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40 DIY Rustic Furniture Ideas and Wood Projects

10 DIY rustic furniture projects via thumbnail featured

Bedroom is a place where you relax, call it a night, and be yourself. Since this is your private room, it has to be able to show who you are and what you are keen on.
Adding a personality boost to your bedroom is not that easy. Although It isn’t an impossible mission either, though. You only need to get some ideas and harness your creativity to apply those ideas to the space.

And if you are really into the classic of rustic look, these 10 DIY rustic furniture projects are for you (and more than relevant dozen ideas following the top 10). As always, this compilation is crafted for you by And the cool thing is, the list comes with an awesome video that you can enjoy, watch together, or share with anyone who adore you on your social media.

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10 DIY Rustic Furniture Projects for Your Bedroom via Pinterest Featured Image

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10. A Rustic Lantern project idea

10. Rustic Lanterns via SimphomeIf you aren’t ready with a big project yet, this small project will do in a pinch. Adorning your bedroom with a rustic lantern can be a good start. Even if your bedroom adopts modern flair, adding this lantern will add a nuance to it.
To make this lantern, you’re going to need 2, 2x2s at 6 feet long, 2 1/4″ screws, wood glue, stain or paint, and mitre saw. The first thing you need to do is cut a wood plank into four pieces and glue them down together. Use clamp to set them together. This will be the base and the top of the lantern, so you’re going to cut it in half.

Then, cut the 2×2 to make four posts that connect the base and the top. Assemble the posts, base, and top using screws. Next, you’re going to need to make its legs from scrap. They have to be 1”x ¾”. Attach the four legs at the bottom, whitewash the lantern, and you’re done!

9. A Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood idea

9. Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood via SimphomeThis bookshelf is awesome. It will not only help you host your books and knick-knacks, but also provide the well-worn look that will round out your rustic bedroom.
To make this bookshelf, you need to make the frame first out of some boards. Then, attach some other boards for the shelfing. Make sure they are level and evenly spaced. To achieve this goal, you can cut scrap pieces of wood that you’re going to use as spacers.
And here comes the fun part. Simply attach the reclaimed wood to the bookshelf using brad nails to bring the rustic look in.


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8. A Rustic Headboard idea on the Cheap

8. Rustic Headboard on the Cheap via SimphomeHeadboards are dispensable. Therefore, people with small bedroom tend to ditch their headboards. Actually, the headboard can make a great focal point, especially if you want to accentuate a certain style, including the rustic style.
This headboard is easy to make. Not only will it enhance the rustic look of your bedroom, but also offer textural element. Besides, the cool design can match your contemporary bedroom too.

Making this headboard is super easy and cheap. You only need to get some birch tree slices. You can get them by searching roadside for small fallen trees, and cut them into several small pieces. Then, spread wood glue on each of the slice, and attach them onto the painted plywood until it is completely covered. You can seal the headboard using water-based polyacrylic if necessary.

7. A Pallet Bed Frame idea with Lights

7. Pallet Bed Frame with Lights via SimphomeUpcycling is the best way to get what you need on the cheap. And this pallet bed frame is an awesome upcycling project I recommend you to follow.
As you can see, it is eminently simple. You only need some wooden pallets, stack them up to form the bed frame, and secure them with nails or screws. Don’t forget to install LED string lights in the frame so you can get dim light that add a romantic ambiance to your bedroom.
You can also add the rustic lantern from the previous project to complete the look.

6. Side Table with X End idea

6. Side Table with X End via Simphome

X-ends are one of the most significant characteristics of a farmhouse style which can give your room the rustic look that you have been dreaming of instantly.
To make this side table, you’re going to need:
• 2, 2×2 at 8’ long for the legs and side supports.
• 2, 1×2 select pine at 8’ long for the Xs and mitered edges around the table.
• 1, 2’x4’ sheet of ½” plywood that you’re going to use for the top and shelves.
• 16, 1” pocket hole screws
• 16 ,2 ½” pocket hole screws.
• 36, 18-gauge x 1 ¼” brad nails. and
• Wood filler and wood glue.

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5. A Rustic Dresser Makeover idea

5. Rustic Dresser Makeover via SimphomeMaking furniture pieces from scratch is a nice way to get what you need. However, it may take time and not suitable for a complete novice. You can still make a cool and rustic piece of furniture by adding a twist to the existing furniture, like this dresser.
To get this look, you can use the dresser in your bedroom or you can get an inexpensive one from a flea market or garage sale around you. Just make sure it is still in its A1 condition with its good bones.
First, you need to remove the hardware and sand all the drawers. Then, stain them with “Dark Walnut”. Once it is dry, dry brush the drawers with “Little Lamb” by Fusion Mineral. Finally, paint the frame of the drawers with “Coal Black” by Fusion Mineral.

