10 DIY Low budget Project to Makeover your house

There are actually many low budget DIY projects to make over your house if you are tired with your recent house look. With a little creativity, your house can look fresh with small addition you can do right now. Check out the following ideas to make simple makeover in your house. This is 10 DIY Low budget Project to makeover your house below.

10. Paint Those Frames

One of the most effective ways for a house makeover is by painting your doors and windows frames. If you should need a suggestion on colors, you should consider vibrant color for sure. Striking blue will be perfect on plain wall and pale rooms. The most important thing you need to do is painting both the outer and inner part of the frames. It brings consistency and professional look on the frames. Buy weather-friendly paint if you want to paint the outdoor frames too. Buying in gallon will be cheaper. (via hgtv)

paint those frame

9. Add Life Plant

Several rooms may have everything but they still look dull. Choose a life plant and add in the room. There are many great choices for this, like Fiddle Leaf Figs. Don’t go too much with the plant. Put it in a worn basket but make sure it can live in it happily. The best spot for plant can be a narrow corner with nothing on it. Choosing a basket with natural shade will emphasize the plant look and it will change the atmosphere right away. (via livingmarch)

add a life plant

8. More Illumination

Most rooms only need additional accent to change the overall look. You can simply hang those bulbs on several lines near to the ceiling. You can also add some more illumination on several places like your chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and near the hanging frames. It doesn’t only change the look but it changes the atmosphere of your interior as well. With the past is back on trend again, you should consider the vintage illumination alternatives. This idea should work for your back patio and living room too. Make sure you pick the right size of bulb to install. (via digitala)

more illumination

7. Add Some Curtains

Curtain will make a perfect addition on an arch in between rooms. It makes transition a lot smoother, yet you can hide the other room when you find you need to. Curtain will make a perfect mate to make certain illusion on room dimension. Simply add some trimming on the drapery and it will change the impression on your windows and wall height. This should make a perfect trick for a room with low height ceiling. It also adds some drama and atmosphere in a plain room. (via liveli)

add curtain

6. Play with Multiples.

Add some décor on your rooms. Use your stylish plates and bowls, and put together multiple things on it. You can place colorful glass marbles on a bowl, a plate of twigs, a glass of small stones, and many small things. It doesn’t only add style and décor to your rooms. It also adds a layer of style on your decoration. The trick is to put them on several spots at once. One spot deserves more than just one bowl, maybe two more plates. Put one kind of thing in a bowl or plate, but place multiple of them on it. (via quincegirlproject)

play multiplies

5. New Arrangement for the Shelves.

Rearranging your shelves will immediately change the room look. You can turn vertical shelves into horizontal shelves. You can also hang standing shelves on a vacant wall. In addition to it, you can repaint the shelves before you rearrange it. This simple modification will change the room and it provides you with fresh view to the shelves. In addition to it, try to change the positions of the books. You can mix vertical and horizontal stacks and change the order for brand new look. (via amadoukienou)

new arrangement for the shelves

4. Make Tape Headboard

You can change your bedroom look instantly better by adding a new headboard on the wall. Well, headboard is not going to be a cheap purchase especially when you want quality and style at once. In alternative to the wooden one, you can use colorful electric tape for it. Yes, design a pattern, draw it on your wall, and cover the drawing with the tape. It doesn’t only look amazing, but it should be very cheap as well. Plus, you don’t need to hire someone to set it up for you. (via sofaworkshop)

make tape headboard

3. Retouch the Stair Risers.

Stair risers are actually great places to be modified for a little change. While many people will only repaint it, or buy new runners for it, you can try to copy several photos in one theme in black and white nuance or in any nuance you want. Use these copies to cover the stair risers. It will be a wise decision to choose one theme and one color shade or combination. Black and white combination makes less crowded look yet it can be very modern if you choose theme correctly. (via diyjoy)

retouch the stair riser

2. Add Graphic on Doors.

On the back of your very general and boring door, a vintage pattern with modern design will make a drastic change. Retro look is always considered as appropriate addition. You can print it on a giant paper. However, you can always paint it yourselves. Draw the pattern on the door first before you start painting. Actually, if you want to, painting both sides of the door should make an excellent consistency. If you need some idea for the pattern, you can always go with simple and easy geometric pattern that works just well on many interior styles. (via sawari)

add graphic on the door

1. Bright Color Pop-Up

If you don’t want to modify the whole room painting, you should consider changing only one wall color with new color. Many interior specialists suggest home owner to consider painting one wall with bright color like bright pink or red. It gives accents and surprise factor. In addition to it, you can also blackened one of the walls especially to room with black furniture. It will make a statement while it remains modern. (via kidskunst)

bright color pop up

As you can see, there are many things you can try to change your house look. Those low budget DIY projects to make over your house will cost you little while it changes a lot. But ironically, your current economic situation is something beyond my imagination.

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