10 DIY Shabby Chic Décor tutorials

If you are one of those who are taking part in the development of interior trends, you must have heard Shabby Chic. Quite often, you will see Shabby Chic-style trinkets that are displayed in various markets and retail stores.
Shabby chic is an interior design style where a worn, lived-in look furniture are chosen to achieve the appearance of an antique. Throw in soft colors, a mix of vintage and new decor, and feminine accents. It will remind you of the beautiful villages in Paris that feels comfortable and soothing.
Shabby Chic trend often leads to floral patterns that are soft and asymmetrical. But its beauty is increasingly sticking out due to the free accent. There’s no question why shabby chic design is so appealing to many. When done right, this style gives the perfect look and the feeling of relaxation.

Next, here are 10 DIY Shabby chic décor tutorials that will strike every corner of your room. Same as last post, this list, image poster, and video under it is presented for you by

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10. Show Me Your Love with Shutter

10. Show Me Your Love with Shutter via Simphome

This soft pink shutter love décor will add some more subtle Shabby Chic style into your house. Shutters will be easily found at yard sales and thrift stores all the store, or you can search of your own backyard and find one if you are lucky. Find the letter for the word LOVE to be attached on the shutter. You can make it out of painted-black woods or thick paper. Use the smallest nails to peg the letters so that later if you want to change it again you can easily remove and it doesn’t really show. You can hang it in your living room near the door so guests will easily spot it. Or, you can also hang it on the wall above the fireplace.

9. A Lavish-Look Candlestick idea

9. Lavish Look Candlesticks via Simphome

This DIY turns a pair of hideous old candle holders into something beautiful. This thrift store candlestick makeover was super easy, super cheap, and unique. First, paint the candlesticks with two coats of French blue chalk paint. Then, lightly distress the candlesticks with a sanding block to create worn-out look. Last, put some sparkly adornments on the candlesticks with hot glue to complete the glamorous shabby chic look. You can use old earrings or brooch. Wouldn’t these be perfect on a nightstand or a wedding reception table?
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8. A Candle Light Holder idea

8. Candle Light Holder via Simphome

Have dinner with your loved one and lighten up your room with this romantic candle product. Bring up a shabby chic design in the dining room by making this DIY candle holder with a minimal investment. To complete this idea, you will need small wooden board, old ladle, paint, sandpaper, and nail. This is super easy. Paint the wooden board white and sand it for worn-out look. Attach the ladle onto the board with nail and your romantic candle holder is ready.

7. An Elegant Ruffled Spiral Décor idea

7. Elegant Ruffled Spiral via Simphome

Ruffles is one part of shabby chic décor. This DIY gives you the idea to make a ruffle spiral pillow for your living room, bed room or at any corner of your house.

To start with, grab a good chunk of fabric and cut strips selvage to selvage twice the width you want your ruffles. Join the short ends of each strip one to the next to make one continuous strip. Serge the open edges to prevent it from fray. Then, send your strip through your ruffler foot and ruffle that strip up. Next, create the spiral. Begin with the outer perimeter and move your way in. You can either pin, sew, or hot glue the ruffles.

6. A Classic Stool Makeover Idea

6. Classic Stool via Simphome

Make over an ordinary stool into this shabby chic one that will perfectly fit you dressing table. Prepare a sheet of plain cloth, Paris-themed sticker, paint, sandpaper and hot glue. First, sand the stool and paint it white. Then use staple gun to attach the cloth cover to the underside of the seat. Do not forget to insert a cushion under the cloth. The Paris graphic is made by transfer the picture onto the cloth with specific tool. Next, make a lot of drop cloth rosettes. Rip strips 2” wide, twist the end and wrap it. Hot glue as you go and clip the end. Then hot glue the rosettes in place. Make sure they were in the same size.

5. Dress Up Your Drawers with A Chic Style Makeover Idea

5. Dress Up Your Drawers via Simphome

For this project you may either dress up your being-worn drawers of makeover an unused one. This drawer will add a shabby chic feel into your bedroom. Begin with clean and sand the drawers. Then paint it white, blue or pink, anything you like. For the drawer fronts, lay a piece of lace fabric over and spray painting, but tape off the edge of the drawers first to keep the white paint. If you like, you can also paint the handles silver.

4. A Fabulous Pink Mason Jar idea

4. Fabulous Pink Mason Jars via Simphome

These mason jars will sure fit any corner of your room, at living room, on the night stand in the bedroom, or even on a mini table at your front yard. The materials are regular mason jars, rubbing alcohol, Acrylic craft paint (Bright Baby Pink & Snow Titanium White), paint brushes, sandpaper, clear coat sealant in matte finish.

First, clean the jars thoroughly. Wipe down with rubbing alcohol, wash with hot soapy water and dry completely. Then, paint the jars with two coats. Start at the top, then turn the jars over and paint the bottom half. Let them dry overnight and distress the jars. Last, seal the paint twice with clear sealer. Put some pink flowers and the jars are ready.

3. A Shabby Chic Lampshade idea

3. Shabby Chic Lampshade via Simphome

This shabby chic rosette lampshade is super fun. Items you’ll need for this project are glue gun and glue sticks, 3 yards of pink cloth, lampshade and lamp base. To make the rosette rip strips 2” wide, twist the end and wrap it. Hot glue as you go and clip the end. You can create a various size of roses for artistic look. After you have completed putting all of your roses together, start hot gluing them onto your lampshade in the pattern that you desire & you’re finished! The lamp is best placed in the bedroom.

2. Distressed Furniture Makeover idea

2. Distressed Furniture via Simphome

One characteristics of shabby chic design is the slightly peeled furniture that looks old and worn out. Using vinegar is one technique to distress the furniture. But first clean the furniture with a damp rag and paint it with two coats.
Distressing with vinegar technique is super easy to do and much less tiring. The result is so authentic and worn, as though it’s aged naturally. This technique works to every kind of furniture such as stool, table, drawer, etc.

Lastly number 1. A Window Coffee Table Makeover idea

1. Window Coffee Table via Simphome

This rustic coffee table will stand out in your living room, warm, cozy, and full of great storage, surrounded by family and friends. The tools and materials you need are glass window, hinges, drawer pull, pedestal, wood planks, screws, L brackets, paint, chop saw, sandpaper, and drill.

Step 1, make a base for the window so that you can create storage inside of the coffee table. Use a chop saw to cut your wood planks down to the same size as your window. Create the bottom of the storage base for the coffee table. Use “L” brackets to secure the storage box.
Step 2, install the legs using a power drill. Step 3, cover the window glass for the top of the coffee table with spray paint because you won’t everyone see what are inside. Step 4, attach your window to the top of the table using the vintage hinges. Then, attach the vintage drawer pull to the other side of the window. And, you’re done!

So, those are 10 DIY shabby chic décor pieces that can make any corner of your house become more striking. They are easy to make, yet mesmerizing, and it is completed with a reference that you can use to upgrade your room décor to a new level.


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