Now, it’s time to cut the number out and trace them on each drawer, then hand paint them with “Coal Black” to match the frame. Before tracing them on the drawers, sand the drawers using orbital sander for a more rustic look.

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4. A Romantic and Rustic Pendant Light idea

4. Romantic and Rustic Pendant Light via SimphomeIncorporate a little bit touch of romantic ambiance to your bedroom by making this rustic pendant light. It’s a fun and easy project to do for your weekend.
You only need a rustic ladder made of white birch logs, and hang it right above your bed. Then, decorate it using mason jars, silk wisteria flower bunches, wicker bird nests, craft birds, LED copper-wire faerie lights, and some other accessories you like.

3. An Upholstered X-Bench project idea

3. Upholstered X Bench via SimphomeThis bench features X ends which will definitely add the charm of farmhouse style to your bedroom. To make it more comfortable, top it with upholstery.
To upholster this bench, cut out 1” foam to the size of the top of your plywood bench. You can use some leftover foam to save more bucks. Glue down the foam to the top of the bench using spray adhesive. Then, cover the foam using a couple of pillows to cut down on more expenses. Wrap it with batting and secure it with staple from the back. Cover it with your favorite upholstery fabric. Finally, attach the upholstered bench onto the bench frame using screws.

2. A Bedroom Bench with Storage idea

2. Bedroom Bench with Storage via SimphomeThis is another similar project that is worth copying. You can make a longer bench to add more storage to your small bedroom. You can either top it with upholstery or a stained board. The choice is yours. But don’t forget the X ends for the rustic style.

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Lastly number 1. Industrial Wall-Mounted Shelf idea

1. Industrial Wall Mounted Shelf via SimphomeThis wall-mounted shelf is made of galvanized pipes and some wood planks which will give your bedroom a little bit of industrial look. Don’t worry! Making this shelf is a breeze. You just need to assemble the galvanized pipes and screw them to the wall. Then, insert the wooden boards in the frame, and screw them to make them sturdier and stay in place.
So, you’ve just acknowledged 10 DIY rustic furniture projects for your bedroom. Why DIY? Because you deserve some semblance of style that meets your budget and need. So, roll up your sleeves and begin to make your dream bedroom become tangible.


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20 Additional Ideas:

Exported from our previous publications

5 DIY Rustic Home Décor Ideas for Rentals: Decorating the House with Simple Projects:

If you are thinking to decorate your rental home but you are rather low on the budgets, no need to fret because these DIY rustic home décor ideas for rentals will help you. I have 5 ideas here. The problem with rental homes is that you don’t want to spend exorbitant amount of money for a temporary place – a place you know you will leave someday. These ideas are quite inexpensive and they can be easily removed – feel free to take them with you when you move out! You can make some of them from unused items around the house, while some of them can be purchased in very low price. This is 5 DIY Rustic Home Décor Ideas for Rentals: Decorating the House with Simple Projects by your list maker

1. Temporary Subway Tile

Temporary Subway Tile 1 Simphome com

Temporary Subway Tile 2 Simphome com
Thinking about changing the old and plain wall, but you don’t really want to paint it off? Do you want to add textures and colors to the wall, but you don’t really have lots of times and also the money? No need to worry! With this subway tile, you can change the look of the house without having to spend tons of money – and you don’t have to break a lot of sweat either. This type of tile can be easily installed through very simple management. You can buy them at home improvement stores without having to spend a fortune. Installation doesn’t require professional service. As long as you are careful, you can do this easily. (via thecrazycraftlady)

2. Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Lanterns 4 Simphome com
If you have old lanterns that are no longer in use, you can transform them into a functional lamp. Having several lanterns together will be great – you can even include a glass Mason jar in it! Basically, you need a solid wooden plank and sturdy ropes to hang those lanterns. Those who have a little bit of skills may choose metal chains over the ropes for better strength and support. Place these hanging lanterns at any place you like. This DIY rustic home décor idea for rentals is great to improve your house and you can even remove it. (via amadoukienou)

3. Sweater Pillow Cover

Sweater Pillow Cover 3 Simphome com
If you have an old sweater, why not turning it into a functional throw cover, pillow cover, or cushion cover? You don’t need to buy anything fancy. Simply use the sweater, have a zipper, and you are good to go. It takes a little bit of sewing skills but only a bit and you can turn the unused sweaters into something functional and also beautiful. Imagine if you have several sweaters – you will be able to have several attractive pillow covers. (via classicingray)

