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31 DIY Organization Ideas

21. Sugarandcloth DIY Desk Organizer

Make three small boxes out of wood that will sit on a wooden board. Stick them together using wood glue and leave some space behind to assemble a cork board. Measure and cut a cork board accordingly and using tape, you can create a border to paint. You can paint all the boxes before gluing them too. (via sugarandcloth)

simphome sugar cloth

22. Wall mounted charging station shelf

Cut pine boards to make a shelf of your desired dimensions and make two holes in the middle of the top and bottom boards. The top hole is for the power cable for the devices whereas the bottom is for the power cord. You can cover the shelf with a hard board material and hinges to keep the wires out of sight. Install onto the wall using L brackets. For complete measurement, check e-book version of this video. (via instructables)

simphome charging station

23. Phone charging station and tablet holder from a picture frame

Cut cardboard that will fit snugly into the picture frame. Make holes on the sides of the frames for the cords to come in. Use painted trim pieces to make shelves for phones and tablets. You can secure all of them using a glue gun. (via diys)

simphome sharger frame

24. DIY Family charging station centre

You can upcycle an open wood organizer or a letter sorter to make a charging unit to house several devices. Drill holes through the walls for the cords and paint the wood to give it a new look. Additionally, you can also create labels for the devices. (via drivenbydecor)

simphome family charging station

25. DIY wall mounted Charging station

Mount a wall file or an envelope holder near a power outlet. Simply swap your plug with a USB friendly outlet. You can house as many devices as you want in this wall snuggled unit. (via ikeahackers)

simphome wall mounted charge

26. DIY Fabric Charging Unit

You will need a front and back fabric for the main piece and a front and back fabric for the outer pocket and the lining pocket respectively. You can use materials such as fleece or Peltex. Go colourful with the choice of fabrics and once you stitch them together, you need to fix a grommet through which you can hang your unit next to a power outlet. (via positivelysplendid)

simphome fabric charging

27. Lilluna Charging station

This one’s for better visibility, perhaps you can check notifications when your device is plugged in. The wood for the box can be cut at a 30-degree angle. Cut wood in pairs of different lengths so you can arrange them as dividers along the angle. Drill holes for the cords to pass by and for a sturdy look, apply a coat of wood paint. Spray paint your unit and let it dry. (via lilluna)

simphome liluna charging station

28. Hidden Charging Unit in the kitchen

This one’s for the stealthy. Convert a drawer into a charging station with an electrical outlet and holes for cords in the wooden divider. Add a couple more dividers and you can store car keys and bills as well. (via decoist)

simphome kitchen charging

29. DIY Dual Copper Candle Holder

You need plywood and two copper pipes of your desired length. You can cut them straight or at an angle to add some design. Fill 2/3rd of the pipe with concrete so that the weight balances out. Apply copper spray on the wood as well as the pipes and attach them on either sides of the wood to make a rustic candle holder. (via sugarandcloth)

simphome candle

30. Jazzed up Colourful Block storage lockers

You can use tape to paint the sides and insides of storage lockers perfectly and assemble them to form alternate blocks of colours. This can brighten any space. (via sugarandcloth)

simphome colorful block

31. Beautiful DIY Modcloth inspired by Plant Candy

Want a fun exterior for your potted plant? Give your spruces a face lift by making boxes out of Balsa wood to place them in. Stick the pieces of wood together using glue for a neat finish. You can incorporate designs using sharpie tools too. Once done, place your potted plant inside and have it for display anywhere you want. (via thelovelydrawer)

simphome mudcloth

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