5 DIY Cheap Rustic Home Decor Projects Worth Trying without Breaking a Sweat

What’s the fuss about cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying? If you are into rustic style and you want to decorate your house with such a theme, then you may want to have a look into these projects. Rustic decorations are naturally beautiful but if you can make them yourself, why bother spending money for purchasing them? Not to mention that DIY rustic projects are fun. If you are low on the budgets and yet you want to decorate your house with rustic theme, doing these projects can help a lot.

5. Rustic Console

Do you have old wooden shelves or racks that you no longer use? Why not giving it a new paint job and an additional decoration, to make it look brand new? As you can see from the picture, the white wooden rack isn’t attractive at all. But once a darker brown hue is added – and varnished with natural color – the entire look is different. The sides are added X planks, creating a more enclosed surrounding. It doesn’t have to be racks – you can basically change anything you like! This is only an example of flexible cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying at home. Source

rustic console

4. Twine Lantern

The materials are only twine, balloon, and a hardening material or spray. Inflate the balloon and then wrap it with the twine. Whether you want to have a closed wrap or a loose one, it is up to you. Once it is set, spray it with the hardening material, and leave it. The next day, deflate the balloon and you will find yourself a perfect rounded twine. You can hang the twine and use it for the garden. By using the small lights (the ones you generally use for Christmas tree), you can light up the garden with a perfect rustic theme. Source

twine lantern

3. Number Sign

This is also another useful and simple projects you can do at home. Be creative with the base – you can either use the wider wooden plank or the smaller and thinner wooden bars. The numbers can be purchased at home improvements stores – they are inexpensive. Make sure that you use the strongest glue only to attach the wooden materials with the numbers. It is a simple, enjoyable, and also fun, not to mention cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying Source

number sign

2. Coat Rack Rustic Entryway

I’m not going to discuss how to make this rack, but having such a rustic style coat rack is definitely catchy, especially if you place it on the entryway. The guests can take their time admiring the piece while they are taking off their coat. And the greatest thing about this rack is the attached plank on the above. With this plank, you can place any personal items that you hold dear, such as family photos or potted plants. Source

coat rack rustic

1. DIY Coffee Table

If you have an old crate or any unused board or planks, you can actually build such a simple coffee table. It only needs careful measurement, a littlte nail job here and there, and voila! You have your coffee table ready. Try it for your cheap rustic home decor projects worth trying – you may be addicted to make another one. Source

diy coffee table

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