5 Simple DIY Wood Project Ideas for More Organized Bedroom

There is nothing more annoying than going back home from exhausting work only to find out your bedroom is messy and not in the least bit comforting to rest your drained body in. The lack of storage or space to stash your belongings might be the reason as to why your stuff is all over the place. Don’t worry your pretty little head

1.Chic Design for Your Nightstand

simphome chic nightstand

If you happen to have one used wooden crate or two at the garage, take them out and build a nightstand by turning into a standing position with the shorter side on the bottom and attach ball feet for decoration. Coat it with a white paint and embellish the inside part with scraps of wallpaper you have lying around at home as long as it matches your overall bedroom theme. Put it beside your bed as your nightstand and adorn it with a lamp on top and a nice frame or a vase. Try this extremely simple DIY wood project idea for more organized bedroom. It will only take 1 hour at most out of your schedule. (via hgtv)

2.Mantel Shelf


simphome mantel shelf 2

Shelves are so “in” right now and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one, or rather build one to stash your stuff. A mantel shelf will add a lot of interest to your plain bedroom and you can nail one without having to buy them at IKEA. You will only need three 8 feet 1” x 12” oak boards, dark walnut stain and wood glue. Cut all your boards in half to create six 4 feet boards and sand them to smooth any rough edges. Stain each board with a sponge brush and stack them with a 2” overhang on each side after they are dry. Apply wood glue once stacked as needed and use clamps to secure them. (via remodelaholic)

3.Go for Two-Tiered This Time

simphome two tiered shelf

Another wooden project you can try to organize your bedroom. Two-tiered open floating shelves seem to give off a classic vibe in any room they are installed. Choose plain planks with approximately 3ft wide and with 2” thickness for the best looking and most sturdy shelves. In addition, if you are worried attaching them with brackets would shatter the beauty of the shelves because of their stark difference in colors then you might want to fasten them with screws into studs. Polish the woods in dark walnut stain and seal them with Hemp Oil. These spots are perfect to display your frames or vintage vase decorations. (via liversal)

4.Pallet Can Solve It!

simphome pallet book storage

In every chaotic bedroom , books always seem to be one of the factors of the mess. Bookshelves are a must if you have quite an extensive book collection. Do a little woodwork and get yourself a customized bookshelf. Make yourself a single pallet and mount it on the wall to stack your books. Secure it with bolts or brackets. (via letthemeatchicken)

5.magazine containers

simphome magazine container

This might sound simple but there’s no harm in starting from the bottom, right? Make your room a little less messy by stashing your magazines and any books with this simple magazine storage container. You can build four bins from one 2 x 4 feet sheet of ¼ inch plywood and two 6 feet long 1x4s. Cut the wood with jigsaw and band saw. Say bye-bye to shambolic world with this simple DIY wood project ideas for more organized bedroom. (via familyhandyman)

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