focal point to your front entrance. It can be the first thing to get noticed by your guests. So you better pay attention to your front door.
The fastest and easiest way to make your door stand out is by repainting it. Choose a subtle shade that matches your home’s surroundings.

Or, if you don’t mind the budgeting, install a new one. Pick a door with better material and style that will be a quick boost to curb appeal.

Additional details:

  • 1. Choose Door Material Wisely
    The door material should be strong enough to withstand weather conditions, especially if you live near the coast. Solid wood has the greatest strength, followed by metal and vinyl.
    If you choose wooden doors, be sure to select one with no visible cracks. Preferably, it should not warp too much either.
  • 2. Choose the Right Door Style
    There are several kinds of doors available in the market nowadays. You can choose either French or solid wood for your entryway. French doors give you beautiful open views that you can use for decorating your living room or kitchen area. For the same purpose, solid wood doors are also good choices to enhance your front yard landscape design.
    Additional details:
    2.1. Solid Wood vs. French Doors
    A solid wood door is more expensive than a French door made from materials such as wood or aluminum. If you want to go for the same purpose as solid wood, be ready to spend more money on doors and hardware installation.
    2.2. Interior/Exterior Paint Colors
    Even if you choose the best material, the paint could still fade and lose its colors over time. You may save yourself from that disappointment only by making interior/ exterior paint colors match each other and blend them well into your home interior design.
    2.3. The Extras
    After installing your door according to your preferences, you need to think about some additional details such as lighting and hardware. If you want to make an effortless improvement for your front yard, just install a nice set of exterior lights around the trees and planters.
    2.4. Two Styles
    You could find front doors in various styles that come with many design variations. You can choose a contemporary one with a glass door or a traditional one with beautiful wood. The two styles aren’t limited to houses but fit for any building style out there.
  • 3. The front door decor
    You can decorate the front door in many ways to improve curb appeal. One of the ways that you can try is by installing a unique knocker on your front door. To create the most impact, choose a knocker that is big enough to make a bold statement but not too big to look ridiculous on your front entryway.

9. Build a Front Walkway

Except for the door, a house’s front walkway could give the first impression to your guest. The existence also likes a special treat to welcome your guests before entering your home.

Try to explore which materials you will use. Since there are endless options, from gravel, pebbles, and crushed stones to flagstone, cobblestone, mosaic, and marble. As one of the considerations when choosing the material and design, think about safety. It must be the priority, especially when you have kids and the elderly. Plus, ponder its width whether the people are going to walk individually or side by side.

Additional details:

  • Grass Beds
    Add a nice touch with grasses and flowers. You can even rotate the height of the plant to make it look more natural. Be sure not to give away too much visibility from your flower beds, though.
  • Perennial Flowers
    Perennial flowers will give your front yard an everlasting beauty that lasts long into the spring and summer seasons. You may even be able to make a ribbon archway with them if you want it to be a focal point for your home’s front entrance.
  • A Walkway
    If you choose a stone walkway, make sure it is flat enough not to be an obstacle for your guests or residents’ feet when they go out or come in from their cars.

Also, consider:

  • Decorate The Entrance Way
    Yes, you already have your front door, but the way to the front door still needs good decor. You can try placing mats and step stools around your entrance area for your guests to help them get in and out of their cars. And up and down from their vehicles.
  • The Front Walkway Design
    Paying attention to the walkway design will make people feel more comfortable entering or exiting your home. If you want visitors to step over the sidewalk easily, consider installing a stone path or pavers that is flat enough not to be an obstacle for feet when walking over it.
  •  Add a Front Pathway To The Front Door
    To make the front walkway more convenient, you may consider adding a pathway to your front door. It can make guests feel welcome and welcome faster for their cars.
  • The Entranceway Furniture
    Another way to decorate your front entrance is by adding a pretty bench or a potted plant along the path from your home entrance to your garage entrance. It can give guests an advantage over their chairs when they just have to stop by the house, drop something off or pick something up from your garage.
  • Flowers
    If you are planning to have a front porch or patio area, you may want to consider putting in small pots of flowers. They can be placed on either side of your front walkway by either side of your front door. It gives the feeling that the flowers are welcoming you upon entering or leaving your home. Also, it is prevalent for creating a focal point in the center of your walkway.
  • Rain Water Runoff Furniture
    Besides making it look more natural, this kind of furniture will also make it more efficient. Every drop of water will flow down rather than be pushed off at an angle by gravity.
  • Plant Trees and Shrubs
    Planting trees and shrubs should be one of your top priorities for your front yard if you want to add a natural touch to your yard. They can add a lovely fence-like accent too. The other good things about them are that they blossom in the springtime, smell fantastic from their beautiful flowers, and provide an excellent shade for your home in the summertime.

