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10 DIY-friendly Bedroom Essentials

A fun sleeping space is everyone’s preference, so making your bedroom as functional as possible is important. That being said, you may not be exactly sure what items are the most necessary to have in your room.

This blog will give you 10 DIY-Friendly Bedroom Essentials that will make your sleeping space much more fun.

In general, these are important points on how to transform a bedroom into more fun and more manageable:

  1. Choose a color scheme that is fun but will still be able to blend in with the whole house’s design.
  2. Get a larger mattress so more people can stay in your room and have a good time. Also, ensure that you get enough bedding for your linens to always be clean when it is time for guests or family to come over.
  3. Get large windows that allow as much sunlight as possible into your room so it feels as open and bright as possible.
  4. If you do not have any windows, get a tree directly outside your bedroom window that is large enough for you to climb up. That way, you can hang out with nature and stay close to the room.
  5. Get lots of closet space and shelves so everything will have its place to belong.
  6. Add some awesome decor that will help remind guests why they came over in the first place; entertainment!
  7. Make sure your house is clean when it comes time for people to come over because nothing could be more embarrassing than coming over to your house and seeing dirty dishes in the sink or a dirty bathroom rug. After all, someone forgot to clean it today!
  8. Don’t forget to have your guests over to an awesome party!
  9. Get enough lighting and lamps on the ceiling, so it is as bright and beautiful as possible when it comes time for concentration. Just make sure you have your blinds on to keep out any sunlight that may not be necessary for concentrating.
  10. Keep your room, bedding, and bedding covers clean, and replaces them when necessary. A good way to accomplish this is by putting those sheets in a laundry bag, so they are always fresh whenever the rest of the linens are dirty.

Wisely selecting the essentials is the key to making your bedroom more fun and functional. Some items can enhance the space’s vibe while others have opposite effects.

So, to create the comfiest space, you should take the time to select your bedroom essentials. Even better, you are at an advantage if you can make them by yourself because you can get the items that meet your need well.

We have rounded up 10 DIY-friendly bedroom essentials for your inspiration to produce more fun and functional sleeping space. As always, check out the Simphome® link inside the reference to detail almost everything presented in the blog post and the video.

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10. The No-Sew Curtain Idea

Although you love to get lots of natural light, you certainly need some privacy which a curtain can provide.

Are you thinking about creating one by yourself? Although you have no sewing skills, you do not need to worry. There is a thing called double stick fusible tape you can use to make a no-sew curtain for your bedroom.

  • Your first task is to measure your window and cut your cloth. Measure how long the curtain is from the rod to the floor and how many hems you would take.
  • Then hem the sides of each panel.
  • Attach clips and rings at the top hem. Use the pattern of the material as a guide and iron the seam.

Other tips on how to manage bedroom essentials:

  • The headboard:
    A bed is a place where you rest your head and your body. You should always ensure it’s in good shape before enjoying the rest of your day.
    To increase the beauty of your bedroom, you can try some DIY ideas for highlighting their features like the roof, windows, or other accessories.
    One of the best ways to make an ordinary bedroom stand out is to decorate a custom wood headboard. This type of furniture beautifies your bedroom and produces an amazing focal point that attracts visitors’ attention.
    If you want to make it look more extraordinary, think about painting it or applying colored pencils to its surface.
  • Let there be lights:
    To make your bedroom romantic, you should use fewer wall lights and more ceiling ones. This way, it will be easier to create a mood. You can use chandeliers or wall sconces with candles to warm the place. Also, consider adding dimmers or floor lamps.
  • Pile up the pillows:
    Pillows are one of the essential elements in making your bedroom comfortable and cozy. When choosing them, you should pay more attention to how soft they are than their appearances. It’s better to pick the ones with different styles and cover materials so you can alternate them for an interesting look every day for change in moods.
  • Use loose covers:
    If your bedroom is messy or not comfortable enough, a good way to solve the problem is to change the covers. When washing them, this can be a hassle, but looser ones are easier to clean. So, you should try using loose sheets and pillowcases. They are also great options if you want a design that looks unique and attractive without spending extra money.
  • Frame your bed:
    One of the most amazing things about having an oasis in your room is having awesome accessories like lamps, mirrors, frames, and many others that beautify it and make it more functional. To make your bedroom look different from all others and more alive, you can use mirrors to increase the perception of space without spending money. If there is any space you can hide, you can make a framed mirror by yourself.
  • A Whiteboard:
    A whiteboard is a cool accessory that makes your room more fun and functional at the same time. It allows you to draw something or write down what’s on your mind without going to another room just because you don’t have a desk near your bed. So, if you want a special bedroom essential like this one, consider using chalkboard paint to transform a plain white wall into this fun thing.
  • Throw pillows:
    Pillows are one of the best ways to make your bedroom special. Although you don’t have to buy them, you can also make them in different styles and sizes for an amazing look in your bedroom.
    You can use yarn, sewing thread, and string as the materials for your homemade pillowcases. Then put a pillow with a button or ring on top to look more interesting and stylish.
  • Get the bed fit:
    If you want your bed to be special and perfect for someone sleeping in it, you should consider getting it adjusted by a professional. Fortunately, you can do this easily without spending lots of money.
  • Change the lights:
    Do you have an old lamp and it’s not working as well as it used to? You should consider changing it to a new one that will fit your room perfectly. You can also try this DIY trick to fix old-style bulbs, so they last longer by replacing them with LED strips that are more energy-efficient and easy to install.
  • Colorful pictures:
    To make your bedroom spectacular, you can try painting pictures on the wall or even adding a few frames around it. This will give a fresh look while making your room more functional at the same time.

