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10 Dry Garden Ideas For A Small Area (Indoor)

One challenge of indoor gardening is making sure plants always have enough water. However, creating one indoors is still a clever way to enjoy a water-efficient garden. To be specific, creating a dry garden. In detail next, we will discuss ten dry garden ideas for a small indoor area that you can easily copy or tweak according to your space and style. As always, Simphome presents you with the countdown.

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10. Succulent Boxes on the Wall Idea

Having a wall of succulent gardens is both picturesque and charming. Interested? Here are the steps to follow.
First, prepare the planters. You can use old photo frames or create new boxes. If you choose frames, you can add a shadow box frame, giving you more space for the root to spread. Cover the inside of the box using plastic to prevent it from getting rotten. Then fill it using damp moss.

The next step is stapling wire mesh to the box so the moss stays firmly inside. When the planters are ready to use, take your collection of succulents. Prune the roots so you can plant them through the wire effortlessly. Use your finger to dig the moss and put a piece of succulent. Fill the box with your selection and let them lay flat for several days to take root before hanging them on your wall.

9. A Collection of Staghorn Ferns Idea

Despite its seeming frailty, Staghorn Fern makes a remarkable addition to any indoor garden. On the other hand, installation is simple and requires little in the way of tools. Here is a step-by-step how to mount them on your wall.
Choose sturdy and proportionate boards to support the plants. Draw a circle in a location where you want to mount your staghorn. Then tack nails evenly around the perimeter of the circle.

Next, place the root ball inside your circle. Cover its root with moss. The last step is securing the plants to the board by weaving a fishing line around the moss using the nail line. Add twine to the back of the board. Your staghorn board is ready to decorate your wall.

8. Let This Cute Turtle Take over Your Attention

Yes, succulents can indeed boost your mood. Anyway, instead of just sticking it in a pot and calling it good, why don’t you make a cool turtle out of it instead?

Take four pots of the same size and put them upside down. They will be the turtle legs. Fill a hanging basket with moss, then place it on top of them. Shape a chicken wire into a turtle’s head and attach it to the basket. Now, it is time to fill the space with succulents. Arrange different kinds and sizes of succulents that make them look like a turtle’s shell. Cover the head and legs completely using green moss.

7. Turn an Old Tire into a Planter Table

To duplicate the project, you’ll need a tire, rope, circular board, table legs, artificial succulents, and craft moss. Start with the tire, board, and legs by attaching them with screws. To do your job easily, put the circle at the bottom.

Use a glue gun to stick one rope’s end around the board’s perimeter. Wind and adhere the rope around the tire until it is completely covered. Turn the table, fill the tire’s opening with craft moss, and arrange the faux plants. You can load the tire with bubble wrap or sawdust below the craft moss to reduce the expenses. Finish it by laying a round glass on top of it.

6. A miniature Zen garden on Your Coffee Table

If you are not lucky enough with plants, this idea should be on your list. Using natural elements, Zen Garden is pretty simple to make without having the responsibility of watering a plant. Moreover, after the project is done, you’ll have a functional coffee table and leg rest, too, when no one is around.

  • First, your task is to build the center box of the table.
  • Then attach the table legs to the box.
  • After that, install the top. Make sure that you measure it right.
  • When all the parts have been assembled, sand to remove any lumps, then apply a couple of coats of stain until you get the color you want.
  • The last step is creating the rock garden using sand and small stones.

5. Another Worth-Stealing Terrarium Idea

Most of you must think of a glass bowl when you hear about a terrarium. It is a fantastic interior piece, but you can go further by turning a coffee table into one. Follow these steps to have your own terrarium table. Firstly, remove the table top and add a grow box inside the table legs.

Layer it with waterproof materials or use a pond shell. Then, load the box’s bottom part with clay balls, then layer it with moss and horticultural charcoal. Thirdly, make planting holes and put the plants in them. Moisten the plants with water and replace the glass top.

4. Repurpose A Bar Cart

Once again, it is time to repurpose your unused furniture into something dramatic. This bar cart, for example, is a great planter for a succulent garden. If you have a bar cart at home, take it outside, clean it thoroughly, and coat it with waterproof paint.

Once the coating has dried, arrange different sizes of bottles in the lower part. Fill the remaining area with moss. Then plant masses of succulents in it. Use small glasses as a pot for small plants and place them on top.

3. Burst More Color with Bulbs

You might want some blooms to brighten the interior of your house. Growing bulbs is an option you can choose. If you like this idea, opt for tender bulbs like amaryllis, begonia tubers, or cyclamen corms.

Once you have selected your flowers, it is time to pick their containers. Then, add a small amount of gravel at the bottom. Set the bulbs on the gravel and add soil to the container. Water it regularly. Don’t let it be too moist or too dry, though. Where you will place the plant determines the size of your flower and container.

2. A Wreath of Tillandsia

Tillandsia is known for its ability to take water from the humidity in the air. There are many ways to create hanging tillandsia; one is making a wreath.
You only need three materials: a base wreath, tillandsia, and something to attach them. You can choose how to assemble them among these three methods.

  • Method one, use a fishing line to tie the plants to the base. Weave the line around your plants to make them stay firmly. However, this might hurt the plants.
  • Method two is gluing the plant to the base. Since the plants are bulky, glue both the plants and the base.
  • The last method is using its own root to anchor the plants. Weave the roots around the base. Tie a knot here and there.

Desert in an Aquarium

For a cactus fan, you ought to try this. You can adore their beauty while being careful of their spikes. Although it needs some effort to build, you will be satisfied with the result.

Now, pick your spot to build this cactus aquarium. If you want it sturdier, create it using brick or concrete. But if you’re going to remodel it easily, use several boards to make the base.
Once you have made the base, fill them with sand and gravel.

Leave some holes to plant the cactus. After that, sit the cactus inside and anchor them with soil. The last step is installing the glass to complete the aquarium desert. Make sure to leave some space to water them.


This countdown of 10 dry garden ideas for a small area (indoor) is excellent to take as a DIY project. You get the benefit of adding charm to your home without fussing too much about how to water them. What are you waiting for? Give them a try.



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