50 DIY Home Décor Wooden Projects

If you have plans to re-décor your home with old-fashioned and rustic look, then these 10 DIY home décor wood projects will inspire you (include with 35 bonus ideas). There is no need of spending huge cash because most of these projects only require unused woods and simple equipment. Now, let’s get crafting! And for your information, this list idea will cover Pallet Wood project Makeovers and Wood Crate makeovers as well

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10. Pallet Shelves

pallet shelf
Have you ever found yourself needing more shelves? Then, you can have them with cheap price. What you need to do is just some woods and wood paint. These shelves are called as Pallet Shelves because they are made of wood. You will only need about three hours per shelf to make them. If you want a rustic look, then leave it be and don’t paint it. However, if you want to match the shelves with the atmosphere of your room, you are welcome to paint them on. (via dexorate)

9. A Rustic Photo Frames

rustic photo frame
Rustic looks sometimes will give a country-like atmosphere if you live in a town. If you want to decorate your room with some rustic looks, you can begin it with decorating your photograph’s frames. You can replace the original frames with wooden frames to make them look different and giving the room a rustic look. Even, you can add small satin ribbons to make them prettier. This is a great idea for you who love to hang pictures or photos on the walls. (via nisartmacka)

8. A Rustic Coffee Table Project

rustic coffee table
Having a coffee in the morning will be so much interesting and comfortable with a DIY Rustic Coffee Table. This decoration is not a difficult to make. You will need a few slats of wood and they don’t have to have same shade or color. Then, you can put them together to make an attractive yet artistic coffee table. Stick them with some nails and strong wooden glue, so that they won’t break easily. At last, enjoy your morning coffee on this stunning and rustic coffee table. (vi todoityourself)

7. As Wooden Clock

wooden clock
Are you getting a boring feeling every time you are staring at your clock? Then, make a small replacement to this little fellow. All you need to do is to find a great piece of wood. Then, varnish and stain it, so that it looks a clock’s figure. After that, add the figure with the clock from the old one. There it is! A beautiful wooden clock will make a nice decoration to your room and it will bring a feeling of amazement every time you look at it. This decoration will fit perfectly in your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms as well. (via gertimga)

6. Wooden Mail Sorter

wooden mail sorter

Are you tired of sorting mails every now and then? Now, you don’t have to worry about that ever again. With this Wooden Mail Sorter, you will find mail sorting time becomes more handful and it will keep your mails organized. You just need some small coat hooks to be used as keys’ holders and a few piece of woods to make the mail sorter. Don’t forget to stain with any color you want to make the mail sorter looks more attractive. Then, enjoy your mail sorting time! (via foxhollowcottage)

5. Redone Rustic Cabinet Project

redone rustic cabinet
If you ever own an old dresser or cabinet that you can reuse it, you may want to consider to do a makeover on it. Take out the drawers and add some rustic wooden planks. This is a great idea to reuse old or broken dressers and cabinets, so that you don’t have to afford the new ones. You need to attach the wood pieces altogether and fix them, so that they will give you an easy access to the cabinet’s contents. Redone Rustic Cabinet is quite simple to make and the result will be a very handful cabinet. (via flaxandtwine)

4. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

pallet coffee holder
This is a great idea for those who are very fond of having coffee or collecting artistic or antique mugs. Bring a few pieces of wood and some small coat hooks. Assemble them together with some nails and now, you have your own Pallet Coffee Cup Holder. Don’t forget to add some decorations and stain it with any color you want. However, if you prefer to have a rustic look of your coffee cup holder, then you may want to stain it with original wooden color. (via onelittlebirdblog)

3. Wood Slice Mirror Frame

wood slide mirror frame
For any of you who love to spend time in front of a mirror, consider to have it beautified. This is a simple project that you can do on your own. You just need some wooden branch, then cut them into slices. Glue them together in a circle or in your mirror’s pattern. This decoration will totally give a change in your room as well as adding a rustic look to your mirror. Now, you probably will be spending more time in front of your mirror because of its attractiveness. (via bigbearmasters)