What should you know about trees and shrubs?
Like choosing a front yard landscape design, planting trees or shrubs must follow the proper measurements. It would be best if you determined the tree’s height according to the height of the house roof at least 2 feet higher than it is.

8. The Green Front Yard

If you have some space for your front yard, don’t leave it empty. A common option is to turn it into a beautiful garden. To create it, you don’t need to pay much. Even better, you can try to adjust it to meet your budget.

A green front yard might be perfect for your home. Furthermore, it helps to refresh both your eyesight and mind. You don’t need to think about what kind of flower to grow. You can grow bush-type plants. It’s not difficult to grow but make sure you trim them regularly.

Additional details:

  1. Pick The Right Flowers
    You can plant some annual flowers in your front yard. They are frequently found in many colors and patterns, so there’s always one that can match your home’s exterior appearance.
  2. The Lawn
    There are some ways to make the lawn look better. For example, you may install an irrigation system to make it greener and more vibrant. Also, you can plant grass seed to make it grow thicker, taller, and healthier.
  3. Add A Focal Point or Feature
    Try adding a water fountain with plants surrounding it in your front yard landscape design ideas to make it stand out or draw attention.
  4. Add Unique Pathways
    Pathways are another way to make your front yard look more inviting. Pathways are made by stepping stones, pavers, or small pebbles. You can even create an archway out of them too.
  5. Make Sure It Is Safe
    As always, safety needs to be the priority for you and your family’s sake, especially if you have kids and/or pets at home. Choose the materials that are not slippery or sharp for everyone. Also, it would be better to put some lighting on your pathways or pathways so guests won’t trip because there is no brightness in the nighttime.
  6. Put It All Together
    You will see the results if you use these ideas. You can decorate your front yard with flowers, wood-like plants, and fall foliage too. If you love to design your decorative planters, consider replacing your gardeners to create one that’s more personal to you.
  7. The Right Front Yard Landscape Design
    Planning the right front yard landscape design for your home can be challenging at first because you must consider what type of property it is and the character of the property owners. For example, there are many styles of front yards within certain cities in America French Countryside, Tudor Style, Colonial Style, Desert Garden Style, Mediterranean Garden Style, etc.

What you should know about a green front yard?
Make sure that your entire plant will grow well in your climate before planting them in your front yard. Live plants won’t be happy if they get too little light or not enough water from you, even though they are beautiful and cheap. If you want to get the most beautiful garden for your home, make sure to check on these things.

7. Concrete your plants

To keep your lawn from invading, you can build such a concrete planter in your front yard. To make it, you only have to purchase some concrete mix. There is a long list of concrete mix options you can find on Amazon. Get the most affordable one.

Add some amount of water to the concrete mix. Mix them well. Build your concrete planter in any shape, texture, and size of what you want. When it is dried, put some soil and plants inside.

A few essential pieces of information related to the concrete planter are:

  1. It can last long.
  2. It is an excellent way to build a retaining wall in your yard.
  3. You can add a water feature or flower bed to your concrete planter.
  4. If you want to add lights for this planter, you should know how to add LED lights in your concrete planter project because they are not easy to maintain when it comes to watering, etc.
  5. It is a good idea to add an outdoor umbrella to your concrete planter project.
  6. There are many styles and sizes you can choose from, so make sure to know your budget and put it in the list of things you must check before buying them online.
  7. Low Maintenance Plants
    Besides having low maintenance, low water-wise plants are perfect for you if you are passionate about saving the environment and conserving energy, too, since they both grow well by using less water than other types of plants do.
  8. The Natural Theme
    Another idea for your front yard landscape design is to create an artificial pond style or an artificial stream style on the front yard. This idea is great because it looks natural, yet it does not easily need any maintenance work especially watering, because there are no plants in it that need more water.

6. A Simple container garden idea

Perhaps you don’t have enough space to create a garden or are too lazy to set it up. If that is the case, a container garden is an option.
Container gardening is a great way to bring the beauty of nature instantly and on a budget. You can vary the plant and container sizes and arrange them on multiple levels.

