5 DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Small Backyard: Some of the Creative Ideas

With these 5 DIY outdoor furniture ideas for small backyard, you can actually achieve several purposes within a single arrangement. You can decorate the small backyard and then you can create your own piece that will improve your outdoor setting.
After all, making them isn’t difficult as long as you are willing to spend time and efforts.

5. Wall Hanging Pots

1 2BWall2BHanging2BPots via2Bsimphome comYou only need to have old wooden planks and some unused old glass jars. If you don’t have the glass jars, plastic jars will do. You can create a nice structure with the wooden planks – the one on the picture can be a good example. Feel free to create any shape that you like. Feel free to use any type of wood that you like. Hang and arrange the glass jars any way you like it. Empty some jars and fill them with small candles instead.

It will create a nice and somewhat dramatic wall hanging pots. Source

4. Storage Benches

2 2BStorage2BBenches via2Bsimphome comIf you have old crates, you can create the storage benches. If you have old and unused wooden storage box, you can also use it for this storage design. No need to do any fancy work. You only need to paint them to create a refreshing look. If you want to add cushions or sitting pads for the added comfort, feel free to do so. Changing old crates or old box is one of these greatest 5 DIY outdoor furniture ideas for small backyard. The crates are storage compartment.

It is easy to find and transforming them into cozy outdoor bench is quite easy. Not to mention that you can also have additional storage compartment. Source

3. Half Wooden Table

3 2BHalf2BWooden2BTable via2Bsimphome comIf you have an old wooden table that you don’t use anymore, why not cutting it into half and then transform it into a functional outdoor table? Not only this is a great idea to make use of an old piece of furniture, it is also great when you have limited outdoor space. Simply place the half table to a railing or a wall, and voila! You have yourself an outdoor table and chairs.

Among these 5 DIY outdoor furniture ideas for small backyard, this idea is simple and yet super creative without compromising design or functionality. Source

2. Multifunctional Benches

4 2BMultifunctional2BBenches via2Bsimphome comThis bench has a great purpose and design. The design is solid and sturdy, which is enough to accommodate any kinds of weight. Another cool idea is that the seating surface can be lifted up, transforming the bench into hidden storage compartments – which are quite wide, big, and spacious.

If you have any outdoor or gardening tools, you can store them inside the bench, and your outdoor setting will be clear of any mess. Source

1. Foldable Outdoor Table and Bench

5 2BFoldable2BOutdoor2BTable2Band2BBench via2Bsimphome comWhen they are folded up, they look like a unique wooden wall décor with quite spacious area. When you want to use them, simply pull them out and voila! You have yourself a stylish outdoor dining area. They are unique and definitely space-efficient.

Having a foldable piece that can be attached to the wall is definitely one smart move in these 5 DIY outdoor furniture ideas for small backyard. Source

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