2. Small Wooden Coasters

small wooden coaster
Having a boring time every time you look at your coaster? No need to worry about that anymore. With some creativity and a few wooden planks, you can make some adorable wooden coasters. Cut the wooden planks into some small-sized square planks. Varnish and paint them on. Then, draw some artistic figures on each of them. Stain them with original wooden color to make the coaster looks rustic. (via upivot)

1. Tree Branch Chandelier

tree branch chandelier
With this room decoration, which is called as Tree Branch Chandelier, you will now have a very artistic and stunning room. How to do that? It is quite simple to do because you will only need a tree branch with some small clear Christmas lamps. Just hang the lamps around the branch, then run the cord to plug it in. Now, it is time to hang the Tree Branch Chandelier in the middle of your living room. This idea will give your room an artistic atmosphere and of course it will. (via lukou)


5 Clever Pallet Wood Upcycling Ideas for Room Décor:

Fans of woodwork are always able to see the endless possibilities that pallets offer. With a little bit of sweat and creativity, you can bring a beautiful and totally free addition to your room with only pallets.

1. Wood Pallet Bench

pallet bench
Put your wooden pallets to use instead of letting them just lying around in the yard. Arrange the shape of your bench. Attach the four legs to the sitting are with strong bolts. When you finish putting it all together, sand it and coat it with stain with the color of your choice. You can also add a little storage room for your shoes under it by adding a shelf. Get yourself one more sitting area with this clever Pallet Wood Upcycling Idea. (via tigerfeng)

2. As A Simple Hanging Shelving Unit

shelving unit
Your old pallets are potentials shelving unit for your room. Attach them to the wall brackets and display your antique collection there. It’s way better and more space-saving than placing your collection in glass cabinets. Paint a new color to give the pallets a new lease on life and remember that it’s best to go with the color that matches the stuff you’re going to put there for the sake of artistic visualization. (via cubesmart)

3. Pot Hoarder

pot hoarder
If your cabinets are already full but you still need place to store your pots and pans then make your own storage out of pallets. Just add hooks! It will turn out as a useful shelf too to set your pots on. You can also cut them into smaller sections and add a bottom and they will transform into shelves to stash your cooking utensils. (via cubesmart)

4. Bye-Bye Cramped Bathroom

cramped bathroom
When your bathroom is bursting at seams, it makes your bathing activity a little less comforting. Get every shower caddies and towels organized by storing them in simple storage you can make with only pallets. Make use of the blank space in your bathroom by building a basic pallet to store your shower caddies. A mounted pallet board always works if a teeny-tiny bathroom is all you’ve got. Attach glass jars on top of your pallet board to stash your items. However, if you want everything to be within your reach, you can opt for convenient pallet compartments by cutting them into smaller sections and adding a bottom. Attach them on the gap between your sink and cabinet. These shelves become handy to store your brushes, toothbrushes, lotions, and all your little shower necessities. (via dengarden)

5. A little Bookshelf for the Kids

Your kids might not have an extensive collection of books yet so buying an expensive mahogany bookshelf seems a little useless. However, their comic books collection need a place to be stacked. Get your kids a little bookshelf to store their comics by doing a little woodwork. Make yourself a single pallet and mount it on the wall to stack the books. Secure it with bolts or brackets. (via dengarden)

5 Creative Wall Storage Ideas Using Repurposed Pallets:

Who says embellishing your house with ornamental furniture always costs you a lot of money? There are endless possibilities you can make by simply repurposing pallets. So, with a little bit of creativity you can turn your old wooden pallets into nifty piece of storage to hoard your stuff.

