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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Shed?

There is a lot that comes into play when you’re planning a construction project. In most instances, people forego some of the processes to save cash. However, cutting corners can have some adverse side effects on the overall outcome or progress of your project.

Planning permissions are essential before you even break ground. However, there is always a grey area on which size of projects will require you to get planning permission. In this case, it is always best to consult a construction expert.

Below we look at why you need planning permission for a shed. We will also explain what planning permission is.

What is Planning Permission?

Getting planning permission is a legal requirement before you break ground. Other than planning permission, there are other legal requirements you need to get, for example, building permits. However, the need to get these legal permits will depend on the size of the project.

As mentioned before, we recommend visiting the necessary authorities in your region for further inquiries. A construction consultant will also come in handy to help you carry out feasibility studies on the size of your project and what permits you will need before beginning the construction process.

Not getting planning permission can hamper the progress of your project in various ways. You may be forced to demolish the project and apply for planning permission first. Other than that, you may be taken to court and asked to pay a fine.

Process of Obtaining Planning Permission

Whether you need planning permission for a shed will depend on various things. There is also a process that is involved when obtaining planning permission. The first step is a site survey and design meeting that involves checking out the area where you’re planning to set up the construction project.

After that, a consultant from Humphreysandsons will review your project’s drawings. A licensed architect should do the drawings, and this will ensure that the project is up to standard in terms of design and safety features as required by law.

The other things you will need are the design and policy support documents. These will include the engineering drawings, quantity surveyor’s reports, and other professional documents related to the project.

Once you have everything in order, your consultant will help you submit them to the relevant authorities. The building and construction team will review your documents and approve them if everything is in order.

Bottom Line

We recommend hiring a construction consultant when planning to begin any construction project. They will help you get your documents in order as you plan to build your shed. It is also essential to involve professionals such as architects and quantity surveyors so that your drawings and other required documents are in order.

The planning permission stage can be pretty tedious, so having a pro next to you will be helpful. Approval for your planning permission can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks. However, if your documents are not in order or there are errors, you may need to reapply for the planning permission.

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