Even though it’s pretty easy to take care of the plants, you still need to take them seriously if you want to keep them blooming throughout the seasons.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the plant is hydrated. Create a watering schedule based on its type.
  • Have time to reshape the old branches and stems. Pluck out the yellowish leaf and the dead plants.
  • Cut off the old blooms to stimulate new flowers and help your garden flourish.
  • Set up some planters in the shade side by side to get maximum sun exposure.
  • Add mulch material or topsoil to keep water drainage and keep moisture around the roots.
  • Treat out-of-season aphids. Use your finger to scrape them away and treat them with pesticides according to your local ordinances.
  • Keep pest predators like ladybugs, lacewings, hoverflies, and parasitic wasps around to ameliorate bugs infestation.

Additional details:

  1. Potting Soil
    It is vital to have good potting soil for your container garden. You can get it from your local nursery or garden supply store. It needs to be rich in nutrients for the plants to grow well. It should also contain essential elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to keep the plant healthy and strong.
  2. Watering
    Water your plants properly all across the day, especially during hot days in the summertime when the temperature rises above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 °C).
    ~ This action can help make your plants thrive better during the summer months.
    ~ Water them often enough so they won’t face dehydration issues.
    ~ Water your plants effectively, even if they are grown in containers.
    ~ If they begin to wilt, it is a good sign that you need to water them first before the soil dries out completely.
  3. Pest Control
    Keep pests away from your plants. If you notice ants, beetles, ants, aphids, spider mites, caterpillars, etc., deal with them as soon as you can by spraying pesticides. This step can prevent further infestations.
  4. Sunlight
    The best way to know if your plants are getting enough sunlight is to observe how their leaves are positioned. If they face the sun all the time, it means you give them enough sunlight to grow well without any issues.
  5. Fertilizer
    You should be careful about the type of fertilizer you use since you do not want to go overboard as it can burn your plants. You can use a balanced fertilizer to give them the best results.
  6. Container Size and Type
    Choose a big container for your plant so it will have sufficient space on top of which it can grow well on its terms.

5. Relax Corner in Your Front Porch

Enjoying the Sunday morning vibes while drinking a cup of tea and reading your favorite book is an activity you can do on your porch. Whether it is just a tiny space or a spacious one, you can set such an area. The points are choosing the right size of furniture and how you arrange them.
Placing furniture like a chair, couch, or stool and a table will create a cozy corner for you and improve curb appeal.

Other fun ideas you can take to enjoy or upgrade your outdoor area are:

  1. Lay a Rug or Decorate with Plants
    There is nothing more relaxing than the feeling of taking a seat on a rug and enjoying an afternoon drink. Whether you choose to place your drink on the ground, on a small table, or even atop the rug itself, you will be able to enjoy it.
  2. Hang A Mirror or Make Adjustments to Glasses
    If you want to add some grandeur and style to your porch, one way is by hanging a mirror and making adjustments for your glasses. This move will create an inviting and classy atmosphere where you can sit comfortably and relax.
  3. Place Flowers in Vases or Small Tubs
    A flower vase is quite popular among homeowners. As long as you choose the right size for your porch or front yard, you can place them in the center of the space. There is nothing more beautiful than when you put a vase full of flowers on your porch.
  4. Create an Outdoor Oven
    A great way to display all your baked goods is by using an outdoor oven or fire pit. A simple way to do it is by placing it at your front door and letting guests know that they can pop their cookies inside. Such an idea will grab people’s attention towards your home and allow them to begin thinking about how they can use that oven too.
  5. Add Color with Flowers, Plants, or (K)nock Out
    If you want to add some color to your porch, you can do so by planting colorful flowers to be more vibrant. If you plan on maintaining your flowers throughout the year, choose which ones you want to use and place them in vases so they will be easier to take care of.
  6. Choose the Right Size of Outdoor Pools
    If you are looking for something that can improve curb appeal without disrupting its design, choose an outdoor pool that is the right size for your yard. It will not only serve as a decorative element but also provide comfort and relaxation too.
  7. Build a Separate Room for A Hammock
    One way to do it is by building a separate room for your hammock. You can make it around the corner of your porch or in front of it. Then, add some hooks to the ceiling and hang the hammock there.
  8. Plant Trees
    Planting trees in your front yard is not only great for curb appeal but can add value to your property too. Landscapers believe that large trees near the front porch can add depth and draw attention towards it. If you have a small or medium-sized yard, you might want to replace old flowers with new plants and trees so they can fill in and cover up space effectively.
  9. Add Extra Outdoor Lighting
    A great way to improve curb appeal at night is by adding lighting to your porch. You can choose the color of light you want or even place small lamps so they will create a romantic mood.
  10. Add A Fountain
    If you want to improve curb appeal at night, choose a fountain that will complement the colors on your front porch and increase its calm feel. Fountains that are beautifully designed will make it more elegant and bring life to that space. If you want to, you can use it as an additional source of entertainment by placing some small chairs around it and enjoying the notes of fresh water flowing down the fountain.

