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10 Exterior Makeovers Reveal

Many people are eager to refurbish their houses’ interior, hoping to carve out comfort while impressing guests. However, they tend to discount the exterior, which is the first thing that comes into sight.
If you think your house looks tired and dreary, maybe you need to make some changes. Luckily, we have summed up 10 exterior makeover reveals that will inspire you and anyone who will enjoy your new change later. if necessary, discover more detail by following the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10 House Exterior Update Ideas
10 Garden and Exterior Home Makeover Ideas

10. Let’s Clean Up

10. Lets Clean Up by 110. Lets Clean Up by simphome.comDoing an exterior makeover usually requires a lot of money, which can be a tremendous obstacle if you only have a limited budget. Fortunately, it is not always the case. You can refurbish your house exterior without spending any bucks by merely cleaning up the yard.
Refurbishing your house’s exterior is as simple as mowing the lawn and trimming the shrubs, which results in a more organized yard and better curb appeal.
Pay attention to the composition. Vary the heights and textures by keeping the existing mature trees and shrubs. You can also invest in some new plants, such as boxwood or hydrangeas, to flank the pathway.
If it is possible, you can also try repainting the walls to accentuate the fresh look.

9. Make It More Functional

9. Make It More Functional by simphome.comBringing the hub from the inside to the outside is worth the try. It can make your exterior look luxurious. Besides, you can relax with your family and friends while looking at the glittering stars.
The exterior of this house used to be wearisome. It lacked style and lay dormant, waiting for the homeowner to tap into it. Now, you can notice a significant difference.
The homeowner has turned this tired backyard into an entertaining space for everyone. He added several seating areas for multiple users. A concrete fire pit is also available to maintain a friendly conversation in the chilling night.
You can also notice that the homeowner has torn off the bedroom wall and replaced it with French doors for more access and a fresher look. He also changed the dull and worn fence with a woven one, which adds texture and pattern to his space.

8. Add an Arbor

8. Add an Arbor by simphome.comAn arbor is an excellent addition to your exterior because it can supply a significant influence on it. Besides, you can use it in various kinds of ways. You can use it as a transition from your backyard to the garden, a gate of a walkway, or accentuate a bench.
To make this arbor, you will need four 4”x4”x10’ pressure treated posts, 3 2”x2”x8’ pressure-treated balusters, 2 2”x6”x8’ cedar boards, and another 2”x4”x8’.
First, you have to build the posts. You will also need to support keeping them standing straight while waiting for the concrete sets.
Once the concrete sets, you can install the crosspieces by attaching them to the posts with deck screws.
To make your arbor more functional and stylish, you can add trellises on both sides. Make vining plants climb up and wrap the trellises around for a dramatic backdrop. You can also hang planters hosting creeping myrtle from the crosspieces.

7. Improve the Front Yard Landscaping on a Budget

7. Improve the Front Yard Landscaping on a Budget by

Doing an exterior makeover does not have to cost you the earth. You can do many ways to carve out spectacular landscaping on the cheap.
Consider growing perennials, like daisies, lavender, and catmint, because they last a solid two years, meaning you do not have to replace them every single year.
You may need to add a tree as a focal point. However, buying a large tree can be costly. Therefore, you can opt for a sapling that will help you salt away some money.
Another thing that you should consider is swapping your lawn with rocks and pebbles. This way, you will cut down on the maintenance, such as mowing and watering it, which requires some money.

6. Low-Maintenance Exterior Makeover

6. Low Maintenance Exterior Makeover by simphome.comOne of the essential things to get a splendid exterior is by doing regular maintenance. However, it can be bothersome since it requires you to spend some time and money. Luckily, you can include some low-maintenance tricks into your makeover project to overcome this problem.
Having a lush-green lawn looking like a carpet covering the ground is fascinating. However, you will have to water and mow it regularly. You can make it simpler and less painful by investing in artificial turf.
If you have a deck, consider renewing the look with composite decking as it does not require you to sand, stain, or paint it regularly. More importantly, it will not rot, warp, nor splinter.
Siding is another thing that can give your exterior an instant facelift. If you are endeavoring to cut down on maintenance and cost, vinyl will be your safe bet when it comes to covering the walls.

5. Change the Color

5. Change the Color by simphome.comChanging the colors of the exterior is a dime a dozen. However, it always works like a charm. Therefore, if you are short on budget but you are longing for fresh curb appeal, consider repainting the walls and trims.
This house used to be unattractive with a dreary red wall and bland front yard, crying for a makeover. The homeowner simply repainted the wall gray for a modern look. Next, he made posts to jazz up the blah entryway.
As finishing, the homeowner also added some hydrangeas and sage to fill in the empty and unattractive space.

4. Accentuate the Front Door and Windows

4. Accentuate the Front Door and Windows by simphome.comThe front door is the centerpiece of any house. Therefore, you should not let it be bland. You can install an awning, a canopy, a porch roof, a portico, or an eave over it. This additional structure will add not only some shade but also a sort of style.
Besides the front door, you may also need to accentuate the windows by adding trims or installing shutters.

3. Coastal Vibes

3. Coastal Vibes by simphome.comThis house used to be dull and boring with the white siding. Furthermore, it was devoid of style and functional area. For this reason, the homeowner decided to do an extreme makeover. Now, you can see an exterior with coastal vibes here.
First, the homeowner has added a porch and gable roof to the house to relax while enjoying the neighborhood landscaping. He also has swapped the crisp white siding with the turquoise one and incorporated fish-scale siding on top to carve out the coastal flair.

2. Light the Yard Up

2. Light the Yard Up by simphome.comBear in mind that your neighbors and passersby will see your house during the day and night. Thus, you have to install some lighting to light up several essential spots, such as the pathway, the focal point, and the front door. You have the freedom to select any kind of garden lamp you desire, as long as you put safety as a priority.

Lastly, Number 1. Modern Exterior Makeover

1. Modern Exterior Makeover by simphome.com1. Modern Exterior Makeover by simphome.comThis old house has turned into a spectacular one that brings in modern flair. The homeowner simply added wooden privacy screens that flank the porch. As a complement, he also replaced the yellow siding below the windows with the same screens to match the look.

Now, you know that refurbishing an exterior is not just about repainting the walls and fence. You can do more than that to improve curb appeal. Hopefully, these 10 exterior makeovers inspire you to carve out jaw-dropping landscaping that will envy any passerby.



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