6. Simple Shelving Unit

shelving unit
Repurpose your old pallets as shelves to decorate your living room . Attach them to the wall brackets and display your antique collection there. It’s way better and more space-saving than placing your collection in glass cabinets. Paint a new color to give the pallets a new lease on life and remember that it’s best to go with the color that matches the stuff you’re going to put there for the sake of artistic visualization. (via gcucpop)

7. Simple Pallet Planks

pallet plank
This might be the simplest yet creative wall storage idea using repurposed pallet that you can make at home. Attach a number of pallets on the wall with nails. By adding hooks on each pallet, these narrow spaces will function as a very convenient place to hang almost everything including your bags, belts, hats and even your clock! Attach these pallets near your entryway and make yourself your own coat rack. You can paint each plank with different color to add a new flair to it. (via instructables)

8. Bookshelf for Yourself

pallet bookshelf
Homeowners are often on the hunt for affordable bookshelves that will also fit what small space they might have. Do a little woodwork and get yourself a customized bookshelf. Make yourself a single pallet and mount it on the wall to stack your books. If you happen to own a huge pile of books, you may opt for stacked shelves that will fit all your book collection. (via jenwoodhouse)

9. Hoard Your Stuff in Your Headboard

pallet headboard
There is a fad for making your own headboards these days. Not only will pallets create a retro look in your bedroom but also you can configure it so that it can serve as storage as well. Open shelves on top of your bed might not enough to stash your books so why don’t you add your storage unit by creating more on the side? (via palletwoodenprojects)

10. For The Bathroom Storage

bathroom storage
Make use of the blank space in your wall by building a basic pallet to store your shower caddies. A mounted pallet board always works if a teeny-tiny bathroom is all you’ve got. Attach glass jars on top of your pallet board to stash your items. However, if you want everything to be within your reach, you can opt for convenient pallet compartments by cutting them into smaller sections and adding a bottom. Attach them on the gap between your sink and cabinet. These shelves become handy to store your brushes, toothbrushes, lotions, and all your little shower necessities. (via matchness)

5 Clever DIY Home Decorating Tricks Using Pallet Woods:

Pallet woods can be used for home decorating. You can trick the pallet woods so that they can fit your home very well by doing the DIY effort. More about that very soon.

11. As A Console Table

console table
A console table is a perfect furniture you can get for your home. To press the budget, doing a DIY decoration of console table using used pallet woods can be even better. You can just cut properly and furnish the pallet woods before you use some cover paint for the woods. Then, place the console table anywhere near the wall to save some space. A DIY console table can be the best place to put vases, books, etc. (via birbarcelona2018)

12. Or Herb Garden

herb garden
Bring a small and healthy environment to your home just by reusing your pallet woods. Why buying herbal plants that sometimes are expensive when you can grow them in your own home? Yes, you can create a vertical garden using pallet woods, in which it contains herbs for important uses. You can hang the vertical garden in the sides of your home, and you can also add some pots to the plants. This home very good for you. decorating trick is very good for you. (via morningchores)

13. For The Wall Art Too

wall art
Wall art is like a pure decoration. Using pallet woods, you can start by crafting the woods into boards in square shape. You need to prepare paints to create artwork on the pallet boards. There are a lot of arts you can apply onto the pallet boards. From abstracts arts, famous people, until enlightening quotes, you can decorate your home perfectly with the wall arts made economically with used pallet woods. (via ilovepalets)

14. Or Countertop

You can create countertops for anything in your home with pallet woods. All you need to do firstly is to decide what kind of a countertop you will make with the pallet woods. You can make a countertop for kitchen, for a table, for a washing machine, and other things. Prepare a proper ruler and a proper cutter for the pallet woods. Then, you should measure the things you are about to put the countertop on. (via futuristarchitecture)

15. Even New Benches

To create a pallet wood bench is simple. At first, what you need to get done is breaking down the pallet woods by either hammer, circular saw, or reciprocating saw. Then remove the nails so that the pallet woods is safety before they are made into a bench. Then you create a layout of a bench, the pattern, clean the edges, and create the legs for the bench. (via homelovr)

5 Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas Using Pallet Woods:

If you think your home decoration is so monotonous, pallet woods are great ideas to make it look livelier and stunning. So, what are the decorations to be made from this stuff? Here they are.