4. Repaint it!

Try to paint the entire exterior walls if your budget, energy, and time are available. It will absolutely change your house outlook.
Pick a new color that contrasts with your door. But do not exaggerate it. Remember that the door is the focus, so don’t let the new wall color distract it. Also, consider supplementing your front door with colored plugs to fit in with the color of your wall.

Pick a color that complements the porch color if you want to enhance it. If your porch is painted green, choose a green door. If it is painted white, choose neutral colors for your door, like brown or gray. The other colors you can select are yellow, orange, copper, olive, and lavender colors.

Other Improvements choices:

  • ~ Light Fixtures At night, it is essential to keep open light-emitting objects away from the front doors at any time, especially at night when sending rays of light into the entrance can cause unnecessary fall in air quality inside an apartment or building.
  • ~ Add Coatings
    If you want to try something eclectic but not so drastic, consider adding even coatings to the porch itself. You can choose a coating that matches your door or accentuate it instead. You might also want to take the color of your exterior wall, apply it over the porch using paint-like coatings available in stores. This way, you can create a transition between the porch and the house itself!
  • ~ Line it with PVC Fences
    If you choose this way, pay attention to how close they are to the edges to dilute their look and feel. You can also use wood or glass now that PVC is now available in those materials as well.
  • ~Add Balusters and Railings
    If you want to add railings and balusters to your porch, place them accordingly. How close they are to the edges will depend on your design, so be sure to consider it for a better outcome. Also, consider adding some kind of texture or pattern over it so you can enhance the entire look and feel of your house.
  • ~ Re-Color it with minimalist touch!
    One great way to improve your porch’s look is by painting it with a color that matches the house. If you want to add some color to the porch, choose a color that complements the home. But do not go overboard because this will make the patio look too surreal. Keep in mind how close your porch is to other walls and trees or plants in your yard or garden when you choose a new color.
  • ~ Add a Pergola
    If you want to put a new garden on top of your porch, first, consider adding a pergola instead of the conservatory. A pergola leaves more space for plants while still keeping an eye on what goes on inside.

3. Redecorate the Front porch

Decorating your front porch is not only for the Christmas or Halloween season. Still, you can hang a lamp, house number, add a small size rug, pot planters, or so on. Those things are not supposed to be new ones. It’s a chance for you to explore your ideas and be creative!

Try to up-cycle and re-cycle your old things. For example, if you want to hang a house number, use your old wooden cutting board. Then, give it some fresh coats of paint and draw the number. Or, if you have an unused glass bottle, clean them. You can use it as a vase.
Browse on the Simphome search for countless DIY tips and instructions. Create as many as you want. One thing, Mixing and matching in harmony is the key.

Other ideas you can do to decorate your front porch are:

  1. Hang your pots and pans under the veranda.
  2. Mount a big mirror near the entryway.
  3. Hang some do-it-yourself art on the wall, but make sure they are not too big for your wall!
  4. Hang a wreath and a couple of pictures on the wall.
  5. Add a small size rug on your front porch as well as some potted flowers and houseplants around it to create more space and a cozy feeling for your front porch guests!
  6. Put some potted plants or flowering trees such as rose or jasmine on your front porch decking area!
  7. Enlist the aid of a professional landscaper for your landscaping job.
  8. Paint your front porch white or pastel colors to create a soft and warm impression.
  9. Install small size outdoor lights to shine bright glow lights inside the house at night!
  10. Go get some fresh spring flowers from your garden. You can also get some fake ones from florists if you are having problems with germs!

If you are not sure what to do, you can get ideas from these 10 Garden in Front of The House Ideas or the following 10 Front Yard Gardening Ideas.

2. Building New Fences

Building suitable fences in front of your house could be a statement too. Furthermore, it can give you privacy, too, depending on the height of the fences.
You can use various types of materials, such as wood, pallets, metal, bamboo, cement brick, or any combination. Just choose one that will meet your budget.

