5 DIY Home Decor Ideas From Dollar Store Products

DIY Home Decor Ideas From Dollar Store simphome.com
DIY Home Decor Ideas From Dollar Store simphome.com

Sad to find your family photos lying around collecting dust. Try one idea I am about to present to you. More on that later.

1. Candle Lampshade

Not only for drinking, some types of glasses also have other functions. They can be used as candle lampshade for example. Look at all glasses you have in your cabinet then choose your favorite ones. This idea only costs you decorative papers since you already have the glasses. It will look better if you choose the same type of glass. Cover your favorite glasses with the decorative papers, and then you can use it as candle lampshade. Source

2. Picture Frame Terrarium

If you like putting any plants in your house, then you need to try this idea. The concept is almost same with the mirror boxes idea, but this time you need to create a home decor in a bigger size. If you do not have any unused picture frames, you can buy the cheap ones since you will not use it as a picture frame. Simply glue the side of the frames to build the terrarium and smaller frames to build the roof. Then put any houseplants inside it. Make sure the terrarium can be opened in case you want to replace the houseplants. Source

3. Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Still using a picture frame as the main materials, it looks like you will need less picture frame this time, except you have a ton of jewelries. The application is pretty simple. Try to start with one frame first and see if you can make it. You need to cover the frame using linen fabric first, before you apply the cup hooks. Use as many cup hooks as you need, depending on the jewelries you are going to hold in the frame. Source

4. Picture Frame Luminaries

This time, you will use the appropriate function of a picture frame. This idea will work better for those who have family photos since we really use the picture frames to hold photos. The concept is most likely the same with picture frame terrarium idea. You will need four frames with photo on each of it, but do not forget to add any decorative papers with the photos. Glue all the four frames so they can stand by themselves. The last step is adding some light in the middle of the frames. You can use either LED candles or tea light candles. Source

5. Magnetic Memo Board

If you feel bored with an ordinary memo board, this idea is recommended for you. It offers you a new type of memo board. Use a metal burner cover as the main material and make sure it has flat surface. To make it look different, apply some patterned paper and spray paint to cover the metal. You can freely express your taste on your memo board. Then after finish covering, put some magnets to hold any papers on the metal. Source