9. A Bench in the Bedroom

A bench will increase the function of your bedroom. If you are tight on storage, add cubbies below, and the bench can be your compartment for keeping extra sheets or blankets. If you are interested in this piece of furniture, here is a quick way for you.

  • First, select the type of wood. It is better to find hardwood because it is more long-lasting.
  • Second, pick the bench-style you will make.
  • Then, start cutting the wood into parts.
  • Forth, assemble them. Go for the legs first, then the seat.
  • Last, add some cushions.

8. Leather and Wood Organizer

You may like to read letters or keep small block notes for scribbling near your bed. However, stacking them on the bedside table is sometimes unsightly. You need an organizer to keep them tidy. With some leather and some piece of wood, you can create your own organizer.

Once you have the materials, follow these instructions:

  • The first step, measure the board as a base to cut the leather.
  • Then fold the bottom of the leather about an inch and nail the corners.
  • Next, fold the top edge and gently pull it to create a gap for the pocket.
  • Secure the back with nails.

7. The String Pendant Lamp Idea

This pendant light is striking. More importantly, it is easy to make.

  • First, blow up a ball or a balloon to your preferred size.
  • Then mark a circle off the center to make a hole to hang the bulb. Don’t forget to cover your floor and wear disposable gloves because the next step is a bit messy.
  • Then, rub all over the ball with a large amount of Vaseline. This way, you can prevent the yarn from sticking to the surface.
  • Afterward, prepare a large bowl of wallpaper paste and dip the unraveled ball of yarn into it. Let it saturate thoroughly.

You can work with a small amount to avoid the yarn getting tangled.

  • The next step is wrapping the yarn around the ball randomly and covering as much space as possible, leaving the drawn circle in the center.
  • Let it dry for a day.
  • Once the yarn dries, deflate the ball carefully.
  • Use a toothbrush to wipe gently away unwanted paste lumps.

6. A Rustic Bedside Table Idea

If you have some piece of board and a carpentering skill, a bedside table is excellent furniture to build. This one is a project you could copy.

  • Cut your board for the legs, sides, shelf, and top.
  • Then build the top part by arranging the pieces side by side.
  • Next, hold them with other pieces on the sides. Put it aside. Do the same step for building the shelf.
  • If you use six pieces for the top, you need only five for the shelf.
  • Then assemble the sides.
  • Once you have made both sides, assemble them with the shelf. And two more pieces at the top to hold the top piece.
  • The final step is assembling the base to the top. Coat it with veneer to bring out more rustic color and make it long-lasting.

5. The Light Up Headboard

A glowing headboard sounds interesting. Moreover, it is a simple DIY you can do to infuse extra vibes into your chamber. Simply attach string lights using hooks or coaxial staples to the wall. Are you intended to create one? Then, follow these steps:

  • First, screw hooks to the wall.
  • Next, attach your string lights. The common type of string light for the bedroom is fairy string lights. But if you are worried about safety, you could try using rope lights whose bulbs are enclosed in a PVC jacket.
  • Then add a sheer curtain in front of the lights to make it more like a shining wall.

4. Display your photo more artistically

Having your memories printed and displayed is lovely and homey. Why don’t you make it like an Instagram photo collage? You will only need a large wood screen door or big photo frame, a baker’s twine, and some mini pins.

If you use a screen door, you need to cut it to fit your wall. The next step is painting and decorating the frame. After that, mark the back of the frame where the string will go. Cut the baker’s twine a few inches longer and hot glue them on one side of the back frame.