For instance, when you choose to do DIY fencing using pallets, it can be installed either vertically or horizontally, either with or without space in between. You can create the upper part into a pointed, rectangle, or round shape.
READ MORE: 30+ Tricks How to Upgrade Wood Fence for any Backyard

To give your fences unique looking, you can:

  1. Paint it to match or contrast your house siding color or other colors like green or brown.
  2. Place some houseplants near your fence if you have one.
  3. Create niche fences at the bottom of the fences, especially for flower beds or shrubbery plants.
  4. Install some garden lights on the bottom of the fence, especially if there is not enough space in front of your door to install them on the upper part of your fence.
  5. Display decorative objects around your house to rule out spaces between your fences and trees or bushes within their eyesight range.
  6. If you have a big backyard or a wide fence, you can create a flower garden in the “air” in front of your yard! Get creative with plants, soil, and rocks!
    One DIY idea is to create a wall-mounted pot full of plants. They could be your favorites without planting them directly on the ground. You can also create a fountain that spurt water into the air if you have one near your house.

When necessary: Add an Entry Gate to Your Front Yard
You can choose various options when it comes to building an entry gate for your front yard.  For example, you can go for simple plainness by choosing wood or iron material for your gate design. The other option is to build a fancy one with carvings or mirrors, etc.

Lastly, No 1. Keep it clean and tidy

Before you try all the things above, the simple thing to ask yourself is, “Does your front house clean and tidy enough? Sometimes the thing you need to do is just to make your front house that way. It means you don’t need to buy, renew, or install anything.

Do a regular cleaning for your home. Sweep the front yard, wipe the windows, dust the outdoor furniture, trim the shrubs, and many more. Those cleaning and tidying activities help to refresh not only your house outlook but also your mind. Believe it!

Relevant ideas to keep your front house cleaned or more distinctive are:

  • No 1. Home Organization
    Make sure you organize all your house books and papers in an easy and reachable place.
    ~ Have a good record for your home’s maintenance and basic expenses.
    ~ Follow a standardization system for general purposes like bills or to-do lists. Keep all information together, such as lists, receipts, and reminders, inside a single folder for easy access.
  • No 2. Create a special room for your guests
    Having a front yard is not enough to create an elegant home view, especially if you have more than one house. You need to make a special room just for guests and visitors. That could be a living room, a guest room, or even your front porch area.
  • No 3. Get rid of the old items
    Why collect old items in your house if they don’t suit your style? It’s challenging to get rid of them, but you can start with something small like an old-looking vase on the top of the bookcase. Gather all those old-looking stuff and hidden stuff from their hiding places and put them in a box or donate them to a charity center.
  • No 4. Create a corner for indoor plants
    Choose your favorite potted plants and place them on the corner of your room near the windowsill so that they can absorb natural light during the daytime. If you have larger floor space, then choose a corner just next to the windowsill. Keep the potted plants in your front yard.
  • No 5. Add bathroom accessories
    Add little touches in your bathroom just for the sake of home decoration purposes. For example, add a little candlelight for some ambiance during the evening hours by using an old-fashioned lamp and a candlelight holder on the wall near your toilet seat.
    Additionally, you could add some little accessories like:
  • No 6. Refresh flowers and plants
    If you like to create a new flower or plant garden in the front yard or back yard, then let’s refresh some of them by removing their old leaves and pruning them. It’s not that difficult to do. It will make your flowers or plants more alive, healthy, and beautiful!
  • No 7. Give extra love to your lawn
    Even though you have a lot of things to tend on your house, it doesn’t mean you need to forget the importance of taking care of your lawn. Doing so will help maintain its color and keep it strong on top of the soil. At the same time, it will be a great addition to the beauty of your house.
  • No 8. Create a seating area
    Having a front yard is not enough to create an elegant home view, especially if you have more than one house. That could be a living room, a guest room, or even your front porch area.
  • No 9. Decorate with lights and candles
    You know that your house’s color and texture artwork can add beauty and appeal to many things in your home’s interior design. Still, lighting fixtures in front, including lamps and candles, can also add that little extra touch of refinement and perfection for making your living space look classy.
  • No 10. Choose the best landscaping style
    Landscaping your front yard doesn’t mean you can just plant whatever you like. It has its style to create an elegant home view, so choose the best one that suits your taste. Some landscaping styles that you can choose are:
    · Formal landscape
    · Formal-Traditional landscape
    · Formal-Gardenesque landscape
    · Traditional landscape and
    · Naturalistic Landscape

Those are 10 Exterior Styling Ideas you can try. Some of them require your tremendous intention to do it. But overall, they are DIY-type and would not drain your savings.

Many people are already looking for new ways to spruce up the front yards of their homes. If you are one of them, you probably have the idea of putting in exterior changes at your home. However, if you still do not know what to do, look at these ten exterior styling ideas.



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