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4 Essential Things Every Home Renovation Should Include

When you’re getting ready to take on a home renovation project, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of having a fresh feeling in your space. Of course, you should let yourself feel however you feel about it, but there are a few essential things you should make sure you’re thinking about and planning for. The following will explore four vital elements of a successful home renovation project.

A Revisitation Of The Fundamentals

Before you start tearing stuff out, moving things, and popping open paint cans, it’s critical that you revisit the fundamentals of your home. This means inspecting your foundation, roof, plumbing, and electrical systems. If any problems exist in these areas, they will have to be addressed at some point, and this almost always involves taking things apart. Home lovers from Techline Roofing also point out that your roof is what protects your home from the weather, and, as such, making sure it’s functioning optimally can help keep your renovations pristine for years to come. If you need to, schedule a professional inspection of the fundamentals. It would be terrible to have to tear apart all that crisp new drywall to get at the wiring two months after your renovation completes.

A Schedule That Makes Space For Sanity

Renovations, particularly extensive renovations, put a family under pressure. If even one room is off-limits for a week, you might find that the kids are fighting more since they’re packed into the same space or that your productivity is dwindling because you’re trying to get work done in the same room that your partner is on the phone with his mother. As well, the sound of construction and the feeling of the house being in disarray (especially if all your kitchen stuff is packed into the living room while the countertop is installed) can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed.

Schedule sanity time for everyone in the house during renovations. This might mean relying on friends or family for more visits than usual and making sure everyone is getting adequate alone time. If the kitchen or bathroom is part of the renovation, this might also mean planning meals that don’t require the use of the kitchen and scheduling showers/baths for everyone.

A Renovation Budget

Like any project, renovations can devour your money if you don’t approach them with a financial plan. You should know ahead of time what you’re willing to spend and have planned out your renovations within that range; a budget is non-negotiable. If every time you wander past your new living room, you think of the insane credit card bill you’re going to get this month, you’re not going to enjoy your new living room.

An Awareness Of Resale Value

Not every renovation can increase the value of your home. Sometimes changes to your home can actually decrease the value. Take the time to research the changes you want to make and their impact on property value. If you’re unsure whether something will hurt your resale value, reach out to a local real estate professional in your area and ask them before beginning.

The above should have given you a shortlist of things your home renovation should include. It’s always a good idea to expect a renovation to take 30% longer than you initially expected and cost 30% more because renovating usually involves one or two surprise discoveries that need to be dealt with before the renovation can continue.

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