10 DIY Living Room Desk and Transformation Ideas

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10 DIY Living Room Desk and Transformation Poster

Working from home is a common occurrence this day. Many people are required to do the tasks from home due to the pandemic. It will not be a big deal if they have a special room meticulously designed to be a home office that helps them stay focused.
Most people, however, don’t have an additional room to dedicate to a full-time office. The good news is you don’t need a full room to enjoy a comfortable and productive workspace.

Instead, incorporating a workstation of some sort into your living space would be sufficient.
So if you lack a spare room, here’s the way to create an office-friendly environment with what you have already got. I am here presenting you with 10 DIY living room desk and transformation ideas. Enjoy your watching! And as always, this list is presented for you by

10 DIY Living Room Desk and Transformation Ideas via Simphome.comthumbnail
10 DIY Living Room Desk and Transformation Poster

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10. Make an Office Work with Wall Shelves10. Make an Office Work with Wall Shelves by

Enhance your home office by incorporating these fascinating wall shelves. Brilliant shelving in the modern home office is a must, regardless of its size and the task that it is used for. An open, wide shelf gives the office organized, stylish, and even practical vibes without sacrificing visual perception.
Besides being functional, shelves also double as alluring displays when you do not really need to stack up tons of books, files, or other accessories like fake plants, globe, and photos.

9. Display Anything that Motivates You9. Display Anything that Motivates You by

Working on a pile of documents is a stressful task. To alleviate it, you can hang anything that motivates you on the wall.
A blank wall of the living room can be made more beautiful by turning it into a beautiful gallery wall and making it the room’s focal point. First, they complete the interior design.
Alternatively, hanging family photos is a clever way to liven up space and artistically update a room. They add attraction and are a cost-effective way to spruce up the living room office while motivating you at the same time.
Besides family photos showing off their smile during a random vacation in the past, you can encourage yourself to be better by hanging some motivational quotes. When you feel stressed and will give up working, accidentally reading them might help your mood out.

8. DIY Concrete Desktop with Wooden Legs idea8. DIY Concrete Desktop with Wooden Legs by

Have a listen to these following steps to make this desktop table. First, cut the melamine board to make side pieces and bottom of the concrete form. Cut side pieces to length so that they form a square around the bottom.
Two of the edges should be an equivalent length because the side of rock bottom on the opposite two sides will be 1½-in longer to overlap the opposite two sides.

Drill holes ⅜-in up from rock bottom fringe of the side pieces to connect them to the bottom of the form. Also, drill holes within the ends of the edges that are longer than rock bottom. Then lineside piece along the sting of rock bottom piece and pre-drill holes through; therefore, the wood doesn’t split. Since the desk is pretty simple,  add shelves within the legs for a touch of additional storage.

7. DIY Piping Desk Idea7. DIY Piping Desk by

If you love the industrial look, you are going to like this idea. More importantly, you can make the desk yourself.
First, you have to assemble each side of the desk. Connect threaded pieces, but don’t yet fully tighten. Lay each side next to every other to make sure they’re straight and, therefore, at the same length; adjust as required.
Connect the edges with a 45-inch middle pipe. Place the desktop made from wood (measuring 50 by 29 inches and 2 inches thick) over the frame so that flanges are 1 inch in from the sides. Employ a 3/16-inch bit, drill shallow pilot holes into the desktop through each hole in the flange, then hammer in 3/4-inch screws.
If you favor a stationary surface, substitute the top caps at the bottom of the legs for floor flanges, which you can secure to the ground for added support.

6. Add Interest with Window Dressing6. Add Interest with Window Dressing by

A window is one of the important parts of any other elements in your room. It allows you to get natural light, which makes the space look airy and open. When the sun is too glaring, this is the time for window dressings to step forward.
Roman shades are widely used to block the sun. On the other hand, shutters lessen the glaring light without blocking it completely. Besides, white shutters can match your home’s trims, which adds an upscale look to your interior, just like what you can see here.

5. Consider a Mini Desk Lamp5. Consider a Mini Desk Lamp by

A desk lamp helps to give extra light focusing on the tabletop so that you can see the files more clearly. However, sometimes it’s hard to choose a good desk lamp when you happen to buy it.
The first thing you have to do is choose a high-quality lamp that offers a flexible and energy-effective option. You can then consider the adjustability because adjustable desk lamps allow you to set the beam’s location and reduce glare.
Picking the proper size desk lamp is another tip that needs to be considered because this will help you make sure if the lamp placement is higher than your head. After all, the lamp should be placed in an order that shadows don’t streak across your desk.

4. DIY Adjustable Racks Idea4. DIY Adjustable Racks by

Slotted channels are always a great choice when it comes to shelving. They allow you to add as many shelves as you want and design them to your liking without breaking a sweat.
When the number of things you want to store increases, add some more shelves by mounting some boards supported with brackets. As simple as that. More importantly, you can save more floor space.

3. DIY Building a Bookshelf3. DIY Building a Bookshelf by

Bookshelves have countless shapes, designs, and can be built quickly. They give more storage to the living room office and add a fashionable look to it. They can hold more than just books and can be used to show all sorts of existing things.
They can serve as enough storage space for your office utilities. A small bookshelf like the one you can see in the picture is a possible option for a small room with low sufficient space.

2. DIY Decorating idea with Ladder2. DIY Decorating with Ladder by

Ladders have become one of the interesting elements in a room’s decor in addition to its efficient use. The existence of ladders makes it useful in many contexts.
You can use a ladder as a bookshelf to show enhancing objects like fake plants, books, and other accessories to give a stylish look to the living room office.

Lastly, Number 1. DIY Hairpin Table Idea1. DIY Hairpin Table by

Needless to say, it’s possible to choose a design that doesn’t fit most of these DIY Living room desk and transformation ideas. Maybe your style is an antique with a vintage twist like the one you can see in the picture.
First of all, you have to order some four-rod hairpin legs in raw steel and have a piece of pine. Then cut it into the size you want to. Sand it. To make it look more antique, you don’t need to paint it, just let it show its wooden color.
Sometimes, it can be hard to find the motivation to get to work, but I bet you wouldn’t mind rolling up your sleeves if your home office looks clean and neat. The best of them inspire productivity in addition to looking wonderful.

Think: ample sunlight, breezy areas, regenerate colors, and actually-comfortable furniture to work on.
Whether you have a full room or just a tiny corner, these 10 DIY living room desk and transformation ideas are worth the try.



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