16. As Rustic Wall Decoration

wall decor
Pallet woods that are already chopped into pieces can be arranged and then placed on your wall. The principle is similar to the wood tiles. Interestingly, you can even apply the woods that are coarse without being smoothened before. The variation of colors is more recommended to add the aesthetic side. This idea is flexible for any interior design although minimalist and rustic seem better for this. The arrangement can be placed only on a certain side if you want to deepen the look of minimalist more. (via etsy)

17. Or Again, Wooden Photo Frame

What do you think about making your own frames? Yes, it can be used for the pictures, photographs, painting, and more. The way to make it is so easy actually. You only need to measure each pallet and arrange them together into certain shapes particularly square. Similar to the wall decoration idea, it is not bad to let the frame still in coarse conditions. But if you want to make it smooth, it is a good idea also mainly for decoration that accentuates the design or minimalist but classic. (via monasteriesofspain)

18. As Plant Bucket

plant bucket
For you who love painting, just use the pallet wood as the bucket. Your houseplants can just be planted there anyway. This idea is good for being placed inside since it will not be attacked by rain, sunshine, and weather change. Besides, it can deepen the sense of natural since the bucket is made from parts of plant also. For the design, it depends on your taste but adapting the interior decoration seems better, whether it will be coarse, smooth, simple, classy, and others. (via allseasongardener)

19. Or Again as a Rustic Headboard

If your bed doesn’t have any headboard, using pallet woods are other ideas to apply. The woods should not be attached on the edge of your bed if it is difficult to do. Just attach them on the wall where your head are near to them while sleeping. To make it look more beautiful, you can add any other ornaments like flower paper, artificial plants, and more. Mainly if the pallet woods used are let be coarse, the bedroom will look like the fairytale. (via krushnasevasamithi)

20. As new Living Room Table

For this last idea, you may need a large number of pallet woods. However, it is not bad if you only want to make single furniture like chair or table to be placed on the corner of room. Make sure that the design is almost similar to the main furniture you have applied at first. This is basically to add the aesthetic side of the room. Again, even coarse wooden is necessary for this idea particularly if you want to bring out the sense of rustic or country more. (via pimapentamiri)


5 Creative Wall Storage Ideas Using Wood Crate:

With a little sweat equity and a bit of creativity, wood crates can be transformed into just about anything, not the least of which being wall storage.

21. Lively Cubbyholes

cubby holes
Small space really doesn’t look great with a lot of furniture on the floor. Avail yourself of the opportunity to use wood crates for wall storage. Mount several wood crates on the wall in a specific pattern so that it will double as wall décor. Note that it’s better if you have each crate in different color to create an intriguing look. Paint them in calming hues of grays, blues or beige to add personality and warmth to your room. These floating shelves are perfect to stash shoes, toys, bags, basically anything! Consider this space-friendly and creative wall storage idea using wood crate for your cramped quarters. (via homebnc)

22. Entryway Shelves

entryway shelves
Coat racks are a dime a dozen feature that greet you at pretty much every entrance. Make use of the empty space on the wall by the door as your storage unit. Three wooden crates will make a great three-tiered floating shelf to store your shoes or wicker baskets. Coat the crates with soft white paint to create a harmonious look or choose dove gray, pale blue or beige for a more calming effect. (via homebnc)

23. Wall Bookshelves

wall bookshelves
Stacking your books on the table doesn’t seem so neat but buying a bookshelf isn’t your option either since you don’t have an extensive book collection. What you need is a custom-made bookshelf and it might perk you up a bit knowing that you can make two bookshelves with just one wood crate. Simply cut a crate in half and mount each one on the wall with brackets. This is surely a no-fuss organization method that you should try! (via onecrazyhouse)

24. Upper Cabinets

upper cabinet
If plate racks aren’t appealing to you, then open wooden cabinets might be the thing you’re looking for. Turn your wooden crates on their sides so that the bottom parts are attached to the wall. Secure them with nails you set into the wall or simple brackets. Install them on top of your sink or countertop for easier access when you are washing dishes. Moreover, you still have extra spots to store your cans and jars on top of the cabinets. (via onecrazyhouse)