When the glue is completely dry, pull the strings to the other side and glue them. Hold them until the glue dries to keep them tight. The fun step is to select your favorite photos, print them on card stock for perfect hanging, then pin them to the string.

3. A Wall Hanging Shelf Idea only with A single board

It is a great wall-hanging shelf that doubles as a bedside table. With a piece of wood plank, you can turn it into more functional furniture.

Consider how many shelves you will have and what items they will hold.

  • When you have decided, measure the plank and cut them into parts.
  • Sand the pieces to smoothen the surface.
  • Then, attach the shelves and incorporate a triangle corbel below for support. Adding light on top will make the piece more unique, yet, it is up to your preference.
  • Next, give coating to your floating shelf.
  • At last, attach it to the wall beside your table and set your favorite items in it.

2. The Yarn Flower Bucket Idea

Bedroom essentials also include a vase of flowers. Although having a natural flower can give extra fragrance to the room, not everyone can easily get it. Moreover, they need to change it regularly to avoid a bad smell.

However, a faux flower can replace the real one to add color and cheeriness to the room. And you can make a DIY-friendly flower bouquet from a ball of yarn.

  • You only need yarns and floral wire stems.
  • Create a “billy ball” by wrapping yarn around your fingers several times.
  • Then pull the end of the yarn around the wrapped yarn to make a pouf.
  • Tie the string around the center tightly.
  • Then, cut the pouf’s loops with small scissors.
  • Trim the excesses to make a nice circular ball.
  • Then attach the ball to the wire stem.
  • Make some more, and then arrange them in a vase.
  • Last, spray some scent on it if you like.

Lastly, Number 1. A Mirror Makeover

A vanity can be found in any area in a house, even in a bedroom. It is already functional, but you can add some fun to it by decorating it. When you decorate a mirror, the pattern will create a significant effect. A busier pattern works well for curvy shapes.

  • If you have cleaned the mirror frame, measure the width and length of the frame.
  • Then cut the wallpaper and coat the back with paste. Let it soak for a minute.
  • After that, apply it to the frame.

Other relevant ideas on how to turn your bedroom more attractive and also fun:

Idea 1. Make a small room look large
This is a simple yet excellent idea to make your bedroom look larger. It is by adding a mirror on one of the walls. A large mirror will reflect the bed, bedside tables, and most room parts. Get more clever ideas on how to turn a small bedroom look larger here:
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~ 12 Ideas on How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger
~ 10 Small Bedroom Renovation & Makeover Ideas (That Will Make It Bigger)

Idea 2. Add texture to your ceiling
The ceiling is an excellent surface you can use to make your bedroom more interesting and funky. Try covering it with gold or silver foil for extra glamour. You can paint the ceiling with different shades or add some artwork using vinyl sheets and stick them there using an adhesive spray.

Idea 3. Create more storage
One of the most important things in a bedroom is storage. You need to have a lot of room to store your items. This can be made more apparent by adding lighting, hanging racks, and trunks that can also function as tablets.

Idea 4. Add shades for more privacy
Privacy curtains can be used nearby or in the entire room, depending on your usage. If you like the curtains, you could paint them or cover them with different materials that will look great there regardless of their color or shape.

Idea 5. Add a window ledge
A ledge is an easiest and cheapest way you can use to add storage to your bedroom. If you have a big window sill or shelf, you can use it to store your items. If not, simply add a window seat or an easy-to-clean table.

Idea 6. Craft a hidden candlelight table
Having a hidden table for your nightstand also gives you more privacy and light in the room. You can use it both for reading and doing makeup at night because it is small enough to fit in most beds.

Idea 7. Give your window new curtain treatments
One of the most common ideas for the curtains is to cover them. You can use almost any type of material, including vinyl and fabric.

Idea 8. Add more storage to your room
A large chest of drawers is perfect for storing everything in one place. If you have something that needs to stay organized, having a cabinet with bins is perfect for it.

Idea 9. Make your bed more interesting
You can turn your bed into something more interesting than just a place to sleep. You can add a canopy, a headboard, and other additional decorations to make it stand out.

Idea 10. Add an accent wall
Adding texture to your room is one of the most important things you should do to make it look more interesting. Consider adding texture in the form of wallpaper, decorative murals, or paint over your wall.

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There is no exact formula for carving out a perfect bedroom. But at least there is an ideal bedroom for you. Despite your style and budget, these 10 DIY-friendly bedroom essentials will make your sleeping space more fun and functional.



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