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31 DIY Organization Ideas

11. DIY Toy box with casters

After choosing your crates, bolt one caster at each corner with screws. For the lid you can use plywood of same size as the crate. Make sure you cut the foam in the same size though. For the seat cover, choose bright fabric that can be stapled after the foam and plywood are put on. (via thislittlestreet)

simphome toys box

12. DIY suitcase Record player

A vintage record player without a lid and an antique suitcase are all you need. For ease of access, opt for a record player with detachable power cords and separate plugs for speakers. Depending on where the cords come, drill holes in the suitcase. You can paint the interior of the suitcase for design. To cover up drill holes, use a bit of ribbon. (via diyinpdx)

simphome suitcase

13. Easy Memo Board

Use a board of your choice of size and colour. Simply stretch rubber bands over the board to make memo holders. You can even put photographs on it. (via babyrabies)

simphome rubber memo board

14. Magnetic Floating air Plant Holders.

You can paint plastic eggs and cut them into halves. Use craft glue near the opening of the egg half and press a strong magnet on it. After a few hours, you can put your air plants in. (via flyte)

simphome plant

15. Anthropologie Wall Organizer Hack

Cut your plywood board to 24×32 inches and divide them into three sections that will hold two boxes each. Create your boxes by cutting two 4 inches pieces and three 1.5 inches pieces on a basswood. Using superglue, assemble it into a box. Make boxes as per requirements with change in size if needed but remember to use plenty of superglue to make it secure. Use super glue on the box and gently press down on the plywood board and leave it to dry overnight. You can give it a splash of colour too by painting one or more boxes. (via fishandbull)

simphome anthropologie

16. Test Tube Spice rack

On your piece of wood, use a drill to make holes for the test tubes. You can use a 1 1/8” Forstner Bit to make evenly spaced holes. You can slip O rings on the test tubes for hanging. Fill with spices and close with a cork stopper. Hang the rack conveniently on small L brackets. (via instructables)

simphome test tube

17. Hidden key Storage unit

Much like in movies, you can conceal your belongings behind a picture frame with this hack. Look for a picture frame with some depth behind and use two hinges to install it on the wall. Use cup hooks for keys and as receipt holders. With some magnets and metal sheets, you can use the back of the frame too. (via makespace)

simphome hidden key

18. DIY Dog Food Station center

Build a box with a separate lid and on the lid, make circles according to the diameter of the bowl and cut them with a saw. You can attach the lid to the box using 1 ¼ “brad nails and wood glue. Conceal nail holes and seams with wood filler and proceed to paint the box. You can store dog food below while the lid holds the bowl. Find more detail in description area. (via iseeidoimake)

simphome dog food station

19. Double Decker Mason Jar Organizer

Using wood, build two boxes of the same size and mark equal points inside to divide them. You need to divide them into compartments that will hold one Mason jar each. Using wood glue and 1 ¼ “brad nails you can assemble the pieces to make compartments. Repeat the same for the other box. Find a centre point and use a wooden candle holder to attach the two boxes. You can drill a pilot hole in each piece before using a 2 ½ Dowel screw to bolt the candle holder to the bottom. Likewise, use a 1 ½ dowel screw to attach it to the upper deck. (via refreshrestyle)

simphome double decker

20. Multilevel desk organizer by Thelovelydrawer

A metal frame and balsa wood sheets are all you need. Mark the wood according to the shape and size you want. To make it more unique, you can cut the wood from big to small for each section. Using a glue gun, stick the wood to the frame with the big piece in the bottom and the smaller ones to the top. (via thelovelydrawer)

simphome lovely drawer

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