4. Rustic Table Lamp

Rustic Table Lamp 2 Simphome com
If you have an old table lamp, why not repainting it and refreshing its look? You don’t have to spend a fortune for it. You may only need to buy the inexpensive primer and a new paint spray to change the look. Now you can have a new look lamp for the table – and you don’t even have to spend a lot for this second DIY rustic home décor idea for rentals. (via diypassion)

5. A Ladder Storage

Wood and Metal Pipe Blanket Ladder 1 Simphome com
If you have an old ladder, try considering changing the planks with the metal one, then repaint the ladder and voila! You have yourself a new storage for towels or napkins. It is one of the handy DIY rustic home décor ideas for rentals that you can do for your rental space. (via shanty-2-chic)

5 DIY Cheap Rustic Home Décor Projects Worth Trying without Breaking a Sweat:

What’s the fuss about cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying? If you are into rustic style and you want to decorate your house with such a theme, then you may want to have a look into these projects. Rustic decorations are naturally beautiful but if you can make them yourself, why bother spending money for purchasing them? Not to mention that DIY rustic projects are fun. If you are low on the budgets and yet you want to decorate your house with rustic theme, doing these projects can help a lot.

6. Rustic Console

rustic console
Do you have old wooden shelves or racks that you no longer use? Why not giving it a new paint job and an additional decoration, to make it look brand new? As you can see from the picture, the white wooden rack isn’t attractive at all. But once a darker brown hue is added – and varnished with natural color – the entire look is different. The sides are added X planks, creating a more enclosed surrounding. It doesn’t have to be racks – you can basically change anything you like! This is only an example of flexible cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying at home. Source

7. Twine Lantern

twine lantern
The materials are only twine, balloon, and a hardening material or spray. Inflate the balloon and then wrap it with the twine. Whether you want to have a closed wrap or a loose one, it is up to you. Once it is set, spray it with the hardening material, and leave it. The next day, deflate the balloon and you will find yourself a perfect rounded twine. You can hang the twine and use it for the garden. By using the small lights (the ones you generally use for Christmas tree), you can light up the garden with a perfect rustic theme. Source

8. Number Sign

number sign
This is also another useful and simple projects you can do at home. Be creative with the base – you can either use the wider wooden plank or the smaller and thinner wooden bars. The numbers can be purchased at home improvements stores – they are inexpensive. Make sure that you use the strongest glue only to attach the wooden materials with the numbers. It is a simple, enjoyable, and also fun, not to mention cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying Source

9. Coat Rack Rustic Entryway

coat rack rustic
I’m not going to discuss how to make this rack, but having such a rustic style coat rack is definitely catchy, especially if you place it on the entryway. The guests can take their time admiring the piece while they are taking off their coat. And the greatest thing about this rack is the attached plank on the above. With this plank, you can place any personal items that you hold dear, such as family photos or potted plants. Source

10. DIY Coffee Table

diy coffee table
If you have an old crate or any unused board or planks, you can actually build such a simple coffee table. It only needs careful measurement, a little nail job here and there, and voila! You have your coffee table ready. Try it for your cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying – you may be addicted to make another one. Source

5 Rustic Home Décor Ideas for Small House: Some Creative and Unusual Ideas:

Have you ever tried decorating your home with these rustic home décor ideas for small area? Rustic décor means to include more natural elements, such as wooden items, neutral and earthy colors, and every-day items. Basically, the things that you see or use every day can be transformed into attractive rustic home decoration. What are the options for your pick?

11. Wooden Twigs for Hanger

wooden twigs
If you find tons of unused twigs around the house, why not turning them into a crafty piece? In this picture, for instance, the twigs are arranged in a row within a wooden box and then used as the coat hanger. You can choose bigger twigs or smaller ones, it is up to you. For whatever use you want to implement, these twigs can be pretty handy. Some people even use bigger and thicker twigs for mugs hanger. Just be sure that the twigs are solid and sturdy enough to accommodate the weight. (via craftionary)

12. Log Book Shelf

log bookshelf
If you have an unused log, try to change it into a book shelf, like the one shown in this picture. The log can be places on the corner, and then you attach wooden planks around. If the log and the wooden planks are solid enough, this structure will hold. Not only you can get a handy furniture that actually works, you can also get yourself a unique and one of a kind book shelf. This corner book shelf should be included within creative rustic home decor ideas for small area. (via omghomedecor)

