10 DIY Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom is supposed to be the most relaxing rooms in your home as you can have a good sleep and nice dream. However, some people find their bedroom blah and stark. And when a stark room combines with limited space, there lies a super uncomfortable bedroom. But you can turn it into a super cozy bedroom by applying some DIY small bedroom decorating ideas that can amp your bedroom up.

Decorating your small bedroom is all about combining colors, mixing and matching furniture, or even making stunning adornments from scratch. If you are looking for DIY inspiration for your small bedroom, don’t miss these 10 DIY small bedroom decorating ideas! FYI, This nice list is completed with a relevant video that you share with anyone in your social media friend list.

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10. Incorporate a Lively Lift

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Adding plants to your bedroom has always been a great idea. Nothing can beat their natural charm that permeates the good vibes into the room, not to mention the better air circulation provided by the plants.
To add plants to your bedroom, you can begin with placing a flower bouquet on the table.

Or, you can go with a more spectacular and epic idea – using vines. You can use almost any vine to decorate your bedroom, but ivy would be nice as it is lightweight.
You only need to hang the ivy over the headboard and let it dangle a little bit to add a dramatic focal point. You can add two or three wall hooks to shape the ivy as you pleased.

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9. Go Vintage with Pressed Leaves

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If vintage style is your thing, you’re gonna love to hang pressed leaves over your headboard. This is a super easy and affordable DIY project. But you have two choices here. You can go with the real leaves or the fake ones that will last longer and save lots of time.
If you choose the real leaves or flowers, you need to flatten them by laying them on a piece of parchment paper in the middle page of a heavy book.
Add another parchment paper on the leaves before closing the book. You can also stack up one or two other thick books onto the book with the leaves, and leave it for about 30 minutes.

Once the leaves have been flattened, lay one of the leaves on a double-glass frame. Then, hang it over your headboard.

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8. Space-Saving Laptop Stand

8 Space Saving Laptop Stand via simphome

You will not make this desk from the scratch as you will add a twist to an ikea vitsjjo laptop stand. The original IKEA Vitsjjo features glass top, which might not be too sturdy to host a stack of books or heavier stuff at once. Therefore, it would be better if you replace the glass with butcher-block.
You will need to do a little bit of cutting and shaving so the butcherblock can fit snugly. You will also need to drilled in six notches so the table frame can hold on it tightly. To make it sturdier, add a plywood board after installing the butcherblock to the frame. Secure the board by screwing the plywood to the butcherblock.

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7. Wood Slice Headboard

7 Wood Slice Headboard via simphome

Headboard is one of the most conspicuous things in your bedroom. Therefore, it can make a nice decorating item. And this headboard will add a little bit of rustic touch to your bedroom.
To make this headboard, you will only need to get a board, then stain or paint it dark. After that, get some wood slices and glue them down to the board.

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6. Rainbow Wall Hanging

6 Rainbow Wall Hanging via simphome

Apparently, it is not only your bedroom that needs to be embellished but also your daughter’s. And she’s gonna love this wall décor a lot.
Making this rainbow wall hanging is very simple. You can even make your daughter engaged in this fun project. The first thing you need to do is just getting 7 fabrics that represent the colors of the rainbow. Cut them into some strips.

Then, tie the strips onto the wooden rod. Please feel free to use any kind of tying option you like, but make sure you tie the strips according the rainbow order.
Finally, hang the rod over the headboard using cord or string.

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5. Display Your Memories

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Sometimes a stunning decoration for your bedroom does not have to be complicated. Even a simple one can make a perfect decoration just like this photo display, especially if you are trying to eschew more expense.
To get this wonderful wall décor, you only need to grab your favorite photos and attach them on the wall to form the shape of a big heart. These photos will not only improve your bedroom look but also remind you of the beautiful memories you had.

4. Spray Paint Your Mirror

4 Spray Paint Your Mirror via simphome

Are you bored with the mirror in your bedroom? You can renew its look by replacing the frame, which will demand a little bit of your carpentry skills and your weekend. But, you can go with a less arduous option which will only take a few hours.
Just take your mirror out, cover the mirror with old newspaper and painter tape, sand the frame, then you can begin to apply a few coats of white spray paint. Easy peasy, right?

3. Wooden Shelf

3 Wooden Shelf via simphome

Incorporating storage solutions while adorning your bedroom? Why not? This shelf will help you keep things organized as well as displaying your books and some other accessories that can enhance the appearance of your bedroom. You will only need to get some boards, cut, sand, stain, and assemble them using screws.

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2. Let Butterflies Fly

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Little girls love pretty little things like fairies and butterflies. Therefore, bringing some butterflies to her bedroom will make her smile exuberantly. However, it is a pie in the sky. You can’t keep some butterflies and trap them in an enclosed room, can you? So, you can go with fake butterflies.
Get some colored paper and cut the shape of a butterfly. It has to be symmetrical because you will fold it in half. Finally, attach the butterflies on the wall over the headboard.

1. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

1 DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights via simphome

When you turn off the light at night, you will see a magic from this bedroom decorating ideas. You might have come across a lot of tutorials about how to make jars with fairy lights. But this one is super easy and lasts forever.
You only need to get a jar. Any jar will do. Then, get an acetate sheet and cut it so it can be rolled and fit snugly into your jar. Then, you just need to make an abundance of small dots of glow-in-the-dark paint. And, that’s it!

So Those are 10 spectacular DIY small bedroom decorating ideas that you can do at home. They are easy to make and such money-mindful décor that will escort you to your sweet dream. Happy trying!


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