25. Colorful Towel Stowing

towel stowing
Repurpose your old coffee cans as storage to hoard your combs, lotions, brushes, or your curling irons. Pretty much everybody drinks coffee so Cabinets and drawers are sometimes very pricey and looking at your bank account alone almost make you have a heart attack. Yet, with a simple touch and modification on wooden crates you can create a bohemian style in your bathroom. Adjoin two or more crates and anchor them to the wall or on top of your sink and you will have your own shelves to store your towels and shower caddies. Choose bright tones to make your bathroom fresh and colorful. If you decide to mount more than two shelves, arrange them in an elegant manner to create a beautiful composition so that they will be fascinating to look at. (via usefuldiyprojects)

5 Smart Ways How To Reuse Unused Wood Crate:

You might happen to have some used wooden crates hidden somewhere in your basement. Get them out and up-cycle them as additional storage for your farmhouse or simply repurpose them as extra furniture to furnish your home design. If you are a novice crafter and looking for ideas to repurpose your old wood crates.

26. Floating Display Unit

floating shelf
Turn your wooden crate on its side and string a rope to hang it on the wall for as a display unit. This will only take 10 minutes out of your schedule. That’s it, if you are happy with the tones of natural wood. The floating crate will only look better with time. However, applying fresh paint will turn it into a chic design that can add flair and beauty to your room. If you are looking for easy and quick wall décor, this smart way how to reuse unused wood crate is definitely for you. (via whistleandivy)

27. Contemporary Rolling cart

rolling cart
By simply adjoining two crates and adding four wheels on the bottom, you will have your own beautiful traditional rolling cart that you can use as extra furniture in your living room or bedroom. You might opt for a rustic look by coating each piece with dark walnut paint or a quick sanding to get rid of rough edges and applying beeswax after always works! This rolling cart can be your workstation to hold your printer and book while you may opt to put a vase or glass menagerie on top for decoration. (via prettydesigns)

28. Open Cabinets

open cabinet
You might want to go with this option if you have loads of wood crates. Attach every piece with each other so that it transforms into a cabinet eventually. Secure each crate with nails. Arrange them in both horizontal and vertical position for an enthralling look and there you go, you got yourself a fully functioning huge cabinet and it doesn’t cost you a dime. You can immediately place it in any room you want or if you are not a fan of natural wood, you can always apply fresh paint with the color of your choice. (via tiffanyleeanndesign)

29. Living Room Storage Box

storage box
You can get a handy storage box by simply adding handles on both sides of your old wooden crate. Drill a hole on each side the same size that fits your handles. Apply beeswax to polish the wood before you paint it. You can store your couch pillows and blankets in this little box. Wooden crates really help you to be sustainable and save you from being broke. (via diyreal)

30. Crate Shelves

crate shelves
Floating shelves really are a fad these days for they serve as storage as well as home décor. The way you arrange each crate on the wall will decide whether your shelves will match with the overall room style. If you hang them on drywall you have to predrill holes with a drill and drill bit the size of your drywall anchors. Don’t forget to stain your crates to get rid of rough edges. (via familyhandyman)

5 Cheap and Clever DIY Organization Ideas Using Wood Crate:

Wooden crates are always a go-to for organizing ideas. Do a little hunting in the garage and you will find old wooden crates buried in the back of the room just waiting to be re-purposed. This is five cheap and clever DO it yourself organization ideas by your list maker

31. Storage Coffee Table

1 Storage Coffee Table Simphome com
With a few tools like bolts, screws and a hammer that you already have lying around at home, you can turn your old wooden crate into a fully functioning coffee table that also works as storage. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to manipulate a used wooden crate into a rustic coffee table that has a charming farmhouse flair. Add castor wheels underneath to give it an industrial look and paint it with dark stain to disguise the cheap wooden storage boxes on the side. Spare a hole in the center for a recessed panel and add a vase in it. The vase will be hidden inside the while the flower will poke through. Make your friends totally grow green with envy with this cheap and clever DIY organization idea using wood crates. (via homebnc)

