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Wooden crates are always a go-to for organizing ideas. Do a little hunting in the garage and you will find old wooden crates buried in the back of the room just waiting to be re-purposed. This is five cheap and clever DO it yourself organization ideas by your list maker

1.Storage Coffee Table

1 Storage Coffee Table Simphome com
With a few tools like bolts, screws and a hammer that you already have lying around at home, you can turn your old wooden crate into a fully functioning coffee table that also works as storage. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to manipulate a used wooden crate into a rustic coffee table that has a charming farmhouse flair. Add castor wheels underneath to give it an industrial look and paint it with dark stain to disguise the cheap wooden storage boxes on the side. Spare a hole in the center for a recessed panel and add a vase in it. The vase will be hidden inside the while the flower will poke through. Make your friends totally grow green with envy with this cheap and clever DIY organization idea using wood crates.

2.Always a Yes for an Ottoman

2 Always a Yes for an Ottomane Simphome com
This soft and round (or square) seat with no backs or sides are very practical for sitting or resting your feet on and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one especially if you can build it on your own. Get a wooden board which has the same size as the base of your crate. Cut two long pieces of wood as long as the inside length of your crate and glue them on the board. Place the seat on the upholstery foam and cover it with a fabric and staple its sides to the back of the seat. Coat your crate with shellac polish and apply beeswax after. Put the seat on your crate after it’s dry and admire your new ottoman!

3.Bench Storage Unit

3 Bench Storage Unite Simphome com
Make yourself a bench to put by the window that will also function as a storage unit. Create three storage units by securing the crates with bolts. Add a seat on top and store your books, bags or shoes inside the storage on the bottom. Paint the wooden part a color of your choice and give it a light wash to enhance its appeal.

4.Chic Side Table

4 Chic Side Tablee Simphome com
Repurpose your wooden crate as a nightstand by turning into a standing position with the shorter side on the bottom and attach ball feet for decoration. Coat it with a white paint and embellish the inside part with scraps of floral wallpaper. Put it on your bathroom to store your wicker baskets and towels or hang it in your living room for your own customized floating shelf to display your collection.

5.Colorful Cubbies

5 Colorful Cubbiese Simphome com
Got more than one wooden crates at home? Don’t throw them away! Paint each one with different bright color or calming hues that match the rug or overall bedroom theme. Mount them on your kid’s bedroom wall with strong bolts in different position. Stash the toys, shoes, bags, and comic book collection there.
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