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Of course everyone wants to make their interior home design as perfect as possible, but you should remember that exterior home design is also as important as your interior design. Everything starts in your exterior appearance so if the exterior design looks bad then people will think that the interior would be as bad as the exterior even though you have make the interior looks great. For you who do not know what to do with your exterior, here are some ideas that you can try to use.

Exterior home design guide to create great appearance

1. Theme

If you decide to use a specific theme for the interior design, then you should also apply the same one for the exterior home design theme. This will make the exterior and interior unite together to create a link for both area. People who see it will not be surprise in negative way on the way your exterior and interior look together. It will also create a good chemistry for the both area. It will be easier for you to design them if you already know the theme you want to use, so this really a good step to start designing your exterior. (via home-designing)


2. Material

After you decide the style you will use, now it is time for you to decide the exterior home design material. There are a lot of materials that you can use such as steel, vinyl, cedar, brick, aluminum, stucco, or wood. When choosing them, you need to think about your budget, as well as durability of the material. Of course the weather condition in where you life will play a huge part on the durability. Another thing that can help you choose is the theme you have decided before. Some theme has specific material choice that you can easily follow. (via celebrationhomedesigns)


3. Roof

There are many things that you need to decide on the exterior home design roof. From the shape of the roof as well as the material. Nowadays a lot of people use flat roof because a lot of people uses minimalist and contemporary theme. As you can see theme also play a huge role in deciding which roof shape you will use for the house exterior. Then for the material, it is all about the budget and durability. Asphalt shingles are cheaper but you might also want to consider metals for durability according to the weather condition. (via opalexteriors)


4. Color

Color is another exterior home design element that you should think of since you will want the colors used in the design to match each other. Decide the combination of colors that you love the most and suitable with the theme you have chosen before. Think of the durability of the colors so you would not have to repaint them too often since some colors will fade easier than other colors. Choose color scheme from the theme that you have chosen before to make it easier for you to decide which colors to use. Balance everything by giving your exterior some accent color but still keep them simple. (via homebunch)


5. Garden

Another part of your exterior that you often disregard is the garden of your house. But you should know that the garden also a part of exterior home design that you should pay attention to. So you need to create a nice landscape that could support your house appearance and make it more beautiful. If you do not have any knowledge about the kind of plants that should be planted in your house, then you can just go with local plantation which already suitable for your environment weather. Contact local greenhouse or farm that sells plant to give you some suggestion. (via southernliving)


Tips in designing your house exterior

When designing everything detail is very important, so you also need to think further about the exterior home design detail. Decide what kind of window will work best for your house since some of you might want to have more natural lights coming from the windows. Your house theme usually has specific window size and style that could be use to decide the window detail easier.

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Trim is another detail that you should pay attention to since you should not go wrong with this detail. Having trims will make the exterior design of your house look more luxurious and deep. So you must choose suitable trim style based on your house theme. Some theme does not need to have too many trims since it might make the design look crowded so you really need to be very careful with this.


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When choosing every aspect in the exterior design you also need to think about the maintenance that you need to do in the future to keep the look perfect. Choose things that requires low maintenance if you do not have a lot of time or budget to take care of them.

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