13. A Rustic Section

rustic section
If you don’t really like scattering your rustic theme all over the house, dedicating a wall or a certain section should be enough. To enhance a theme, you don’t actually have to adorn the entire house with the theme. This is a good example of rustic home decor ideas for small area where you can decorate one section only. With attractive wall decor from different variants and combinations, it creates an appealing look. If you can combine the wall decor with rustic bench and wicker item, the overall effect speaks for itself – you don’t even have to say a word. (via thecraftingnook)

14. Primitive Hanging Lamp

primitive hanging lamp
What about combining wood and glass elements to create a rustic theme? Sounds like a good idea? In this hanging lamp, there is a sense of primitive effect and traditional element. The wooden block is the base to hang the lamps, which are coming in the glass forms. If you want to imitate the style, you can use mason jars for the glass element. This is a cool idea; simple and yet speaks volume of the traditional atmosphere. (via decoholic)

15. Wooden Bench Idea for cheap

wooden bench
If you are crafty enough with wood, you can definitely create such an appealing wooden bench. Cut a log in half and create two sturdy legs. The overall design is pretty simple but it exudes rustic and homey effect. You can place it indoor or outdoor – it doesn’t matter. The rustic home décor ideas for small area is great to provide seating area without compromising style. (via craftionary)

5 Rustic Décor Ideas for Small Space:

Rustic décor is favored because it blends well with both traditional and modern house designs. More on that later, now hold your breath for a while, pause 5 seconds later if you have to because you need your whole focus to read 5 next Rustic décor ideas for small space by your trusted list maker Simphome

16. Cart wheel or ship’s helm

cart wheel
Cart wheel or ship’s helm (steering wheel) is a rustic decorative element that can be applied to everything. You can mount an unused cart wheel or helm on the wall or design a circular window that looks like one. Smaller decorative elements, such as clock, mirror and table, can also adopt the shape of both objects.
cart wheel
Cart wheel and ship’s helm have always been favorite rustic objects to be adopted by homeowners who wish to add a rustic atmosphere to their home. (via twitter and  amazon)

17. Pallet table

pallet table
Wood pallets are mostly discarded after use. You can reuse them to create rustic furniture at your home. Table is possibly the easiest furniture piece to make from pallet. You can disassemble the pallet and use the planks to make a new table or leave the pallet as it is and do some alterations to it to transform it into a fancy table. Wood pallet may look unsightly, but with some treatments, including sanding and varnishing, if needed, it will look attractive. (via upgradesigner)

18. Glass bottle vase

bottle vase
Rustic design is mostly about reusing what used to be garbage and transforming it into a functional and beautiful item. If you have some glass bottles scattered around, you can clean them and use them as flower vases. Attach them to a wood board using metal strap then mount the board on a wall.
bottle vase
You can use board that is taken from wood pallet to enhance the rustic look of the vases. You can also hang the bottle using a plant hanger. (via colorsandcraft)

19. Ladder shelves

 ladder shelf
In a small room, shelves play an important role in reducing clutters. With more shelves, you will have more space to store your items. To make a rusty shelf in your room, mount an unused wooden ladder horizontally on the wall. You can put your books and other small items on it. If you prefer a hanging shelf, you can hang the ladder horizontally facing down using ropes or chains on the ceiling and put your kitchen utensils on it. (via designrulz)

20. Spool table

spool table
An old wooden spool for winding cable or rope can be reused as a table. Simply tumble down the spool so that it lies horizontally on floor and use its top as table and its inside as a rack for books and anything else. This multi-functional furniture piece will make your small room less cluttered although its size is relatively large. Don’t forget to sand the wood and varnish it to make it smoother and to prevent its wood splinters from hurting your hand. (via oresundscienceregion)

5 Marvelous DIY Vertical Organizer Ideas Using Repurposed Wood:

There are endless possibilities you can do with old woods. With a little effort and inspiration, you can turn those plain, practically useless woods in your garage into a nifty piece of furniture for your room.

