Energy Efficient Home Design Ideas to Save More Energy

Nowadays government suggest everyone to make their house to be more energy efficient, especially for those who just build a new house since you can design it fully energy efficient. For you who already have a house, you can also try to redesign the house to be more energy efficient by changing a few things even though there is a limit of what you can do. Learn energy efficient home design first before you build a new house or remodel your house to adapt this design. Here is some information that you need to know which may help you design a more energy efficient house.

Energy efficient home design inspiration for your house

1. Insulation

Making your house become more energy efficient means that you have to build the house using energy efficient home design. That way your house will only use less energy thus it will save you more money when you use them in a longer term. There are a lot of things that you should have in your home design and the first is perfect insulation to go against the cold weather. You will need to install weather stripping in area that has gap such as windows and doors. This will be able to prevent heat or cold from leaving or entering your house thus you will only use less energy to lower or increase the temperature of your house. (via canadianinsulationinc and thisoldhouse)



2.Fluorescent bulbs

For you who already have a house, you could still change the lighting to be more efficient. The energy efficient home design lighting that you can use is fluorescent bulbs, so make sure you change your old incandescent bulbs after they are burned out. Purchasing fluorescent one will be more expensive at first sight. However for the longer term it will be cheaper to use as it can be used longer than the incandescent one and it create less heat. (adsinc and scienceprogress)

Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs-2

3. Programmable thermostat

The energy efficient home design involves the use of advanced technology as they can really help to control everything. And you need to be able to control the temperature of your house. Heating or cooling the room when it is unoccupied will waste both energy and your money. But if you have programmable thermostat you can program it to only heat or cool the room right before you arrive home or right before you wake up. (via clintonj and comfort-pro)

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostat-2

4. Plant trees

It is advised to use more natural lights as your light source whenever you can. However you should also control the heat from the sun since it will be able to make your house heat too much especially in the summer. That is why you need to plant several trees in the right place to give the much needed shades for your house. Plan the energy efficient home design landscape well so you will be able to get natural lights coming in but still have enough shade to prevent too much heat. (via asphaltmaterials and houselogic)

plant trees

plant trees-2

5. Solar panel

The sun will be able to give you free energy for your house, which is why you might want to install enough solar panels in your house. You can use this energy efficient home design solar panel to heat the water thus you might want to invest on solar water heater. At first installing solar panels might be expensive, but for the longer term you can lower the electricity cost from the water heating, and tax credit which eventually make up the installation cost and give you a huge difference. (via qsdt and chinasteelmaterial)

solar panel

solar panel-2

Tips in creating a more energy efficient house

You should also use a lot of energy efficient appliance and system which will make your house become more efficient. Search for product that has energy star label which means those products are more energy efficient. Those kinds of product might be more expensive at first, however you can compare how much energy that they use every year and see the difference in purchasing a product with energy star label. For the longer term, they will use less energy than other product in similar model, so it will actually cost you lest when using it.
Maintenance is also important to keep your energy efficient home design at prime condition.

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Check the insulators stripping each year to see if it is still in good condition and replace them when necessary. If you want to reduce the heat inside your house, try to use less appliance that create more heats such as hair dryer, clothes dryer, oven, and other machine which create heats when runs. By reducing the heat creation, then you will be able to use less energy to cool down the temperature. That is why try to use those appliance in the cooler time such as evening or early morning so you do not feel the need to cool down the temperature while using it.

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