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DIY Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home upgrades do not have to involve massive renovation projects that will cost a fortune. In fact, you can achieve spectacular results with just a little bit of money and lots of great ideas and motivation. Take a look at our list of the top simple DIY projects you can carry out to raise the value of your home.

Improve Energy-Efficiency

Introducing energy conservation features can have a huge impact on the home value, especially if you’re located in a place exposed to extreme weather conditions. There are several ways you can boost the efficiency of your home. For example, you can enhance the attic insulation, switch to LED lighting and replace your current appliances with energy-saving ones. And if you’re willing to take it a step further and invest a bit more, you can even put solar panels on the roof. A home that is energy-efficient will save you plenty of money and it will turn into a more valuable asset in the long run.

Fix Up the Outdoor Areas

A little bit of creativity and some effort can transform the most basic outdoor area into an eye-catching sight. And even though it is often neglected, there are many simple ways you can transform your outdoor space with a few changes in the side yard. For example, if you love greenery, you can grow some lovely wall and tree plants, or even create a veggie patch that will not only help you with the appearance of the side yard but will also produce fresh vegetables. If your yard already contains greenery, make sure you prune the plants regularly to keep the overall look neat and tidy. The yard can also be a great spot for some visually stunning additions such as a garden bench or a birdbath.

Update the Bathroom Fixtures

If your bathroom currently has generic fixtures, or simply outdated ones, replacing them with more elegant pieces can make the entire room look classier. For example, it will cost you less than $100 to replace an old and worn-out vanity with something more sophisticated, and with a similar amount of money, you can also get a fancy new sink faucet. The bathroom is one of the rooms where investments definitely pay off, and you can make incredible changes with less than $500 in total.

Freshen Up the Kitchen Cabinets

One way to revamp the kitchen cabinets is to buy new ones and have them installed, but that would require a lot of work, and lead to high costs, too. However, the kitchen is a room where remodelling is sure to give you a high return. So instead of buying new, you can repaint the existing cabinets, which will cast a brand new shine on the entire room. Before you do the actual painting, you will need to give the old cabinets a proper cleaning, and while you’re at it, you can also replace the existing hardware with some new pieces. Carefully selected new hardware will add up to the overall transformation and the modification will still cost you very little.

Add Crown Moulding

Adding crown moulding is a simple task that can recreate the look of any open or closed space you have. After you’ve picked the items you like in the size that fits your space, you just need to fix the pieces to the upper line of the wall, or even to some of your cabinets. The strips will probably need painting, but If you put in a little bit more effort in the search, you can even find the strips that have already been painted.

Visually Increase the Size

The perceived value of your home is highly affected by its size, and luckily, the actual square footage is not the only factor that counts. With a few tricks, each room in the house can appear larger than it truly is. For instance, a sunny room with good lighting always feels more open and much larger than a room of the same size but with less light. Therefore, replace heavy draperies with nice vertical blinds or shutters. Also, make sure the room is clutter-free. The more furniture and unnecessary items you keep, the smaller the room will feel. If you cannot rid of the items, store them on a new shelving unit or in neat storage boxes. And finally, try to add a large mirror which will make the space look twice as big if placed the right way.

Pouring large sums of money into home remodelling is not the only way to boost your home’s value. Now that you’ve learned a few tricks of the trade, you can start diving into simple projects on your own and increase the value of your beloved house in no time.

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