32. Always a Yes for an Ottoman

2 Always a Yes for an Ottomane Simphome com
This soft and round (or square) seat with no backs or sides are very practical for sitting or resting your feet on and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one especially if you can build it on your own. Get a wooden board which has the same size as the base of your crate. Cut two long pieces of wood as long as the inside length of your crate and glue them on the board. Place the seat on the upholstery foam and cover it with a fabric and staple its sides to the back of the seat. Coat your crate with shellac polish and apply beeswax after. Put the seat on your crate after it’s dry and admire your new ottoman! (via diyprojects)

33. A Bench Storage Unit Project Idea

3 Bench Storage Unite Simphome com
Make yourself a bench to put by the window that will also function as a storage unit. Create three storage units by securing the crates with bolts. Add a seat on top and store your books, bags or shoes inside the storage on the bottom. Paint the wooden part a color of your choice and give it a light wash to enhance its appeal. (via homebnc)

34. A Chic Side Table Project

4 Chic Side Tablee Simphome com
Repurpose your wooden crate as a nightstand by turning into a standing position with the shorter side on the bottom and attach ball feet for decoration. Coat it with a white paint and embellish the inside part with scraps of floral wallpaper. Put it on your bathroom to store your wicker baskets and towels or hang it in your living room for your own customized floating shelf to display your collection. (via homebnc)

35. The Colorful Cubbies

5 Colorful Cubbiese Simphome com
Got more than one wooden crates at home? Don’t throw them away! Paint each one with different bright color or calming hues that match the rug or overall bedroom theme. Mount them on your kid’s bedroom wall with strong bolts in different position. Stash the toys, shoes, bags, and comic book collection there. (via homebnc)
If you desire to challenge yourself with bigger and more complicated project, experiment one of the following projects

5 DIY Home Décor Projects from Reclaimed Woods:

Don’t throw away all wooden panels that are scattered around or behind your home. You will know that those trashes can actually be transformed into beautiful and functional things.

36. Shoe Rack From Pallet

shoe pallet rack
Pallet is the most frequently reused wood item for decorative purpose. Pallet is a platform for loads generally used for industrial and commercial purposes. When it is no longer usable, creative individuals will try to snatch it for use in their creative projects. One way to reuse pallet is by making shoe rack from it. Disassemble the pallet, collect the planks, sand them to make them smoother, and make a rustic shoe rack from them. Painting is optional as they already look exotic and beautiful with their natural look. (via instagram)

37. A Farmhouse Dining Furniture Idea

farmhouse dining room
New England houses are constructed primarily from wood planks and bars which later can be salvaged and reused when the houses are no longer habitable or when renovation is needed. There are many beautiful things that can be made from those salvaged wood items. Farmhouse dining furniture is one of them. Farmhouse dining furniture consists of a large dining table and dining chairs with very simple design, making them easy to make even for newbies in carpentry and furniture designing. (via renoguide)

38. Photo Frame from Twigs

twig photo frame
The twigs and branches that fall from the trees are not necessarily trashes. Pick them and create a photo frame from them and you have transformed previously unused wood items into a nice-looking decorative element for your wall. You can use thread or rubber band to bind the twigs and to make them a rectangular frame. You can also coat them with varnish or paint to make them more durable and look better. To make them even more beautiful, you can use artificial flowers and leaves to decorate the frame. (via wikihow)

39. A Wooden Sliding Door Idea

wooden sliding door
Sometimes, to reuse a wood item, you don’t always need to disassemble it and to create a new item from it. A barn door, for instance, can be reused directly as a sliding door for your home without having to disassemble it. You only need to do minor repair to the door to replace rotten wood planks and door components that have become rusty or malfunctioning. Afterwards, you can varnish the door or paint it or simply leave the door as it is. (via 33decor)

40. A Wall Panel Decor Idea

pallet wall panel
You can actually make wood tiles from unused wood planks and disassembled pallet. If you can prepare many wood tiles from those wood items, you can make a wall panel from them. Wood wall panel looks beautiful when you use it as a backdrop for your modern furnishings and appliances. Of course, you need to sand them and—if needed—varnish them to improve their elegant look and to make them more suitable for both traditional and modern home designs. (via airfreshener)

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