Eclectic Home Décor Inspiration to Balance Everything

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Maybe not many people understand what eclectic style is as actually there is no exact definition of even eclectic home décor that could describe this style. The idea is to mix and match everything that you like and love inside your house from pattern to plain, flower to stripe, geometric and curvy, really everything that you love. So it is actually easy thing to do but with a bit trick that you need to learn. The key is to do it in a way so your house would not look messy with all different things that you put inside. That is why there are several rules that you must do in order to create beautiful eclectic house.

How to Use Eclectic Home Décor inside Your House Interior?

1. Mix and match

As we mention before the key to this eclectic home décor is the way that you should mix and match items inside your house. You could mix and match anything from the colors of the items to the pattern of the items even the texture of the items, anything really. For example you can try to mix and match your dining chairs colors, your cutlery set, tea set, Sofa and chair’s color and pattern, your interior wall color and even your exterior wall colors. But remember that things that you mix and match should complement one another so it will all create a perfect balance that you searching for. (via franklinnz)

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2. Repetition

To make every eclectic home décor that you use inside your house balanced you need to do some repetition. So even though they are different things but there is at least one element that tie them together such as the color, shape, pattern, size, and many other. For example you can use dining chair with different color and pattern but keep all of them the same size or shape as the repetition. You can also use lighting with different shape but with the same color. Another option is to use pillow case in different color but with the same pattern or vice versa. (via houzz)

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3. Texture

To add some deep into your interior design you must have some texture added to the eclectic home décor. And as it is eclectic style, it means you must mix and match different texture into your house. Mix your hardwood floor with fluffy rug. You can also use upholster sofa then put plastic chairs on the table besides them. Or you can also use leather sofa and mix it with rustic wooden table. For your kitchen you can use marble countertop, tiles backsplash, wooden cupboard and chairs as the mixture of texture. With all of those texture surely your room will rich and become deeper which will add the beauty of your design. This texture is another key element of eclectic home theme that you must remember. If you later want to add new items to your room, think about the contrast of the texture that the new piece will bring to the room. (via aroominmind)

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4. Keep the background clean

As you will add a lot of things inside the room to mix and match it then it is better when you keep the background clean. That way the background will not overpower the items you put inside your house and it will be able to create beautiful frame for the room. That is why it is better for you to paint your wall with plain natural color. But if you do not like white color as background then you can also take a color that you already use as eclectic home décor color then use it on your wall. Then you can add splash of colors to it by using your window treatment or just hung a lot of wall arts. (via le-chien-a-taches)

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5. Give accent

Since you can add a lot of things to eclectic theme, you can really give a nice accent for your house decoration. The eclectic home décor accent should be something special that you found from your trip or even an old piece from your grandmother house. Just inside them inside the room and make it the center. For example you can use unique plush pillow in your bedroom, chandelier for dining room, painting or coffee table for living room. (via completelytotallymadly)

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Tips in Using Eclectic Theme inside Your House

The best thing about using eclectic theme inside your house is that everyone could decorate it even though you are not a professional home designer. All you need to do is to keep the eclectic home décor that you use at balance. So every time you want to add something to the room, think of an element of that item which has some connection to the items inside the room. Everything inside the room should have a line that connect them all, so even though it looked mixed but it is actually match one another.

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