21. Coffee Cup Holder

simphome coffee holder

Repurpose your mini pallet as a beautiful coffee holder. First sand it down to get rid of the rough edges. Paint the word “coffee” on the top with letter stencil and a sponge brush. Use a ruler (or tape measure) and a pencil to mark exactly where you want the hooks to go, then drill them in. if you are okay with natural wood tone on your coffee holder then it’s good to go, however you can paint them with the color of your choice for a more chic design! This DIY vertical organizer idea using repurposed wood will surely serve as a beautiful addition to your kitchen. (via onelittlebirdblog)

22. Floating Shelf

simphome floating shelf

Start by making your cuts. The back of the frame that’s attached to your wall will be a 2×3 cut at 32”. Each shelf (we are guessing you’ll go for 3) will have 3 brackets that are each 7.75” long. Add pocket holes on one end of each of the brackets. Next, attach the brackets using 2.5” pocket hole screws. Mark your studs on the wall using stud finder then do a pre drill on two holes where each stud lined up. Use wood screws to attach each frame and add bottom ¼” hardwood plywood. Attach them to the base of the frame using wood glue and 1 ¼” brad nails. Add a 1×10 board for the top piece. Trim it all out with whitewood by cutting the side pieces. Attach them with 1 ¼” brad nails and glue. Attach 33.5” long board for the front piece. Stain your shelves in dark walnut. (via shanty-2-chic)

23. Sport Equipment

simphome pallet sport

Put your old pallets to organizational use by turning them into sport equipment storage. Glue your pallets if you are worried it might split then clamp it together while it dries. Give it a rough sanding using an orbital sander and a sanding block. Stain it with a dark walnut finish. If you want to add an extra little touch, cut out some stencils and paint words with some white paint. Load it up with all of your gear. (via cleanandscentsible)

24. Cute Little Nightstand

simphome night stand

Take scraps of woods out of the garage and build a nightstand by turning into a standing position with the shorter side on the bottom and attach ball feet for decoration. Coat it with a white paint and embellish the inside part with scraps of wallpaper you have lying around at home as long as it matches your overall bedroom theme. Put it beside your bed as your nightstand and adorn it with a lamp on top and a nice frame or a vase. (via homebnc)

25. Shower Caddies Organizer

simphome shower organizer

A mounted pallet board always works if a teeny-tiny bathroom is all you’ve got. Attach glass jars on top of your old pallet board to stash your items. However, if you want everything to be within your reach, you can opt for convenient pallet compartments by cutting them into smaller sections and adding a bottom. Attach them on the gap between your sink and cabinet. These shelves become handy to store your bath items. (via matchness)

5 Creative Ways to Salvage and Reuse Old Doors into Unique Household Items:

If you know these creative ways to salvage and reuse old doors, you probably would be thinking twice about throwing your unused ones. Not many people realize that there are actually tons of great and creative ideas to transform the unused and unattractive old doors into unique and even sophisticated items. The sky is the limit to your imagination and creativity, so think hard when you are about to discard the old and worn doors (and door with windows, preferably).

26. DIY Outdoor Canopy

simphome canopy door
This is an ideal creation when you have several old doors. Among the many creative ways to salvage and reuse old doors, turning them into your personalized outdoor canopy is certainly one of a kind. You can manage those doors in such a way so they create a half enclosed outdoor canopy – complete with the overhead protection! Once you are done, place some chairs and an outdoor table, and voila! You have created your own spot. Whether you want to paint the doors or not, it is totally up to you. (via bedsreview)

27. One of a Kind Picture Frame

simphome photo frame door
A door may seem like too big for a picture frame but from this design, you can actually have series of pictures of the loved ones. Feel free to paint the old door the way you like it. If you want to create an old and worn effect, you can use the crackled paint. Then add up some hooks, so you can create your personalized picture frame plus coat hanger. Whenever you want to hang or take the coat, you will have the chance to look into the faces of your loved ones. (via praktikideas)

28. Corner Display Rack

simphome door corner
For this one, you don’t necessarily use all parts of the door. Cut it into half will do it. Shape it into an L-form so it will be perfect for the corners. Then add some flat planks that will serve as shelf or rack. Once you are done, you have yourself a unique and one-of-a-kind corner rack. It may not have too much space but it is enough for your display rack. This is one of the most appealing and creative ways to salvage and reuse old doors that everyone can try at home. (via jimbarnes)

29. The Porch Swing

simphome porch swing
If you have been thinking about making your own swing, why not using the door as the back support? It may take some efforts but it is going to worth it. If you can leave the door as it is, it will even create a more natural appeal. You can add a comfy seating pad for the swing. When you have this on your porch, you will get a lot of envious stare from your neighbors. (via beautyharmonylife)

30. Garden Potting Table

simphome door kitchen

If you are into gardening so much, this design can be your options. It holds your gardening items nicely and you don’t have to deal with clutter and mess anymore. The door will act as a solid and strong support for the construction, and you can improve your outdoor look with this design. Not bad for creative ways to salvage and reuse old doors for the outdoor, eh? (via countryliving)

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