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12 DIY Kitchen Storage Projects

Here, you demonstrate your skill and ability to turn raw and unhealthy substances into digestible nutrients vital to the growth of young bones, the old ones, or yourself. For that reason, you cannot leave it bare minimum with clutter on every corner of your cooking space waiting to trip your excellent discovery and replace it with unnecessary injuries, even mortality. You don’t want unfortunate events to happen to yourself or a family member, do you? (Take our apology for the dark analogy)

To cook efficiently, you need quick access to whatever you need in the kitchen. You need proper storage for kitchen utensils, spices, condiments, and produce.

It does not mean you can cram more bulky cabinets into the kitchen. It may solve your problems with organization. Unfortunately, you may have to compromise your comfort and floor space.
Therefore, we have summed up these 12 DIY kitchen storage projects to help you organize your cooking space better and gain comfort at the same time. As always, the compilation is presented by Simphome.

12 DIY Kitchen Storage Projects

12 DIY kitchen storage projects to help you organize your cooking space Poster

12. Create an Efficient Kitchen with a Slide-Out Prep Station

One of the most tiring things is peeling and cutting your vegetables on a countertop, and then you have to swivel to another side of your kitchen to throw the waste into the trashcan.
This pull-out cutting board and trashcan combo will help you work in your kitchen more efficiently since you do not have to swivel from one place to another when preparing food.

Most pull-out cutting boards with trashcans feature a hole that allows the user to push the cut items directly to the trashcan. This standard design is inefficient because the hole is usually pretty big, which takes up a lot of board space. Thus, you need to consider forgoing the hole.

This pull-out cutting board and trashcan combo do not have any holes, allowing you more counter space to prepare food. Under the cutting board is a drawer that you can use to store knives so that you can grab them quickly. Once you have cut the vegetables, you can simply push the waste off the edge of the cutting board so that it drops into the trashcan.

11. A Contemporary Dish Drying Rack Idea

Many people place their dish drying rack on the countertop, which may take up more space. Free up your counter space by making this dish drying rack.

Instead of sitting on the countertop, these dish-drying racks hang over the sink, allowing the excess water drops into the sink. They also have doors that give them a more finished look while concealing the plates and cups. Moreover, the doors make them look like contemporary cabinets.

You can try this idea by hanging cabinets over the sink. Instead of installing wooden boards for the shelves inside the cabinet, you can install drying racks. Then, use euro hinges to assemble the doors while giving a contemporary look to the space.

10. A Movable Kitchen Island storage idea

Investing in a kitchen island can be the best solution to your problem when you do not have much space to prepare food. However, it will not be a good idea if the space is limited.
Instead of investing in a bulky kitchen island, you had better opt for this movable one. More importantly, it is DIY friendly.

To make this movable kitchen island, you need a white Kallax shelving unit, a white Kallax insert, four castors, a chopping board, and two stainless steel rails.

  • First, install the castors at the bottom of Kallax.
  • After that, put together the door inserts.
  • Next, top it with the cutting board.
  • After that, screw the rail on each side.

It is easy, right?

9. A Tiered Spice Organizer Rack

DIY Spice Rack Awesome Easy $3 or less Tiered DIY Spice Rack Tutorial

Stashing away spices and canned foods in the cabinet is a convenient way to eradicate clutter. However, it will be hard to find the spice you need because you cannot see the back of the cabinet. As a result, the spice or canned foods stored in the back row will be spoiled.

  • To overcome this problem, you can build this tiered spice rack from a 2×4.
  • Cut it into three pieces depending on the dimension of your cabinet.
  • Then, sand them with 80-grit sandpaper.
  • After that, drill holes to attach the boards.
  • Then, use wood glue to attach the pieces to get small stairs.
  • Install the rack to the cabinet, and you are good to go.

8. Keep Your Water Bottles Organized with Magazine Holders

Keeping the water bottles in the cabinets may take up a lot of space. But if you use magazine holders, you will have the chance to save more space. It is a straightforward project, and everyone can do it easily.

You only need to place them inside the cabinet. Then, stack your bottles inside the magazine holders. This way, you can store more stuff inside the cabinet.

7. An Efficient Idea to organize your Coffee Pods

Some people just cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. If you are also a coffee addict, try installing this coffee-pod organizer in your cabinet.

This coffee-pod organizer is super easy to make. You do not have to cut wooden boards because you will use T-moldings. You will still have to cut them to length, though. After that, screw the pieces to the shelf in your cabinet. Then, simply slide the coffee pods into them.

6. A Pull-Out Recycling Bin Idea

Making a short trip to the trashcan that you place in the corner of the kitchen can waste your valuable time. It would be nicer if it were right next to you. Unfortunately, you cannot find any appropriate space for it. Besides, the odor will make you feel uncomfortable.

Try to hide away your trashcan with these pull-out recycling bins. It is like a deep drawer that stashes away two trashcans simultaneously. When you are finished cooking, you can push the drawer back. This way, you will not smell the odor, and your kids will not have the chance to touch the garbage.

Still about cooking,
Right now, you are probably seeking ingenious ideas to refresh the aroma of your kitchen air after completing all the nasty cooking processes. Worry not, because we have this little recommendation for you. It is a blog post titled “How to Make your Kitchen Smell Fresh after Cooking.” It comes with detailed information and references you can follow and implement immediately. Be there, and let’s continue our countdown with

5. Under-the-cabinet Hanging Rack Idea

Putting all your kitchen utensils in a holder and placing them on the countertop may be great because you can grab them quickly. However, you have to struggle to get one of them out of the holder. For this reason, you should try this brilliant hanging rack.

  • To make this hanging rack, you will need lazy Susan hardware, scrap wood, and many hooks.
  • You only have to attach the board to the lazy Susan hardware.
  • Then, attach the hardware to the bottom of the cabinet.
  • After that, screw in the hooks. And your hanging rack is ready.

4. A Multipurpose Shelf Organization idea

If your drawers are already full, you can try screwing 2×4 along the wall over the countertop.
Before attaching the wooden board to the wall, you must install some dowels. This way, you can hang your cutting boards and other kitchen utensils daily.

3. A Wooden Side Shelf Idea

Have you ever thought of tapping into the side of your fridge? This rack will come in handy when you are running out of space.

This rack is available in stores. But you can always make it yourself if you are good at woodworking.
If you prefer to make it yourself, you can use wood strips and cut them to length. This rack also features anti-slip protection pads on top, so consider installing them if you decide to construct it from scratch.

2. A Paper Towel Rack Organization Idea

Roll of two-ply paper towels with tear-off sheets on the wooden bamboo table mat

Sliding a roll of paper towels through a paper towel holder can help you save time. You can cook in the kitchen efficiently.

But this paper towel is unique because you need to use C-clamps if you want to make it. You just have to find a convenient spot that you will use to hang your paper towel holder. Then, hold up the roll. After that, push in the handles to hold the paper towel.

Lastly, Number 1. A Crady Wall-Mounted Organizer from A Wooden Board

Have you ever imagined that cutting boards can make stylish organizers? To create this rack, you must make a box from scrap wood. Paint it white or any color you desire. Then, screw it onto the cutting board. Finally, attach the cutting board to the wall.



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